Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Years and Other Stuff

This, my friends, is my 200th post.

I was kinda hoping to make a splash with my 200th, but I really have nothing prepared. I would have posted a lot more in the past week if I hadn't been attempting to throw something special together for my 200th. Well, surprise, there's nothing yet. It's coming. We'll be celebrating one year of shiny in January, so there will DEFINITELY be something then. The fact that I stayed with this blog for more than a month is a miracle in itself x3 Plus, I still have yet to do something for 10,000 views. So expect something BIG. A house, a sim, maybe a pet... OR... all three... (I got Pets for Christmas :P )

This makes it an even 200 posts for 2011. Today, the year ends. 2011 is over, and hopy shite it's been long. It's actually kind of hard to believe that I graduated grade eight this year, it feels so far away.

Anyway, in closing, 2011 has been great. I wish all of you a safe and happy new year. See you in 2012!

Best wishes

P.S. I had no idea who to stick this in the main post without breaking the flow, so I'm sticking it down here. I would have made a post about this, but again with the 200 thing... I've created a Tumblr, but fair warning it's pretty much my 'Homestuck blog' the same way this is my Sims blog.' Anywho, check it out here.

Dec 25, 2011

Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Holidays

EDIT: This first paragraph is now irrelevant, but I've decided to leave it in :P I've fixed the spelling of Kwanzaa. Thanks paco!

Alright, so I spelled 'Quanza' wrong, but Google Chrome's spell-checker is too stupid to figure out what I'm trying to say and is giving me intelligent suggestions such as 'Quango' and 'Quantifier.' And I'm not too sure that Quanza is even this time of year, but I think it is :/ Sorry 'bout that.

Anywhoosles, this is my little post wishing that you all have a good time at whatever holiday you are celebrating right now. Relax and enjoy your time off school/work :)


Dec 23, 2011

FML: Nothing Makes Sense
Today, I had the first kiss with the woman I've been in love with for two years. Right as I kissed her, some guys drove by in a car and threw some soggy spaghetti at me, yelling, "Noob!" FML
What the fuck?
Why... just...
What the mother loving fuck?

Home Free!

I'm FINALLY home for the holidays. My Christmas break starts today. They kept us locked up for as long as possible, right up until Christmas Eve x3 Tomorrow I'm visiting my Nanna and having Christmas dinner at her house, then we're going to ten o'clock mass - fun fun fun - and on Christmas we're staying home, doing our own Christmas dinner (for the first time ever) and going to my Grandma's for the evening.
I can't believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow! It feels weird :P Usually we have at least one day at home before Christmas.

No, I cannot in any way possibly keep Homestuck out of any post xD Watch:
^^THIS VIDEO IS LIFE^^ It pretty well describes the life of most Homestuck fans, including mine :P

Dec 20, 2011

Homestuck Fan Music

I recently discovered a wealth of Homestuck fan-music artisits on a site called Tindeck. A few favorites are:
Broadway Karkat - A Gristmas Carol (Homestuck-ified Christmas carol medley)
Broadway Katkat - Karkalicious (Fergalicious parody)
Fawn - Vriska - Black Romance (Bad Romance parody)
You don't really have to listen to Black Romance or Karkalicious, but at least give the Gristmas Carols a try, I think even a non-Homestuck-fan could enjoy those xD Warning though, songs automatically stat playing when you clock the link. Probably too late to tell you that through x3
And thus my Homestuck obsession continues. Sorry to bother you. Carry on.

Dec 10, 2011

My Take on the Following Picture


The original:

My take on it:
That is what tuned so many important projects into what I like to call "midnight rushes": when you sit down to work on a project nice and early, get distracted for hours, and end up attempting to smack the whole thing together at midnight or later due to said hours of distraction.

The New Theme and Inspiration Behind it

Alright. I must first apologize to all of you who have no idea who the fuck that person in the background is. Let me explain.

The thing that has been eating all of my spare time is Homestuck. Homestuck is an interactive web comic and it is the best thing that has ever lived. It's really long and it took me over a month to get up-to-date, but I finally caught up today, though that's currently beside the point.

Gist is, four kids, four OTHER kids, twelve trolls, two omnipotent beings, and a shit ton of other intense shit that would take forever to explain. The female in the background is one of the trolls, Vriska Serket. That isn't her usual attire, that's her God Tier attire (again, it'd take a really long time to explain). She's isn't my FAVORITE FAVORITE troll (that would be Terezi Pyrope) but she's close and I like this picture of her :P If you really want to what all the hoopla is, either read Homestuck or Google Image "homestuck trolls".

Homestuck currently has five complete acts and started act six on 11/11/11. THIS SHIT IS INTENSE.

I found this on my quest for a new background. Maybe this will sum it up for Grand Theft Auto fans:

[EDIT: the picture isn't showing up, so here's the link:]

I highly suggest you enlarge this picture, GTA fan or not. It's wallpaper sized ^.^

Those are the original four kids. So far the second group of kids is a bit shady, since they have just been introduced at the beginning of act six and two of their names have yet to be told.

Anywhosles, that's my explanation for my prolonged absence, as well as the new blog theme. Woop ^.^

EDIT: I have added the Act 5 soundtrack to the sidebar for blog music, which will suffice for now :P

Dec 8, 2011

Picture File Sizes

Before I get to the title topic, I have a few updates:
1. A certain little shit commented, so all comments are on approval-only for a while. ALL comments except those from said little shit will be approved unless inappropriate.
2. I said a reeeeeeeally long time ago I was going to get music for the blog. Well, I might do that some time x3 I am doing absolutely nothing this weekend so I've got loads of time to fix one up.
3. A perfect transition to my net topic: Yes, I am trying to get a new blog theme together. It will happen this weekend.


I found a multitude of perfect images for the blog background, but I keep getting told that the files are too big. The max is 300k, and I once got one down to 355k *.* Does anyone know how I can make pictures files as teensy as possible? I am desperate here.

Sorry for the break, but school is catching up to be, and to tell the truth there isn't much to say. Nothing interesting of note in my life, and I haven't been paying too much attention to the Sims world. More info on what I HAVE been doing online when I update the blog theme.

That is all... for now :O

Dec 1, 2011

Why, just WHY?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Good lord, Innuendo is one stupid fuck.

TanyaRubirose did earn some brownie points for this, though.

She can be harsh, but I think she did a very good job of serving Innuendo in a 'pleasurable' manner xD

Speaking of the little fuck, I seriously think he needs a life. Someone proved him wrong - even worse, someone who he had a previous feud with - and he immediately got out the big guns and started pulling a hissy-fit while swearing like a sailor using periods to avoid the forum's censor. That act is what I like to call a four year old who knows how to swear.

Wait... He claims to be 19?


He can't seriously be that old. Maybe ten? That ripe age where you thing you rule the fucking world and you're fascinated by the mere idea of swearing, thinking that if you do you'll automatically be 'kool.'

Yes, I swear a fair bit too, but at least I keep it off the forums and on my own turf, rather than spoiling the experience for everyone else.

This child obviously doesn't know how to take defeat.

If, per chance, Innuendo happens to read this, I have but a mere sentence for him: You are an asshole, and a douchebag.

With all the LOVE in my heart,