Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It's the end of that time of year. All of the awkward family get-togethers are coming to a close with the ending of 2012. My family's hosting out family New Years party. I wanted to have Rose come (she really needs to meet my whacked out family oh my god) but my parents said no :( Now I'm stuck getting bored out of my mind with my younger cousin again. Oh well. My family let me install Sims 3 on the downstairs computer so we could play during the party without fussing with my shitty laptop. My cousin LOVES Sims, but she doesn't have it at home, or at least she technically doesn't. We gave her a copy of Sims 2 Double Deluxe for Christmas two years ago, but her dad never lets her on the bloody computer, so she hasn't had the chance to play it yet, let alone install the damn thing.

Seriously though, Sims 3 on the downstairs computer. That thing's less than a year old and it has a graphics card of gold. My game works like a charm with all of the graphics set to high, two expansion packs (Generations and Pets) AND my shit ton of custom content. I swear to god one day I am going to steal that computer it's just beautiful.

Happy New Year everyone <3 I hope you all have some fun tonight. If you're drinking, be responsible :P

I'll see you all in 2013 <3

Dec 28, 2012

Tablets are Confusing

Tablets are really confusing but oh look I finally fucking made something

Merry Christmas fuckers.


I've just sort of been chilling at home for the past few days (thankfully). I haven't been into Sims much though. Aside from the (yet to be installed) tablet, I also recieved Plants vs. Zombies so that's been eating all of my gaming time. I've also been doing a lot of reading (Ouran High School Host Club). Basically, I've just been floating along. Hope you're all having a great week <3

Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I'll have a little gift for you guys soon, but fair warning it's probably going to be shit. I got a tablet today so the moment it's installed my first experiment is going to be to make some sort of merry Christmas picture for y'all. Wish me luck.

Dec 23, 2012

Logged In

I tried again and I am now logged in. What the fuck was all that shit earlier why.

Quick Question

Does EA even fucking have Live Chat any more? I can't find it anywhere, and all of the links I've found on forums - even the tips from the fucking EA/Origin representatives - have not worked. Are you fucking kidding me right now? They have definitely gotten worse since I was here before, and that says a lot, because they were really shitty back then.

Trouble Logging In

I forgot my password when I went to log in to the Sims 3 site yesterday (go figure) and I had to change it. I was redirected to Origin to change my password. I changed it. I logged in. I checked "Keep me logged in." Everything was fine. Today, I returned to the site and I was not logged in. I tried to log in and it kept telling me my fucking password was wrong. I am 100% sure that I was typing the correct password. I can log in to Origin's website fine, but not Sims 3.

I can't just keep resetting my password every time I want to log in, so I'm off to deal with EA's customer service. Wish me luck.

Dec 22, 2012


When I went into my game, I pretty much fiddled with CAS the entire time. Here are the results.


Yeah there's nothing different from yesterday here.


Since I got my Store content in my game, I was able to whip this together. Before, it was just a plain black dress.


Yesterday, I had this at a basic loose tank top and a pair of panties. I found this today on MTS and I really like it, it's really well made and look at that colour it was one of the presets it's brilliant.


This hasn't changed from yesterday either, but look at that shit it's awesome.


Still not different from yesterday, but I really love this bathing suit. Anubis is literally the best CC creator in the world I mean look at this shit it's fucking amazing.

And that is all I accomplished today. I love that EA finally added the feature to set different makeup for each outfit. Now my sim won't be wearing lip gloss to sleep. Woop.

I think tomorrow I'm going to make over her house. Since she's a broke self-employed artist (her Lifetime Goal/Wish/I can't remember what it's called [wow that's sad] is to master painting and writing), I can't be buying any new furniture.But when you live in a shit lookin' shack and you don't got no money, CAST is a very, very powerful tool.

Alright, I'm off to dreamland now. G'night.

Dec 21, 2012

Changing My Account

I have officially switched my account to Origin. The following notes were taken while I was exploring the site and refreshing my acount.

  • The home page what the fuck is this shit this is not what I remember no stop holy shit there have been some major changes there
  • My Page says I have three system messages but nothing is loading thanks EA
  • Why do I have 24 friend requests no stop none of you win I am clearing out my friends list ASAP
  • When I hit decline I need to reload the page for it to register what the fuck
  • Now that isn't even working I give up
  • Ew what the fuck is wrong with My Page
  • Oh no Jesus Cringlefucking Christ my About Me is so out of date and terrible I'm going to cry
  • There that's better sort of
  • How the fuck did I earn twenty-four badges I've been doing jack shit since whenever that system was released I don't even know when it was released that is how not online I have been
  • What the ever-loving fuck is the My Treasure Hunts tab for
  • Time to download my Store content back
  • They changed the way they categorize the Store why
  • Oh I remember now I need to wait thirty seconds just for my damn launcher to load every time I want to download something this is going to be fun
  • Wait it's going faster now that's good
  • Why did I waste my free Simpoints on this bullshit it sucks plus I never used it and I probably never will
  • Wow all of these items are seriously ugly why did I do this
  • Okay I take that back there's some cute shit in there
  • Was I even thinking about whether or not I'd actually use this shit when I bought it
  • The fact that I bought this hair and thought it was awesome is a surefire sign that I was bound for lesbianism
  • Alright let's see the Community page oh hi Liam nice to see you again
  • Oh there we go
  • Liam stop it right now is it really such a sin that I want to see SimGuruHydra's post about the 70's, 80's and 90's stuff pack that may end up being the only stuff pack I purchase because the 80's were literally the best
  • So I googled it and found the YouTube trailer and like half of the stuff is so tacky I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole but the other half I would use so fucking much like I seriously hope those pants that are half zebra half cheetah are available for girls because I love that shit I would wear the fuck out of that IRL
  • I was looking up other 80's fashion and I found this picture I'm crying
  • Getting distracted back to the forums

After that I just kept browsing forums.

I'm going to go back into my game now and hopefully get some pics. Last time I played, I concentrated on playing so much I forgot to take pics, so there will be some later tonight.

Dec 19, 2012

Before I go...



Actual Readable Post

So if you're read my last post you know that my game is working. You also know I'm a bit too enthusiastic about that fact.

Everything's fine and dandy except there's no music for anything at all any more :I No loading screen music, no CAS music, no build/buy mode music. But I don't mind, it was shitty anyway.

Basically I put my CC in (Christ why the fuck did I have so much useless shit in my game before, that bookmark clean out was a nightmare) and I made my simself. I them planted her in Sunset Valley.

I didn't have time to do much else, and I really should be sleeping right now. But before I go to bed, here's the latest version of simmy-me:

Over time, it seems like I've lost my knack for Sims photography. This was the best I could muster. Better than nothing I guess.

Now that my shit's working again, I plan on finally updating my forum account to an Origin account (ew), redownloading all of my store shits, and hopefully maybe entering a modeling comp. We'll see.

Anyway I should be sleeping right now and my dad just came to my door and got mad at me for still being up so I shall go. More tomorrow.

Dec 18, 2012





Dec 17, 2012

Hey look another post

I don't know why but I feel like I should inform you that we didn't have time to fix my game tonight so we're going to tomorrow.


Dec 16, 2012

Game Update

Today was too busy to get to my game. In the meantime I've made great progress on my CC redownloading and done some good cleaning. I am next going to look at my furniture folder and I am very scared because it is fucking huge. Wish me luck.

Dec 15, 2012

An Actual Sims Update

First of all, thanks to Galatea and the Mares for their best wishes. Second, my actual bloody game.

Pretty soon, I'm going to actually fucking fix up my Sims 3 game. My dad's going to help me uninstall and reinstall my game some time tomorrow. I really wish I could to it myself, but I have no idea what to do with programs to uninstall them. I could install the game, that's simple shit. I just don't know where to click to get to the right buttons to uninstall.

In the meantime, I'm going to save my "Packages" folder so I don't have to download the file that makes it work again (fuck if I can remember what it's called). I'll put it somewhere else in my computer, and start digging into my bookmarks and redownloading custom content, being careful to download only what I will actually fucking use, and making sure to weed everything else out. I'll keep a separate folder within my "Packages" folder for .sims3packs, and take that folder out to install shit later.

Off I go. Wish me luck.

Dec 12, 2012


I want to post something but I'm not sure what to say because my head is a jumbled mess of school and friends and mental instability and Tumblr being down all day

so hi

Dec 4, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 3

Ahahahahahaahhahahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahn we have another work period in religion

These classes are pretty pointless, I'm pretty sure no one actually does anything. I'm willing to bet if I started working the first class then I could have finished the whole thing here, but she didn't bloody tell us that we were getting all of these work periods for it. I'm actually really pissed about this because otherwise I would have been able to finish my whole project in class and I probably wouldn't be stuck procrastinating this project for the millionth time. I've been finding what I can without working on the powerpoint, but it's really hard to work with these iPads. The touch screens are fussy and the controls are weird. I'm too used to working with actual fucking computers rather than these jacked-up iPods.

Anyway, my teacher literally just said that we should be able to finish then damn thing within an hour but I highly doubt that, especially since I've never worked with Keynote much before and would be too busy fussing through options to actually get anything done.

Back to reading my old blog archives, I suppose.

Dec 3, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 2

So here I sit in religion class once again with a bloody iPad in front of me. Apparently this is the second of three iPad work periods we're going to be getting, so I'm kind of regretting not getting some actual work done last class, but I guess I still haven't learnt my lesson because here am again typing away on my blog rather than getting any fucking work done. The screen of my iPad is so smudged it's killing me.

My weekend was okay. My parents were cleaning like crazy to get ready for Christmas. We're putting up decorations some time this week. My mom attempted to clean my room, but in an entire afternoon we were only able to clean off my dresser. My desk is going to be a disaster zone. I really hope she doesn't try and clean out my paper trays without me there because my paper trays have my doodles, and I have been attempting to draw some form of 'risqué' drawings, one might say (by which I mean 'anatomy practice' with kinky shit :I ). In case you're wondering, they all suck shit. I'm not a very good artist.

School today was good I guess. At the end of science, Tom asked out this girl who he's been coming on to for at least a month now. She's been completely oblivious the entire time. It's quite hilarious, actually, because he's certainly not been subtle about it. Anyway, she said yes, so they're going to lunch somewhere tomorrow.

Dammit I'm out of shit to say. Now I actually have to do something fuck. Maybe I'll just post another series of random updates and findings here. Fuck it, here I go.

Nov 30, 2012

Guess who's bored at school?

Hey there people I'm bored as fuck at school posting this from a school iPad and yes my school legitimately has iPads. There's an English field trip today, so there are only seven kids in my religion class. We're supposed to be using the iPads to work on our CPTs but I don't have Keynote at home so there's no point in working on my presentation here. We have to do a fucking litergy. Yay. Someone please kill me seriously I mean this isn't even my religion why must I participate in this torture I think the only reason I'm passing is because my teacher loves me

Anyways, school today was good. It's Friday, so I'm excited for the weekend. I'm hoping to chill with Rose some time since we haven't been hanging out much besides Wednesdays, and that's with everyone else around. This past Wednesday, Misa wasn't at school because she wasnt't feeling well :( Which sucks because first of all she's an awesome person and shit but second we were making posters for GSA and she is a fucking glorious artist. It was me, Rose and a girl from my school, one of Misa's friends who is really awesome and shit and it was the three of us making a poster together. We had to rush because Rose had band and we were using her markers, so our poster just says "GAY" in huge block letters and "SUPPORT ALL LOVE" is written across the top.

Anyway, typing on this iPad is a total bitch, so I'm going to go. Cheerio.

Nov 29, 2012

Wow fuck I haven't posted here in a while

Catchy title, I know.

First order of business, thank you Molly for giving me a little bump because I've been meaning to post here for weeks now but I keep pushing it back (which I have been doing with a lot of things lately, thank you terrible procrastination habit).

I seriously cannot believe my last post was in fucking September. Get ready guys, you're in for a whopper.

Sep 16, 2012

Lesbian Things

This is going to be a post about various lesbian things.

Last Friday was my brother's birthday, so on Saturday we had a family birthday party. As with all family parties, the following subject came up multiple times, all of those times brought up by my relatives: boys. "Do you have a boyfriend? "Are there any cute boys at your school?" "Are you guys gossiping about boys?" All of those phrases are stated in a teasing and playful manor. And I really feel like answering each of those statements with "I am a lesbian please shut the fuck up thank." But I can't. So instead I reside to answering "No" while my two knowing cousins laugh their bloody asses off. Unrelated: My cousin's daughter (seven months old) fell asleep on me. It was very adorable.

In news of school, I've been talking to Tom a lot lately, which is nice because I thought he hated me. There's a catch though. As usual, since Tom is a boy, my friends have started teasing me about us being together, and that pisses me off to no end. I first got word of this when Friend A showed me a text Friend B sent her that literally read "Caitlin has a bootyfriiiiieeeeeeeeeeend." After that I was pretty much like "We aren't a thing and I kinda hope we never do become a thing because Imalesbian." All one word. Imalesbian. There were a couple seconds and then Friend A just starts smiling and goes "I call bullshit, you only said that when you had to." I explained to them that I didn't really talk about it before because "I didn't want you guys to treat me differently." But they still don't believe me. They aren't treating me any differently now, but that's both a blessing and a curse. They aren't treating me any differently because they are in denial of what I have told them. So yeah, I'm pissed as fuck right now and I'm probably going to try and bring it up at lunch tomorrow. I was discussing this with Rose on the phone tonight, and she was surprised that no one had guessed it yet. I'm certainly not the most obvious about it, but she knew I was a lesbian even before I knew.

The third subject of lesbian news: The L Word. I started watching it at the beginning of September and I am now half way through season two. I haven't watched an episode in a while, so I really want to hop on that after posting this, but it's getting kind of late. Anyway, the show itself is pretty good. The plot is awesome. There are some sex scenes but they aren't really that good. They seem pretty staged. My favorite part is probably that they show lesbians from every walk of life, it's not just a bunch of super butch girls fucking each other all the time (although it's impossible to not include that archetype, and that's pretty much Shane). They show monogamous relationships with Bette and Tina, bisexuality with Alice, closeted lesbian with a terrible gaydar with Dana, the extraordinarily sexually confused with Jenny, and I don't even know where to start with Marina I really fucking hate her okay I don't even know who the fuck she's supposed to be but she's just a cold-hearted bitch seriously I just can't even I really do not like her.

Fourth and final topic of lesbianism is that Rose recently got a cell phone and we exchanged numbers over the phone tonight. She texted me her number and the text literally read "Pussy." So I texted her back "Fleshy taco" and I plan on randomly texting her another vagina nickname some time during the day tomorrow. I literally googled "vagina nickanmes" to try and find a list and with the first link I hit the motherload. Like seriously jesus tits that is a lot of thingies. I plan on texting her one every day until I run out :)

And that's all for now. Lesbiantastic. I'm off to squeeze in another episode of The L Word.

Yours in pussy-loving,


Sep 2, 2012

Facebook Ads: JUST STOP

I was looking at my newsfeed today and this caught me eye:

The picture in that ad is of Viva Lune, generation three heiress of the Lune Legacy.

The third one down is the exact one used in the ad, freshly dug from the Lune Legacy archives on LiveJournal.

This pisses me off beyond belief. Seriously? You are linking to a virtual baby game. How about a screenshot from the actual game you are advertising for, instead of a screenshot from The Sims 3? And on top of that they stole that picture from the Lune Legacy, which happens to have some very dedicated fans (it's been over a year since Blue has posted anything but there are still fans [including myself] who regularly check her website for updates).

I even decided to click the ad and see just what they were disgracing the Lune Legacy's face with and I got a random link then a redirect to fucking WoozIn. That isn't even a virtual baby game! That's an online community full of assholes and bitches screaming about how everyone else but them is a stupid little shit.

edoiakgpedhsg;kd;gpiwrhpgjs WHY



Aug 28, 2012



I just realized that somehow over the past few days or some shit I passed 20,000 views??????? How do??????
Thank you thank you thank you everyone! Dammit now I NEED to fix my game so I can make something! Aight, somethin' will be coming soon. A sim, a house, something! Actually I think I still need to do that for 10,000 views or something. Oh well, it's coming! Patience, assholes.

Here We Go Again

It's official, I have uninstalled and deleted all of my custom content. Now I need to start smashing through my bookmarks and redownloading everything I still actually want in my game.

I also still need to decide between AMB and NL and which one to ditch.


They're both so good ;-;

I am now going to do a comparison (positives = things I use, negatives = annoyances).

Positives: skills, careers/self-employment, lifetime wishes, traits, motorcycles
Negatives: Twinbrook sucks ass, laundry is a huge fucking piss off

Positives: Bridgeport, architecture/build mode shit, furniture, film career, skills, the subway system is pretty handy, CAS sliders, clothing and hair styles, dancing on tables (fuck yes), skinny dipping, group outings
Negatives: vampires are annoying, paparazzi can go fuck themselves, celebrity status is fucking annoying, the hip hop station is terrible

Looking at it now, Night Life has far more to enjoy, and though it looks like I have a lot of complaints about it there's really only four because I elaborated on the amount of suck each of the negatives has. I guess I'll uninstall AMB then? I never really use any of the positives that much, except the skills and self-employment. I really liked self-employment. But I guess I'll have to do without it now. Oh well, it's not like you can't earn money from selling shit without being self employed.

It is decided. Arivaderci, Ambitions.

Aug 27, 2012

Fan Expo

So this weekend I went to Fan Expo.

And it



I had so much fun! I went in my Roxy cosplay with a friend (who will be from here on out referred to as Misa [that's who she cosplayed on Sunday, though I wasn't with her then]) and we spend the day there on Saturday. We got a ride from Misa's dad and arrived at ten. Two hours waiting for tickets and then we were finally in. We explored the dealer's room for a little bit (she got a book and a wall scroll and we both got a bottle of Faygo), then sat down to look at the events scheduled. We eventually decided on going to an anime screening. They showed us two episodes of an anime called Sword Art Online. It was pretty good. I gotta remember to check it out again some time.

After that we went to lunch at Subway. I had put my bottle of Faygo in my backpack so by this point it had been shook up pretty well and it exploded when I opened it. This got Redpop Faygo all over our table, the floor, and inevitably my cosplay. My white shirt. My white skirt. My white shoes. We cleaned that up, ate our lunch and headed back to the convention center. We were going to see the Frankenweenie exhibit (the only thing I really wanted to see) but we ended up walking into the dealer's hall where the exhibit was only to get called to by a group of three Homestuck cosplayers just saying hi (the best part is shit like this happened all day, we'd just be walking down the hall and oh look Homestuck cosplayers and then we waved at each other and kept walking). After that we got into a conversation with them that took up out remaining 20 minutes before heading off to the photoshoot at the park across the street.

THE PHOTOSHOOT WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. There were so many fucking people. So many Homestucks all in one place. It was beautiful. You can see all of my pictures over here. That's the first part, and there's an index of links below it. I had to leave early, but I got all of those so I am very happy.

Now it's time for the big reveal. My fucking face in my fucking cosplay. well here it is motherfuckers.

Aug 22, 2012

Back into the Game

I started up Sims 3 again yesterday after fiddling around with some of my CC, and guess what?

It's working. But it took 45 minutes to load a new town.

I shit you not. 45 motherfucking minutes.

And then by the time I made my sim and moved them in I'd lost my patience with the damn thing and didn't feel like playing any more.

I'm going to delete all of my CC soon and redownload everything to make sure I have the latest shit and that there's nothing in my game I don't want (thus less bogging down) and that I have as little as possible in my game. I have enough lag as it is from having four expansion packs installed. My game can't handle that many packs. The first time this happened it was pretty easy to choose which pack to get rid of since I pretty much NEVER used WA, but now I need to remove either NL or AMB and I just love them both so fucking much and I'm having a bit of an inner conflict ;-;

Anyway, though I haven't mentioned it on here, I've been avidly playing The Sims 2 and having a damn good time with it. There are definitely certain benefits to playing Sims 3 instead of 2, but I've found that most of the improvements in Sims 3 are cosmetic. More face/body sliders, CAS, more refined grid for placing furniture etc. For me, The Sims 2 has a better game mechanic and is more realistic. I also enjoy that Sims 2 is more of a challenge. You can't see a baby's needs, there are two extra stamina bars (comfort and environment), relationships are harder to keep, stamina bars are harder to keep in the green and a whole bunch of other shit I can't think of right now.

I'm pretty sure this is my first sims related post since 2011. Congrats folks we're back on track sort of YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Neurotically Yours

I have recently discovered the marvel that is Neurotically Yours, a web series by a dude named Jim Mathers about a girl, Germaine, her crazy-ass squirrel, Foamy, and an assortment of fucked up side characters. Over the course of the past few days I have watched the entire Neurotically Yours archive and am reveling in its glory. While there were some parts of it I certainly did NOT agree with (for a good chunk Foamy goes through a stage where he would constantly tell people to kill themselves in his rants, though in more recent episodes that's died down a lot), it's fantastically animated and funny as hell. There are also some tragic parts to add to the plot as you watch Germaine's life spiral down the shitter, but it's masked a bit with the humor because at its heart Neurotically Yours is a comedy, though a bit crude at parts. I highly recommend you check it out so long as you are not easily offended. Foamy is extremely blunt about his opinion in rants and can be pretty rude about it too, so be warned. There are also a lot of stereotypes that might piss you off. Otherwise, proceed.

P.S. Homestuck is on a month-long hiatus that ends this Saturday and I'm dead without an update. I was not part of the fandom when everyone waited two months for "[S] Cascade." thus I do not have that kind of patience (yet). Hussie left of at a huge fucking cliffhanger. I must know what happens next. Sometimes this "work in progress" thing really kills me. This is one of those times.

Aug 6, 2012






Aug 5, 2012

Half of Summer is Gone

So now it's August and I still haven't uploaded my first YouTube video because

  1. My camcorder is a prick and I can't get any videos off it. AT ALL.
  2. My camera keeps running out of memory in the middle of recording. It has done this twice.

In other words, technical difficulties can suck my tits. End of story.

There probably isn't even anyone reading this anymore since I stopped posting regularly a long time ago but I don't even care, I'm going to post about the first half of my summer here anyway.

Most of my summer has been spent hanging out with Karkat and Terezi (we'll call her that, that's who she roleplays) doing an assortment of random bullshit. Most of this has involved either Livestream or Tinychat. Karkat has Netflix so we've been working our way through watching Ouran High School Host Club together by her running the show on Netflix and streaming it via Livestream so we can watch at the same time. This is apparently her eighth re-watch of the anime xD I'm not sure if anyone else has seen it, but so far my favorite characters are Haruhi and Kyoya, and Nekozawa's a little cutie poop too x3 I can't remember what episode number we're on but the last one we watched was called Honey's Terrible Three Days or something like that.

Livestream has also been used for watching YouTube videos together. Karkat will boot it up and set up some YouTube videos, usually PewDiePie or UberHaxxorNova. Then we scream at each other in the chat box xD

Yet ANOTHER use for Livestream has been movies. I watched Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny with Karkat a while back which was FUCKING AMAZING by the way. Then a week or two later we watched Con Air with Terezi and two of Karkat's friends. Con Air is a Homestuck classic. Don't question our choice in movies >u>

Another thing we've been doing is Minecraft. Sadly, I don't own the game, but Karkat, Terezi and some of Karkat's friends own it so either Karkat or Terezi sets up on their computer so I can watch and we use Tinychat to talk. We haven't done that in a while, though.

We've also used Tinychat to play on websites together and talk at the same time. Karkat convinced me and Terezi to sign up for WoozIn which we didn't spend much time on 'cause its kinda shitty xD Karkat also found this dating sim. site called My Candy Love (which there are apparently ads for everywhere?) and I signed up to humor her. It's actually not that bad, other than the fact that you're trying to impress a bunch of boys and you NEED to buy special clothes for the date at the end of each episode, which I think is bullshit. So what if that asshole doesn't like that I'm wearing? He can suck it up and take me as is.

I've also gone to a couple family events. I spent some time with my cousins and had some of the WEIRDEST conversations ever, and in public places at that. Like last week I went swimming with three of my cousins (our uncle took us to the local pool) and we were swimming around discussing porn (This is me and my one cousin who I came out to the day before. He was recommending some porn to me, saying he could send me links if I wanted him to [shocker, he has a thing for lesbian porn]. I politely declined since I don't really have an interest in watching people fuck. I'll stick to my Homestuck fanart thanks >.> ).

Speaking of coming out to my cousin, I also came out to my other cousin, the one who's one year younger than me. Cousin A (male porn cousin) was talking about a music video for a song. We were sitting in my grandma's basement listening to music with his iPod on shuffle. He was just like, "Oh yeah, I think you'd like the music video for this song," and then he paused and sort of half-whispered, "there's a hot girl in it." And Cousin B (cousin yet to know of my rampant homosexuality) was just sort of sitting there like, "Wait, what?" So I turned to her and said, "Oh yeah you missed the public service announcement I'm a lesbian."

Her face. HER FACE. It was precious, she was so confused. She repeated herself, "Wait, what?!" And then me and Cousin A just burst out laughing for like five minutes and then I repeated myself too. After it clicked, I just leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I am not sexually attracted to you." Which is a long standing inside joke. (It was a sleepover, it was three in the morning, it was pitch dark and I was stroking her fucking face. This was the point where I was experimenting with the idea of bisexuality so I was like, "I think I'm bisexual, and I know this is probably a bad time to tell you this 'cause we're sleeping beside each other and I'm stroking your face, but I just wanted you to know that I am not sexually attracted to you." We've just kept the gag going.)

I've also been spending time with a friend from Pathfinders who we shall reffer to as Rose (she's gay, and one of the people who really helped me accept myself) (and no, we're not together). We went to the local mall the other day and walked in circles for four hours straight 8D

Okay, we didn't walk in circles for four hours straight but most of the time we got too caught up in conversation to go into stores xD We did go into a few though, including such marvels as Zellers and Toys 'R' Us. In Toys 'R' Us there was one of those "select a CD" display things and we sang and danced to She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain. It was awesome.

We also had a competition trying to shove each other into stores, i.e. Victoria's Secret, Lasenza Lingerie, Hollister, Aeropostale etc. All of the stores listed are ones we never want to poke with a ten foot pole, and with good reason. I actually ended up chasing her at one point. She ran away from me when I tried to shove/drag her into Hollister.

Aaaaaaaaand that's about it. Nothing else too exciting really, other than cosplay (I'm working on a cosplay of this). I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my first YouTube video up soon, or at least before summer ends.

Tata for now, shitmaggots.


P.S. New theme soon, based off the character I'm going to cosplay.

Jun 29, 2012

YouTube News



(I will probably do my first video tomorrow)


Here, have a break from the angsty BS  in my last post.

Dante Basco, who played Rufio in the movie Hook, is currently live-blogging reading Homestuck. The whole reason he started reading was because of this:

This is Homestuck author Andrew Hussie kissing a dead Rufio to revive him.

Dante just got to this part. He is tipsy.

Jun 28, 2012

An Extremely Long Update Covering Several Random Topics

As the title says, this is going to be a long one, and full of bullshit at that. Continue at your own risk.

Apr 22, 2012

Forgotten Words

Apparently in my haste I forgot to add this into my first update post. This blog is not going down. I am trying to get back into the routine of posting at the VERY least once a week. Even if I do find myself leaving, I won't take the blog down, simply for the purposes of archiving and possibly wanting to read this shit again later for nostalgia's sake.

Apr 19, 2012


A friend from Homestuck (we'll call her Karkat because that's who she was role playing when we met) convinced me to try Pottermore. So far it's pretty neat, I just got sorted by the sorting hat, and I'm a Hufflepuff. The description for Hufflepuffs fits me pretty well.

Honey badger don't give a shit. Hufflepuff has the best animal. Everyone else go home.

Anyway, I'm excited to try potions and broomstick riding the most, though I've heard potions can be frustrating. Karkat said that two of her potions exploded because a) she got to it five minutes late and b) she stirred it one too many times. That shit is expensive, so it's a damn piss of when it goes to waste. There are probably more failure stories she hasn't told because she apparently has never created a single successful potion to date.

My wand is dogwood with dragon core, twelve and a half inches and slightly springy (damit brain, that shouldn't sound sexual >.< ). If you'd like to add me, I'm OwlSnidget28358.

Anyway I just realized that it is fucking one in the morning and I have school tomorrow and my group in English is fucked up the ass dry because we have pretty much nothing prepared and we need to do a half hour presentation on a stupid ass short story and I just really wish we had more class time for this fucker.

Anyway, so long and goodnight.

Damn, that might become a thing. I like it. And it's an MCR reference.


Apr 13, 2012


Today is my birthday, and I am now 15. Thusly my user name has changed.

This isn't all going to be "OMG BURFDAY YAY" this is actually a well needed and informative post xD

First, to Vid: I'm sorry I just fell off the face of the earth like that without saying anything. I still haven't had the change to create and Origin account and I honestly couldn't be half-assed to either. Explanation for my dropping out is coming.

My game is dead. The update killed it and I don't give a flying fuck to fix it. I enjoy Sims 2 far more than 3 anyway, and it still works (Sims 2, that is). I'm kind of saddened that I lost all that hard work in Sims 3 and I guess I will TRY to fix it, but I don't know :/ I just don't feel like it. I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately.

I guess this counts as my official post of resignation from the Simming community? Sims 3 is dead. I can't take photos for shit in Sims 2. I hardly ever play either game. I haven't looked at my Blogger dash (which is mostly Sims blogs) in months, and the same goes for Mares/BluebellFlora's blog/AE's blog etc.etc. I haven't posted here in months because I feel like it should have at least a LITTLE to do with Sims.

I'm not deleting the blog. I will post every once in a while. I feel obligated to x3 Just... because. I don't have a real reason for it.

Anyways, in other news not pertaining to Sims/my future (not) in the Sims community, a lot has changed since I made my last legitimate update post way back in February. Holy shit. February. And I used to think not posting anything for two days felt weird.

Anyway, yeah, a lot of shit has changed. The biggest change is probably that I've become a sort of gay/trans rights activist (or as I prefer to call it, 'human rights'; Yes, I'm one of 'those people'). I'm pretty sure it doesn't count if all I do is reblog posts and think shit without doing anything, but the feeling is there. Part of this has sparked from the fact that I am now slowly and eventually coming out of the closet to friends and family as a lesbian. Yes, I'm a lesbian. I've been toying with the idea since probably around the beginning of the school year, though probably earlier than that because I used to think "Holy shit, am I a lesbian?!" and the whole idea scared the ever-loving shit fuck out of me. I've 'come to terms' now, so to speak, hence the "FF Blogger" and "Pride" banners now in the side bar.

School is... okay. I'm still sitting in a corner most of the time, but I'm getting a teeny bit closer with the few friends I've managed to scrounge up. Class is boring. Art, which I thought I would enjoy, is actually kind of pissing me off. My mark is plumetting because we keep getting these pencil assignments and I'm shit with pencil. My best media is probably paint, which will most likely be the LAST thing we do this year >.> I'll probably ask for stuff to do for extra credit. My mark is mid to low seventies, and I know that's good, but I'm shooting for a ninety here and that's a bit too far off from my goal for my liking.

A series of other random shit: Music has become my lifeline. My obsession with Homestuck has slightly grown, as has my involvement in the community. I have an entire second social life online where I can be myself more than any other place.

So... yeah. That's the way shit is. Possibly more later? I probably forgot a bunch of shit. Meh.


Mar 4, 2012

Little Miss Twisted: Assignment 1

[B] means it's supposed to be bolded. I already have all of my site text bolded, so it doesn't show.
The only thing I enjoyed when my parents frilled me up was neko.
They never dressed me up as a cat on purpose, except once for Halloween when I was six. It was just something I discovered as time went on.
And what a fun discovery it was!
Shut up, Mashaka! Stop butting in, I'm trying to explain why I like neko.
If you're explaining neko, what better a way to start than to tell then how you discovered it?
I suppose, but I really hate explaining it. It was during... the time. I was 17. I ripped up all the stuffed animals in my room. When I finished, I tried strapping the cat's ears to my head. I found a matching jumper and put it on. Then I started acting like a cat...
That was my idea!
...and I enjoyed it. Every once in a while, when I just need a break, I'll dress up. I even have my own cat toys, a ball of yarn and a mouse. My octocat brings me comfort when the stupid administrative staff won't let me have my neko stuff, even though the whole notion of them needing to keep it from me and supervise me while I'm using it is stupid. I'm "crazy" (as if, I'm totally not), not suicidal! Do they think I'll hang myself with my ball of yarn? It's stupid enough they won't let me have my tail because they think it might catch on something. These people are way too cautious. Tiesha and Bibiana agree.
The three of us feel extremely strongly about the issue. We've approached the admins about it before, but it has always ended in Chandi throwing a fit and getting me restrained, Tiesha being "put to sleep" and Bibiana always has mixed results pending her mood. In other words, the outcome is typically disastrous and it never gets us anywhere.
[B]I think they're right to keep that crap away from you! Neko is the most stupid thing you could ever think of to do in your spare time. Why do you like this? It's bullsh*t!
Nobody asked you, Chandi.
[B]You think I care? I just want to get the hell out of this stupid facility and get some more action! This is boring.
This is probably the only time EVER that I will agree with you. We need something exciting to happen. I'm dying a slow death here!
I'm working on it. We'll be out soon. Trust me. I've been planning with Akila.
It's quite elaborate, if I do say so myself.
Well, you are the brains to this operation. You keep all of us in check.
How long until we can actually put this plan into action? Seriously, six months and NOTHING has happened.
Hush, Mashaka. It will be implemented soon.
What's wrong with just making something happen here? It's cozy, I quite like it.
That will keep us here even longer. We need to escape or nothing is going to happen. And that's final. No arguing or I'll take my pills and you'll all disappear.
Alright, fine. I still think it would be funny to see what they'd do if you kill one of the staff.
Thank you, Ereshkigal.
Now can I keep explaining?
"Ereshkigal, it's time for bed!"
It seems not.
Crud, administrative staff.
(And I'm going to be stupid and not know how to conclude this again because I've been trying to conclude it for the past half-hour to no avail >.< )

Mar 3, 2012

More for Vid

Still no Origin ^.^' Anyway, another message:

Sorry I couldn't get my stuff up yesterday, it ended up talking three times as long as I thought because I finally got some CC in my game and that slowed it down a lot. I don't know why, but my game wasn't hit with the CC bug most people experienced with Pets. I've been putting stuff in my game from quite some time ago and it's been working perfectly fine, except it now takes at least ten minutes to save. @Darleymikey, I would kill to have faster save times, but my game is so perfect right now I really don't want to screw anything up >.<

Loving entries so far! Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

Mar 1, 2012

Message for Vid and the Little Miss Twisted Thread

I can't log in to the forums because of that stupid Origin thing that keeps popping up, so I'll just shout this out over here and hope it gets passed down the line to the others on the forum.

I was in my game today setting up for my shoot and I'm sure won't need an extension. It should be coming tomorrow.

That was all I wanted to say. Why do I need an Origin account to say that? I don't know. You tell me, EA.

Feb 23, 2012

Soooo... long time no see.....

I haven't been posting here half as much as I used to, and I have a few reasons, but really they're not that good x3

1. School. High school takes a fuck ton more time and effort then elementary school xD Though I've hardly had any homework at all, I've really just been trolling Tumblr and my Facebook role play account. Fuck yes, I role play now xD I made the account in December.
2. So that got a little off topic... Anyway, second reason is that there hasn't been anything to post about. Really, I have had NOTHING exciting happen to me or anyone around me as of late. Any excitement I've harboured has either been too private to post or Homestuck, though it's 99% Homestuck.
3. I've been withdrawing from the Simming comunity quite a lot. I hardly ever play the game, I'm never on the forums, etc. etc. It's not that I'm losing interest, really; I still love the game and enjoy it. Part of it could be some crashing problems I've had lately, but most of it is that I just never think to play it. No, this does not mean I'm leaving. I've joined ColorMePink's Little Miss Twisted modeling comp to try and get into my game more and have a little fun with it. It's a dark theme, I like that :P
4. To add to the last point, I think part of the reason I've been withdrawing from the Sims community is because I'm getting more and more involved in the Homestuck fandom. I've never been good at multi-tasking, so managing two communities at once is kind of hard-ish for me (that sounds so stupid xD ). I've been role playing and reading like a twat and Tumblr-ing like an ass and talking to lots of new people and holy shit I love the internet I swear to fucking god my social life IRL has nothing on my online social life because I can't talk to new people for shit IRL but online I'm like "Hi there! Hopey shite I love that too! Yeah that's one of the best AUs ever! Nah, I don't usually look at that shit." etc. etc. and it doesn't make me do this:

Um... anyway......
That's it, really. Nothing like 'my mom was dying' or 'I got in a car crash,' my life has just been boring xD Sometimes I kinda wish something exciting would happen just so I'd have something to do besides sit at my computer and type like an asshole while reading web comics and fan fics and role playing, though I'm not ALWAYS typing like an asshole, I've made some friends in the Homestuck community that I talk to pretty regularly.

Other shit:
- New blog theme coming soon, I just need to find a good backdrop
- 10,000 views/200 posts reward coming as soon as I get back in to my game, which will be this weekend, though I may not finish it this weekend
- I'm supposed to be doing homework right now
- I have no idea why but I have been mashing my keyboard a lot lately
- My 'M' key on my keyboard is crapping out and sometimes take multiple presses to work
- I hate religion class
- It can go die
- The kids in my religion class talk about partying and getting drunk
- and having sex
- and smoking weed
- Have I mentioned I hate religion class?
- We do lots of Jesus-y things that are not atheist-friendly
- I want to go to public school but other than the Jesus-y stuff my school is so goooooood
- (andmyparentsdontknowidontbelieveingod)

I'm just going to shut the fuck up and post this now.

Feb 11, 2012

Going, Going, Gone



Seriously though, AE and Bluebell, thanks so much for doing what EA should have done a year ago. It's a shame you had to trouble yourselves with it, but since you took it upon yourselves to fix the problem you deserve a huge round of applause. Sesert is gone, hopefully for good. Thank you.

P.S. Comments are back open ;)

P.P.S. To celebrate, the blog theme will be changing. Probably another Homestuck character xD

Jan 26, 2012


Alright, weird title, I know. Weird title, but all will be known soon. As in now.

Sinutab is a miracle worker. My nose was dripping like a faucet, and it almost immediately kicked in and I CAN FUCKING BREATH OH MY GOG IT'S A MIRACLE. Try that shit, just sayin'.

Yes, I'm sick, and just in time for exams, too. Exams which I probably will not get over 70 in, at least in geography. I started studying yesterday. My mom helped me study. I had gone to her in a desperate plea for help because I kept trying to study on my own but I'd just end up sitting there with my textbooks and thinking about nothing for hours on end. I then proceeded to release the full power of my short attention span on her and we ended up getting a quarter of what we thought we would get done in the two hours we studied.

That's all for now, more after exams.

Jan 22, 2012

Some people need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

This post makes me want to cry.

I cannot believe someone actually did that. To threaten someone's life over a fucking WEB COMIC is just pathetic... Since the fandom will not be named, we can never really know which one it was, but it was a web comic. Naturally the Homestuck fandom is flipping their shit over this because it quite possibly could have been within our fandom (you would be surprised at the amount of complete fucks who flip their shit over things like shipping and headcanons). So everybody's all "WHAT THE FUCK I NEED TO USE CAPS LOCK A LOT RAAAAGE" and I can't really blame them because this is just blasphemous.

And this was a legit phone call, too. Not just some bullshit like sesert where no one believes it because he's using terrible English and being a little turd. This is a legit phone call made by a legit person who legitimately looked up this person's whereabouts to find them and call them.

I don't even have words for how much this disgraces all of us (us being all in the Homestuck community). This is even worse than those bullshit stories of Homestuck cosplayers being creepy, violent pervs at cons (which are not true by the way). This is just...

There are no words.

Jan 15, 2012

School is Boring

As I write this post, I'm supposed to be doing homework. Probably not the wisest thing to be making irrelevant posts when I'm supposed to be doing exactly what I'm talking about, but I'm going to anyway because I have other things to talk about anyway. <== THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH MAKES NO SENSE.

1. Exams are coming up, so I probably won't post for a while, but what else is new. I haven't been posting half as much as I used to lately, but that's because I've been finishing off CPTs and such. Plus, this is my first set of exams, and contrary to popular belief, I'm not really shitting my pants about it. BTT is easy as hell. French I just need to study vocab, I'm pretty good with grammar. Science I need to memorize formulas, the rest I still need to review but I understood most of it. Geo is the big thing that I'm kind of scared I'll fail, because I don't enjoy it and I'm not very good at it. Plus, it's my period one, so I don't have the weekend to study. Next week we have four days, then period one exams on Friday. Period two on Monday, period three on Tuesday, and period four on Wednesday. Thursday is if you missed an exam, and Friday is a P.A. day. Monday, semester two starts. You see, my favorite part of this is that the subject I need to study for the least is my last exam, but the one I need the most study time for is my first. Beautiful :)

2. The one year gift has been put on hold for now because of point one. I'm about half way done, so once semester two starts I can hop right back on it. For now, I can't even poke my game with a stick.

3. Speaking of my game, it crashes. A lot. I have a tendency to forget to save, and then it crashes after three days, always the same file. I have no CC/mods in my game except store content. I am scared to update, but when I get back into it I will.

So that's it for now. I seem to be doing this a lot lately, the whole mass update post thing with the numbers. Oh well. Hopefully things will get better after exams. I have no idea where I'm going with this now. Goodbye.

Jan 8, 2012

Resuming Old Habits

It seems that though he took a break for a few months, maybe to spend some time with his family for the holiday season (yeah, right!) sesert is back and booming with some classic user names.
New year, new users. Sorry, but I'm still not biting.

Jan 6, 2012




Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that has helped me get this far, to all of the new friends I've made and the people whose asses I've kicked. Cheers to another year!

Sorry, that is HONEST TO GOD all I have right now. I stayed at my grandma's house with my cousin last night and we went to sleep at five in the morning xD

Jan 1, 2012

Apparently I DON'T have 200 posts...

So it seems that my first post for 2012 will be a good old fashioned rant.

I, apparently, don't have 200 posts yet, 198. EVEN THOUGH the number on my Dashboard is saying otherwise:
Right there. THAT is where I got the information that I had 200 posts, and it legitimately pisses me off that my stupid dashboard had the wrong number. The CORRECT number is here in my archive:
198 exactly. Well at least now I can make the one year post my 200th? Woop...
You know why it was telling me I had 200 posts? Because I had two drafts. TWO FUCKING DRAFTS. Draft posts do not count as actual fucking posts. I have no idea why they were going towards my post count if they were not actually fucking published, but they were.
Well, Happy New Year from a very pissed off Booky. Here's a puppy for your time.