Mar 4, 2012

Little Miss Twisted: Assignment 1

[B] means it's supposed to be bolded. I already have all of my site text bolded, so it doesn't show.
The only thing I enjoyed when my parents frilled me up was neko.
They never dressed me up as a cat on purpose, except once for Halloween when I was six. It was just something I discovered as time went on.
And what a fun discovery it was!
Shut up, Mashaka! Stop butting in, I'm trying to explain why I like neko.
If you're explaining neko, what better a way to start than to tell then how you discovered it?
I suppose, but I really hate explaining it. It was during... the time. I was 17. I ripped up all the stuffed animals in my room. When I finished, I tried strapping the cat's ears to my head. I found a matching jumper and put it on. Then I started acting like a cat...
That was my idea!
...and I enjoyed it. Every once in a while, when I just need a break, I'll dress up. I even have my own cat toys, a ball of yarn and a mouse. My octocat brings me comfort when the stupid administrative staff won't let me have my neko stuff, even though the whole notion of them needing to keep it from me and supervise me while I'm using it is stupid. I'm "crazy" (as if, I'm totally not), not suicidal! Do they think I'll hang myself with my ball of yarn? It's stupid enough they won't let me have my tail because they think it might catch on something. These people are way too cautious. Tiesha and Bibiana agree.
The three of us feel extremely strongly about the issue. We've approached the admins about it before, but it has always ended in Chandi throwing a fit and getting me restrained, Tiesha being "put to sleep" and Bibiana always has mixed results pending her mood. In other words, the outcome is typically disastrous and it never gets us anywhere.
[B]I think they're right to keep that crap away from you! Neko is the most stupid thing you could ever think of to do in your spare time. Why do you like this? It's bullsh*t!
Nobody asked you, Chandi.
[B]You think I care? I just want to get the hell out of this stupid facility and get some more action! This is boring.
This is probably the only time EVER that I will agree with you. We need something exciting to happen. I'm dying a slow death here!
I'm working on it. We'll be out soon. Trust me. I've been planning with Akila.
It's quite elaborate, if I do say so myself.
Well, you are the brains to this operation. You keep all of us in check.
How long until we can actually put this plan into action? Seriously, six months and NOTHING has happened.
Hush, Mashaka. It will be implemented soon.
What's wrong with just making something happen here? It's cozy, I quite like it.
That will keep us here even longer. We need to escape or nothing is going to happen. And that's final. No arguing or I'll take my pills and you'll all disappear.
Alright, fine. I still think it would be funny to see what they'd do if you kill one of the staff.
Thank you, Ereshkigal.
Now can I keep explaining?
"Ereshkigal, it's time for bed!"
It seems not.
Crud, administrative staff.
(And I'm going to be stupid and not know how to conclude this again because I've been trying to conclude it for the past half-hour to no avail >.< )

Mar 3, 2012

More for Vid

Still no Origin ^.^' Anyway, another message:

Sorry I couldn't get my stuff up yesterday, it ended up talking three times as long as I thought because I finally got some CC in my game and that slowed it down a lot. I don't know why, but my game wasn't hit with the CC bug most people experienced with Pets. I've been putting stuff in my game from quite some time ago and it's been working perfectly fine, except it now takes at least ten minutes to save. @Darleymikey, I would kill to have faster save times, but my game is so perfect right now I really don't want to screw anything up >.<

Loving entries so far! Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

Mar 1, 2012

Message for Vid and the Little Miss Twisted Thread

I can't log in to the forums because of that stupid Origin thing that keeps popping up, so I'll just shout this out over here and hope it gets passed down the line to the others on the forum.

I was in my game today setting up for my shoot and I'm sure won't need an extension. It should be coming tomorrow.

That was all I wanted to say. Why do I need an Origin account to say that? I don't know. You tell me, EA.