Jul 31, 2011

One more time!

One more post for tonight, then it's off to bed with me :3
Smosh did an 'article' on Pun Raccoon (probably another one of their mad-up memes) and I just had to post this one:
That is all. Good night :3

Poise Agency - Model Shots

See the rest here: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/105/408896.page#5952033

Jul 30, 2011

Unicorns? WTF?

I wasn't sure if this was official or not, but apparently the Pets EP is going to have unicorns instead of werewolves.
This rant is brought to you my this post @ Vidkid20's Sim Lair.
Unicorns have got to be the stupidest idea ever. This is supposed to be a realistic game, as it is one of real life simulation. Not one of a world enhanced by magical shit. I agree with vid that there should be a fantasy EP for those who want that aspect in the game instead of ever so slowly planting it in peoples' games through expansion packs, so that by the time we have all EPs and SPs out games will no longer be realistic, but a big load of bollocks fantastical world. They've already started adding magic shit to the store. That's where the magic shit should stay. Not everyone wants those shiny, sparkly, magical things in their game.
End rant.
P.S. Look in the comments.

It is Decided!

I'm going to throw together a playlist today and post some music for the site, but auto-play will be off. It'll be up later today.
That is all.

Jul 27, 2011

Ten Day Meme - Day Three

Ten Day Meme - Day Three
Eight Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Act normal around me. If you want to catch me, then I need to be able to act normal around you. I need to be able to act like I do around my friends with you, and joke with you. The same goes for you, though. Act as you would around your friends with me. Laugh. Joke. We don't need to be mushy-gushy all the time.

2. Accept my little ways. I have a tendency for being very touchy-feely. I'll hug you if you're sad, punch you around a bit when I'm joking, give you random hugs. I need someone who accepts that.

3. Understand me. I often do not make any sense at all. Having someone who gets me even when what I'm saying doesn't even make sense to me is something I like.

4. Be honest to me. If I can't trust you, how can I be in a relationship with you? Not that hard to understand.

5. Make me laugh. Another simple one, a good sense of humor is always appreciated in a relationship.

6. Listen. This is the big give-away. Even if you have all of the above points, I don't care. If you don't listen, you're screwed.

Sorry for this being uber late ^.^' I just couldn't think of how to finish it. Thus I am screwing the one-a-day plan and just posting like hell xD

Hot Topic (again)

I finally got to a Hot Topic, and I LOVED IT!!!! It was a small place, but it was CRAMMED with stuff. Even more exciting, I've finally purchased some hair extensions (which I've wanted to do for a while now). They're a bit fussy,  but that's because I'm probably trying to do stuff with they you're not supposed to do xD I got Fuchsia Fade :D I also got a pair of earrings my mom doesn't particularly like, but I love 'em, and they go with my pylon pants :D
(Note: My pylon pants are a pair of neon orange pants. They're like jeggings, but the material is thicker and they actually have a working button and fly.)
So that's my little update for today. Day Three of the Ten Day Meme will need to be posted unfinished, but oh well :P Will be up soon.

Jul 25, 2011

Posting withdrawal is kicking in...

It's only been four days, but it seems like forever. There really hasn't been much to blog about, but here's a little update.
I had swimming lessons Monday to Friday last week and it'll be the same for this week. I'm getting my bronze medallion. It's... okay. It's like half swimming lessons half summer school. We spend two hours in the pool and an hour upstairs in a room talking and practicing diagnosis and such.
WIN. Just click the link.
Amy Winehouse died. I don't know anything about her other than that she sang and was addicted to drugs and alchohol, and I'm pretty sure I've heard her song Rehab a few times. Other than that... I know nothing about her. Rest in peace. It's sad she died at twenty-seven.
You know what else is win? This.
Sorry, vid, but I think Paco won. Key of Awesome beats all :P

Jul 21, 2011

Congrats to Berry and to Splash!

I try to avoid posting about Splash on here, but this event warrants a post. The Splash of Color Pastel Rainbowcy forum has officially reached over 1000 pages as of Tuesday! Just a little congrats to Berry for her hard work, and if you'd like to see sexy colorful sims head over here to start from the beginning of the pictures, or here to go to the first page. As a treat, she has put together a The Men of Splash calender. Fair warning, if you don't follow the story, you might not get the swooning, and it may seem incredibly creepy xD

Jul 19, 2011

Wanga Dolls

So I was just casually watching a YouTube video, minding my own business, when I noticed this off to the side...

[click to enlarge]
Waaaaait a second... "Rid Someone From Your Life?" You mean kill them?

Jul 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


That was the BEST MOVIE EVAR. And I saw it in 3D, so it was like WOOOOOOAH! It showed the most when **spoiler alert** Voldemort explodes, or whatever the hell it is he does when Harry kills him. All of the flecks are flying up and it looks like they're in the audience. **end spoiler** I am DEFINATELY going to at least attempt to go see it again multiple times xD

Jul 15, 2011

Music for the blog?

I think I'd like to add some music to the blog, but I want to know what you think. New poll on the side. Vote please!

Harry Potter Comics

To celebrate the midnight showing in Canada (it's tonight for us) I've grabbed these random comics from Smosh and I will now post them here. Harry Potter PicSpam ahead.
Also, I have figured out how to insert a Read More button.

[Watch A Very Potter Musical on YouTube to get it]

Jul 13, 2011

Ten Day Meme - Day Two

Ten Day Meme - Day Two
Nine Things About Yourself

1. When I was little, I had a deadly fear of Halloween masks. They scared the living shit out of me. In grade one, I cried because so many of the guys in my class were Scream. To this day, I still don't like them. It gives me the creeps to even think of entering a Halloween store, or even the Halloween aisle in Dollarama or Shoppers Drug Mart.

2. I dream of becoming a star interior designer.

3. From a young age, I've always loved artsy things. Painting, drawing, coloring, you name it, I loved it. The world was my canvas, which includes the old family room chair (which has retired to the basement) and my parents' wedding quilt, both of which got attacked with markers. Only difference is that the chair got off easy with washable markers. I used a permanent on the wedding quilt. I was probably around three for both instances.

4. My favorite holiday is, and always has been, Christmas because I get to see all of my family and it usually involves a big turkey dinner.

5. I want to start a YouTube channel. It would have my singing, some vlogs, home movies, acting, Sims machinima (if I ever make it, which I really don't have the patience to do xD)... That sort of stuff. The kitchen sink.

6. I am a super crazy Tim Burton fan. I absolutely adore his movies and art work. I went to see his art show when it was within the local vicinity (no location for you ;) ) and it was FAMAZING. Really. It was the BEST THING EVAR! Then again, I'm just a psycho fan :P

7. I love Modern Family. I don't know if it's broadcast anywhere else, but the base premis is there are three families, all related, and they just do crazy shit, it's really hard to explain. ROLL THE FILM!

8. I would someday like to get snake bites below my lower lip, so like this.

9. My guilty pleasure is Twilight. I read the books last year and liked them. I see the movies with my cousins, but liking Twilight isn't exactly something I spread ^.^' I'm not a hardcore fan, I *gasp* don't even have a team (Edward/Jacob) but I do think the books/movies are okay. I've definitely read better, though.

Jul 12, 2011


On Sunday I bought Pikmin for the GameCube. It... is... FAMAZING! I absolutely love it, but I kind of fail at it xD
Base premis: You play the character of Olimar, this little dude here:

Yeah, there he is. Ain't he cute? :P
So you play Olimar and he's a space explorer in his spaceship, Dolphin. Dolphin ends up getting hit by an asteroid and crash landing on this strange planet. The atmosphere on this strange planet is full of poisonous oxygen. Olimar's life suit or whatever the hell will only last for 30 days, during which he needs to collect all of his ship's parts. He finds these things called Pikmin which he pick from the ground and control, and he uses them to help him with his ship.
I am 20 days in and I'm pretty sure I have six or so parts, possibly one more? Either way, I'm screwed, but it's so fun! There's apparently also Pikmin 2&3, so I'm definitely going to try and find those. Wish me luck!

Jul 11, 2011

Ten Day Meme - Day One

Ten Day Meme - Day One
Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now

1. I don't know why you think you misplaced your trust in my. All I did was scream.

2. I like you. I really like you, and I wish we could be together but we can't. We're going in completely different directions. I know that deep down you don't really want to go to that private high school, you just don't belong there. You're too loud and rowdy and funny and amazing. Please. Come with me. Keep in touch, at the very least, but I don't know how we ever will. That last day was probably the last I'll ever hear of you, see of you.

3. Really, grow up. You're just so hot and cold. One second you're laughing with me and giving me funny looks for agreeing and we're just goofing off, the next you're screaming at me, "FUCK OFF! YOU HURT ME! YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH!" Please, spare me the drama. I just don't need it. I don't get how the others can stand you.

4. Yeah, I'm sorry I shit disturb. I'm sorry sometimes I say the wrong things at the wrong time. I'm sorry I make mistakes. I'm sorry I have an opinion. I'm sorry I have feelings. I'm sorry I get moody sometimes. I'm sorry I'm a human being. Not.

5. We need to see each other some time, but I don't know what the others will say. I've been two-timing and I hate doing it, but I need to make a choice. I haven't seen you in so long, though, for all I know you've become an asshole. But I know you haven't, I just know it. Seeing the pictures on Facebook kills me. I want to be friends again, but I don't want to lose all of my other friends to you. You're one person. They still talk about you, you know. "Ew, remember that drippy kid from grade two?" I want to tell them that you've changed, that was second grade, I want to scream it, but it will get me no where. You're really a nice guy, but they don't get it.

6. I like you, but I'm glad you're with her. She likes you far more than I do. I only half-liked you, my heart is truly with someone else. Stay with her, make her happy (or there may be hell to pay ;) ).

7. I'm sorry, but we just can't be friends. Splitting off last year pretty much screwed some shit up for quite some time, but it was for the best. You caused me so many problems, and on top of that, you were being kind of creepy, invading my personal space and such. I still to this day believe you are the cause of the crash of my social life in grade six. Just hanging out with you made people think I was as vulnerable as you. Some advice: Toughen up. Don't take their shit seriously. It's the main reason they bully you.

8. I am not your baby girl any more. I'm going into high school in September, shouldn't that count for something? It's nice that you're helping me 'grow up' my room (removing all of the toys that have been there since I was four), but if you're going to treat me like I still play with those toys I just can't take it any more.

9. Stop trying to act like your way older then you actually are. You just look stupid. It pisses everyone off. I don't know how you can be so oblivious! Just because you're the youngest of a family with three older siblings it does not mean that you just 'matured faster' as you claim. You're just like everyone else your age. Also, stop trying to act so high and mighty. You're being a complete bitch. Just because my friends got pissed at me does not give you the right to stalk their Facebook pages and bluntly insult them. Yes, we got pissed at each other, yes we said a few regrettable things, but that does not give you the right to be such a down right bitch going "Oh, she's not pretty. Oh, she is not pretty. Oh, she'll never get friends in high school." Grow the fuck up. You're so full of yourself. Just because you're miss popular at school doesn't mean you're miss poplar anywhere else. Acting the way you do, you're the one who won't be able to find friends in the real world, because you just act so damn bitchy. "Omigawd, so yeah like I like one of my brother's friends and I hang out with them at school I'm so cooooooooooool." Please, don't boast. Really, don't. No one gives a shit if you're stuck in your own world where you rule and everybody loves you.

I'll edit the rest in later, I can't think of them right now.

Jul 9, 2011


Yesterday I had a sleepover with my cousins, which, yes, involved sims. I took a shit load of screenies, so here's what we did.
**WARNING** Simselves are highly inaccurate and barely look like the real person xD
(Younger cousin=One year younger Older cousin=One year older)

It begins with this adorable picture of my younger cousin's daughter, Olivia, making this adorable pouty face.

We now go out front to the playground. This is my younger cousin's eldest daughter, Emily, building a sand castle.

And here is my eldest daughter, Lily, playing in the sand. I didn't get any screenies of my toddler, Casey :(

This is my husband. I'm a bit disappointed because none of the kids have even the slightest hint of his genes. They're entirely me :/

This is my younger cousin's hubby making a gorgeous constipated face :3

Emily on a... fun rider? Oh, well, I forget what they're called, but she's riding a horse.

Lily riding a pirate ship.

Lily failing at hopscotch with Emily xD

Emily winning at hop scotch.

DRESS UP CHEST! Emily being the Regal Red Princess. Look at that! It's precious!

Lily being a ferocious pink t-rex (forget what the game calls it). RAWR!

Look at that! It's got the princess walk and everything! Too cute!

lol, Who's she waving at? x3



At this point, we switched files to the one we made with just our older cousin and a husband we made for her. He's... interesting. You'll see xD Anyway, they met, kissed, became boyfriend and girlfriend, got engaged, got married and made a baby all in the same day. Sadly, this little girl turned out to only inherit her mother's eyes, with everything else daddy.

We spotted her at the pool once when she was a child. Her name is Blooby McBroobrers, and her father's name is Brooby McBroobrers. Don't ask xD The file we were just playing (myself and my younger cousin in a household) had this household co-existing. We split it into another file to play with it without screwing up the wishes and such of our other household.


Here she is as a teen (before we made her over).

Ain't her daddy smart. He set the house on fire, and didn't even react. I had to tell him to extinguish the flames.

Blooby flippin' out in her pjs.

Brooby trying to figure out how to work the fire extinguisher. Like the butterfly tattoos? :3

Fire fighter getting mad. The fire ended up destroying the stove, the counter to the left of the stove and the floor in front of said counter which caught on fire.

So when my older cousin's simself arrived home from work, I clicked for her to interact with Brooby and the "Fight!" set of actions was available (Brooby's traits are horrid, they must have made him be mean to her). So, just for the hell of it, I had them use the "Fight!" interaction twice. I wasn't able to snap the first fight, but here's some of the second one.

He won, but she won the first time.

 Guess what she's doing!

 WHAM! Right across the face!


 Done! I'd give that a 10/10 xD

Heh... Heh heh...

 Splittin' the marriage.

 lol Look at Brooby's face x3

He doesn't seem to give a shit. Probably the commitment issues.

 Blooby taking out her teen angst about the split marriage by ding-dong-ditching a random house.

 Giggle giggle indeed, Blooby.

 Run, Forrest, run!

 Ninja stealth mode seeing if it's a success.

 He had no clue! Yay!

But them she got busted for curfew xD

Gettin' angry in her undies x3

 The next day Blooby had a field trip at school. She doesn't seem too satisfied that she has to sit beside their old geezer teacher, Gus Hart.

These are literally the only teens in town xD Or at least they're the only teens who bothered to show up for school that day xD

Hair dye booby trap! Put decensor in my game but forgot to take it out x3 Sorry.

It feels like forever since I've blogged, but it's only been four days. I get blogging widthdrawl if I stay away too long :P
Yes, Day One of the Ten Day Meme is coming soon, but I'm having trouble thinking of ten different things to say to ten different people. lol, That makes me sound like a loner. I need three more.
Anyway, that's it. I went to bed at seven in the morning, so I'm going to go to sleep now. 'Night.