Jan 31, 2011

Sim Entry One for cutepuppy101's Girl Guide Cookie contest

Another sim, this time for a contest hosted my cutepuppy101. Ths contest is to create a sim based off of any Girl Guides cookie. You can have up to two entries, and my first entry is based off of teh spring Girl Guides of Canada cookies and orange for the Brownies top (yeah, I know, they're called brownies but the uniform top is orange xP).

Meet Vanilla Cacao

Name: Vanilla Cacao          Age: Child
Traits: Good, Virtuoso, Friendly          Favorites: Cookies, Kids, Spice Brown

CC Listings and Outfits:
Expansion Packs: None
Lip Gloss: Bubbly by daluved1 on MTS http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=399832

Dress: LianaSims3 Style #170 http://www.lianasims3.net/fashionp.php?id=170

Dress: Little Santa's Helper by Anubis360 on MTS http://www.modthesims.info/d/428510

Top: Pack of Three Long Sleeved Recolorable Graphic Tees (all should be pink in preview) By LiliSims http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_female_html/sims3_female_child_html/sims3_female_child_page_2.html
Bottoms: Four Color Channel Sports Pants (should be red in CAS preview) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_female_html/sims3_female_child_html/sims3_female_child_page_3.html

Top: EA Buys Tops for Girls by LiliSims (all should be pink in preview) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_female_html/sims3_female_child_html/sims3_female_child_page_2.html
Bottoms: Girls Denim Shorts by candybear on MTS  http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=358458

Bathingsuit: Beach Swimsuits for Girls by Kiara24 on MTS http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=419319

Hope you like her <3

Jan 30, 2011

A Fail of the Most Epic Sort


Alright, everybody. Get ready.

Alright, so in the above The Mare's Nest post. Alexurt/Alexurt1 was exposed of lying and digging herself into a hole so deep that only a five mile ladder could save her from. And even if this five mile ladder were to make an appearance, it would be a very old and broken one, because if Alexurt plans on making a recovery, it'll be a long and bumpy road for her.
She has deliberately lied, deceived, and tampered with information databases to 'prove' that she 'did' buy those SimPoints in October and was 'not' using the glitch in the Store to acquire thousands of SimPoints. When, in fact, all  proof in The Mare's Nest's article points that she was NOT the owner of the business she works for, as claimed.
This whole issue is pathetic, for Alexurt to think she could lie to a mass amount of people about information displayed publicly on the internet.
The Mare's Nest effectively proved that she created an account and registered with her business on Manta the EXACT same day as she posted her 'expose on The Mare's Nest'-what a jolly load of crap that was. The only person she was exposing was herself.
In the mean time, she was stupid enough to give personal contact information online to people who were extremely P.O.'d at her. Oh, yes, she's the cream of the crop.
As for the whole issue of who gave away the information on the private post? I have my suspicions. I will not state them here, I don't want to start a flame war, but I will give a hint: their username showed up on the list of people given the password for the private message and the list of people who believed the 'expose' Alexurt posted upon being told this information. Look closely.

Thus is the end of my small rant on Alexurt and the recent happenings.

Jan 28, 2011

Poll Closed

At the end of the pole, it has been decided that Booky Loves Shiny Things will stay Booky Loves Shiny Things. Going to update the poll now... But what too? Meh, it'll take some thought, but I'll think of something. Boredom:

Outtake shots from teh previous chapter of the Shiny Legacy. The first one I took because I was like WTH No censor? And the second one is floating Makani, which I took out of boredom.

CC List for penskii

This a list of some reputable CC sites for penskii, and anyone else who wonders where I get my stuff.
http://www.lianasims3.net/index.php LianaSims3
http://www.lorandiasims3.com/ LorandiaSims3
http://www.lilisims.com/sims3.html LiliSims (http://lilisimsdotcom.blogspot.com/ LiliSims on BlogSpot)
http://club-crimsyn.dreamwidth.org/ Club Crimsyn (the CC here is a bit darker, but there are some great things there)
http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/ LadyFrontBum (Also on MTS)
http://anubis360.blogspot.com/ Anubis Under The Sun (fantastic for hair retextures, and is also on MTS)
http://eviesims.blogspot.com/ Evie
http://fuzzylogicdishwasher.blogspot.com/ Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
http://lessims3desubaxi.blogspot.com/ Subaxi
http://lookaplumbob.blogspot.com/ Look Its A Plumbob Over My Head (Robod195 on MTS)
http://mybluebookblog.blogspot.com/ My Blue Book
http://precioussims.blogspot.com/ Precious Sims
http://spychip-cc.blogspot.com/ Spychip's Custom Content
http://sweet-ambrosia1.blogspot.com/ Sweet Ambrosia
http://vk20customs.blogspot.com/ Vidkid20 Customs
http://ts3ccgallery.blogspot.com/ The Sims 3 CC Gallery keeps track of it all!

EDIT: Sorry about the font, I screwed something up xD

New Sim - Bluebell Fantasy

I am now proud to present to you...
Bluebell Fantasy, a semi-berry sim!
(note that this is her formal, the everyday has sunglasses so I wanted to show the eye makeup :)
Name: Bluebell Fantasy
Traits: Excitable, Great Kisser, Never-Nude, Savvy Sculptor, Vegetarian
LTW: Fashion Phenomenon (Reach level 10 in the Stylist profession)
Favourites: Fruit Parfait, Pop, Aqua

CC Listings & Outfits:
EP's Used: Ambitions
Eye Shadow: Summer Collection Eye Shadow by LorandiaSims3 http://www.lorandiasims3.com/moreviews.php?cat=accessories&id=37\
Eye Liner: Star Dust Collection Eye Liner by LorandiaSims3 http://www.lorandiasims3.com/moreviews.php?cat=accessories&id=34
Blush: Cheeky Version 2 by LadyFrontBum http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=410259
Contacts: Star Dust Collection Contacts by LorandiaSims3 http://www.lorandiasims3.com/moreviews.php?cat=accessories&id=35
Lipstick is base game

Sunglasses: Oval Sunglasses w/ Recolorable Lens (should be half-page preview) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_other_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_page_5.html
Earrings: LianaSims3 Accessory #11 http://www.lianasims3.net/accessoriesp.php?id=11
Bracelet: LianaSims3 Accessory #13 http://www.lianasims3.net/accessoriesp.php?id=13

Bottom: Sunrise Moon Layered Skirt (non-shiny version) by Anubis360 http://anubis360.blogspot.com/2010/10/sunrise-moon-layered-skirt.html

Absent Guile Henley Tops for Females by gelydh at Club Crimsyn http://club-crimsyn.dreamwidth.org/15366.html?#cutid1

Bottoms: Shorts by LiliSims (should be pink with chocolate brown hearts in preview pic) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_female_html/sims3_female_adult_html/sims3_female_adult_page_11.html
Shoes: Shoes: LorandiaSims3 Accessory #28 http://www.lorandiasims3.com/moreviews.php?cat=accessories&id=28
Earrings: Music to my Ears Note by whiterider on Mod the Sims http://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=402842
Sunglasses: Sunglasses: Oval Sunglasses w/ Recolorable Lens (should be half-page preview) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_other_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_page_5.html

Outfit: LianaSims3 Style #184 http://www.lianasims3.net/fashionp.php?id=184
Earrings: Music to my Ears Note by whiterider on Mod the Sims http://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=402842
Sunglasses: Sunglasses: Oval Sunglasses w/ Recolorable Lens (should be half-page preview) http://www.lilisims.com/sims3_html/sims3_other_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_html/sims3_hair_and_accessory_page_5.html

Tada! hope you like my very first sim <3

Over the Past Few Days

I've accumulated alot of pictures from the past few days because my household's DL/UL limit was almost over, but it refreshed at midnight :D So here are a few game pictures:
Puuuuuurty :]

My Private Investigator sim staking out in the abandoned second floor of the salon xD

Well, ain't he bootiful? xD That looks like female clothing on a male body! I'm not even sure if it's a girl of a boy... His name is Natzo or something like that xP Either WA or some other CC I got made that hair available for females, so I'll never know...

This was my sim's first time ever cooking on a stove. Great results, eh? xD
But, alas, my game crashed :'( and I lost ALL of my progress. Forty-five minutes out the window. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

And that's pretty much it. See ya later. SAD FACE.

Jan 27, 2011

The Latest, The Greatest, The DUMBEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!

Alright. So take a look in the sets section of the Store. Look at the list of new sets, and what do you see? A new set called Olympian Physique. Take a look at this set. Looks dapper, doesn't it? Sounds pretty fancy, too. And to top it all off, EA's first Store lot comes with new items! Neat-o!
[Click to enlarge]
But wait! Look a little closer. beside the Buy button... HOLY SHIZNITS WTH 1000 SIMPOINTS?!?!?!
Seriously, EA? 1000 Simpoints for a lot that looks really fancy, has a nice gym, and comes with a few new items? Really, think about it. Barnacle Bay was 1650 and it came with... I'm not sure exactly how many lots, but at LEAST ten, I think. (Can anyone confirm? Thanks <3 ) Now they think they can charge 1000 Simpoints for a SINGLE lot?! That, my dear friends, is REDICULUS!
I would just like to give the Shoddy Money-Grabbers Award to EA for their WONDERFUL effort to suck as much money out of us that they possibly can with as little work as possible. Congrats, EA.

Jan 26, 2011

Why was honeybear3106 fired?

The following was posted on The Mare's Nest...
honeybear was fired. Do you want to know why?
This is why:
[Click to enlarge]
xD That is absolute win!

Jan 23, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.5 - Caitlin Shiny

Welcome back to the Shiny Legacy. We left off with Makani Shiny being born. This is his room. I added the crib, toy box and shelf with firetruck into the inventor's bedroom, seeing as he's eccentric.

I usually age up babies as soon as I bring 'em home, and this is no different.


Oh dear God.
That may be my son you're insulting, but I agree. My dimension's age randomizer has horrible choice of clothing. What about your dimension's age randomizer?
Things work a little different around these parts. We don't have the same aging system.
Hm. Interesting.

Much better :) Although the nose could use a bit of work...

Settling down after a hard day. <3
The PJ's were actually the computer's random choice. Not too bad, eh?

I thought that the first child was a good makeover excuse xD
Alright, so Caitlin barely wore her wedding makeover and it's already gone. I've decided this is how it's going to work:
- Makeover after first child      - Makeover after adult b-day
I will attempt to resist other temptations xD

So around four or five in the morning, Maki started screaming bloody murder about hunger and social.

Yet that routine went out the window as soon as mommy came in. He got this huge smile like :D

Maki's POV

Next day. Justin worked on over clocking this computer. Over clocking apparently consists of holding the side of the monitor and jabbing the air with a screw driver.

And I wonder what Miss Caitlin is up to?
You know, I don't know why you torture me like this. You have it out for me, don't you?
Yes, she's chatting it up with Amy Bull again. So how are things going? Not too good, by the looks of it.
She keeps insisting that horses are fake and unicorns are real. Horses are apparently either unicorns hiding their horn or unicorns that got shunned and had their horn cut off from dishonoring their tribe. Dear God, what is wrong with you? Why do you make me talk to her?
Patience is a virtue, dear. :)

I had Justin inventing while Maki napped in his crib. Caitlin? Bah, I forget what she was doing.
I was being tortured by Amy Bull. Remember?

Makani woke up hungry, so I had Caitlin feeding him in the high chair downstairs when I heard a massive boom from upstairs. I check it out, and Justin got electrocuted.

Next day. I had Maki potty trained the day before, but I forgot to take shots. Sorry guys :P

More inventing...

Heading to bed after a long day's work :) Maki learned to talk.

Next day. Caitlin teaching Makani to walk. While Justin, of course...

... inventing.
By now, Justin was at level six and knew how to make Rotation Pull, Smasher, Drinking Llama, Claw Dipper, Tentacle Wind Up and Floor Hygenator. I think I'm going to have him master the inventing skill, even though his LTW is to master logic and handiness and he needs logic for work.

"This food... It's... Rather delectable."

Kicking ghost buttocks. Buttocks is a funny word :D

And that concludes this chapter of the Shiny Legacy.

Not too much happening current moment. Caitlin still on maternity leave, Justin inventing a bunch of crap and huntin' ghosties, Makani learning life skills. Oh, and he learned to walk, so he's ready to age up :D But it'ss need to wait four days for his actual birthday.