Feb 23, 2012

Soooo... long time no see.....

I haven't been posting here half as much as I used to, and I have a few reasons, but really they're not that good x3

1. School. High school takes a fuck ton more time and effort then elementary school xD Though I've hardly had any homework at all, I've really just been trolling Tumblr and my Facebook role play account. Fuck yes, I role play now xD I made the account in December.
2. So that got a little off topic... Anyway, second reason is that there hasn't been anything to post about. Really, I have had NOTHING exciting happen to me or anyone around me as of late. Any excitement I've harboured has either been too private to post or Homestuck, though it's 99% Homestuck.
3. I've been withdrawing from the Simming comunity quite a lot. I hardly ever play the game, I'm never on the forums, etc. etc. It's not that I'm losing interest, really; I still love the game and enjoy it. Part of it could be some crashing problems I've had lately, but most of it is that I just never think to play it. No, this does not mean I'm leaving. I've joined ColorMePink's Little Miss Twisted modeling comp to try and get into my game more and have a little fun with it. It's a dark theme, I like that :P
4. To add to the last point, I think part of the reason I've been withdrawing from the Sims community is because I'm getting more and more involved in the Homestuck fandom. I've never been good at multi-tasking, so managing two communities at once is kind of hard-ish for me (that sounds so stupid xD ). I've been role playing and reading like a twat and Tumblr-ing like an ass and talking to lots of new people and holy shit I love the internet I swear to fucking god my social life IRL has nothing on my online social life because I can't talk to new people for shit IRL but online I'm like "Hi there! Hopey shite I love that too! Yeah that's one of the best AUs ever! Nah, I don't usually look at that shit." etc. etc. and it doesn't make me do this:

Um... anyway......
That's it, really. Nothing like 'my mom was dying' or 'I got in a car crash,' my life has just been boring xD Sometimes I kinda wish something exciting would happen just so I'd have something to do besides sit at my computer and type like an asshole while reading web comics and fan fics and role playing, though I'm not ALWAYS typing like an asshole, I've made some friends in the Homestuck community that I talk to pretty regularly.

Other shit:
- New blog theme coming soon, I just need to find a good backdrop
- 10,000 views/200 posts reward coming as soon as I get back in to my game, which will be this weekend, though I may not finish it this weekend
- I'm supposed to be doing homework right now
- I have no idea why but I have been mashing my keyboard a lot lately
- My 'M' key on my keyboard is crapping out and sometimes take multiple presses to work
- I hate religion class
- It can go die
- The kids in my religion class talk about partying and getting drunk
- and having sex
- and smoking weed
- Have I mentioned I hate religion class?
- We do lots of Jesus-y things that are not atheist-friendly
- I want to go to public school but other than the Jesus-y stuff my school is so goooooood
- (andmyparentsdontknowidontbelieveingod)

I'm just going to shut the fuck up and post this now.

Feb 11, 2012

Going, Going, Gone




Seriously though, AE and Bluebell, thanks so much for doing what EA should have done a year ago. It's a shame you had to trouble yourselves with it, but since you took it upon yourselves to fix the problem you deserve a huge round of applause. Sesert is gone, hopefully for good. Thank you.

P.S. Comments are back open ;)

P.P.S. To celebrate, the blog theme will be changing. Probably another Homestuck character xD