Aug 28, 2012



I just realized that somehow over the past few days or some shit I passed 20,000 views??????? How do??????
Thank you thank you thank you everyone! Dammit now I NEED to fix my game so I can make something! Aight, somethin' will be coming soon. A sim, a house, something! Actually I think I still need to do that for 10,000 views or something. Oh well, it's coming! Patience, assholes.

Here We Go Again

It's official, I have uninstalled and deleted all of my custom content. Now I need to start smashing through my bookmarks and redownloading everything I still actually want in my game.

I also still need to decide between AMB and NL and which one to ditch.


They're both so good ;-;

I am now going to do a comparison (positives = things I use, negatives = annoyances).

Positives: skills, careers/self-employment, lifetime wishes, traits, motorcycles
Negatives: Twinbrook sucks ass, laundry is a huge fucking piss off

Positives: Bridgeport, architecture/build mode shit, furniture, film career, skills, the subway system is pretty handy, CAS sliders, clothing and hair styles, dancing on tables (fuck yes), skinny dipping, group outings
Negatives: vampires are annoying, paparazzi can go fuck themselves, celebrity status is fucking annoying, the hip hop station is terrible

Looking at it now, Night Life has far more to enjoy, and though it looks like I have a lot of complaints about it there's really only four because I elaborated on the amount of suck each of the negatives has. I guess I'll uninstall AMB then? I never really use any of the positives that much, except the skills and self-employment. I really liked self-employment. But I guess I'll have to do without it now. Oh well, it's not like you can't earn money from selling shit without being self employed.

It is decided. Arivaderci, Ambitions.

Aug 27, 2012

Fan Expo

So this weekend I went to Fan Expo.

And it



I had so much fun! I went in my Roxy cosplay with a friend (who will be from here on out referred to as Misa [that's who she cosplayed on Sunday, though I wasn't with her then]) and we spend the day there on Saturday. We got a ride from Misa's dad and arrived at ten. Two hours waiting for tickets and then we were finally in. We explored the dealer's room for a little bit (she got a book and a wall scroll and we both got a bottle of Faygo), then sat down to look at the events scheduled. We eventually decided on going to an anime screening. They showed us two episodes of an anime called Sword Art Online. It was pretty good. I gotta remember to check it out again some time.

After that we went to lunch at Subway. I had put my bottle of Faygo in my backpack so by this point it had been shook up pretty well and it exploded when I opened it. This got Redpop Faygo all over our table, the floor, and inevitably my cosplay. My white shirt. My white skirt. My white shoes. We cleaned that up, ate our lunch and headed back to the convention center. We were going to see the Frankenweenie exhibit (the only thing I really wanted to see) but we ended up walking into the dealer's hall where the exhibit was only to get called to by a group of three Homestuck cosplayers just saying hi (the best part is shit like this happened all day, we'd just be walking down the hall and oh look Homestuck cosplayers and then we waved at each other and kept walking). After that we got into a conversation with them that took up out remaining 20 minutes before heading off to the photoshoot at the park across the street.

THE PHOTOSHOOT WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. There were so many fucking people. So many Homestucks all in one place. It was beautiful. You can see all of my pictures over here. That's the first part, and there's an index of links below it. I had to leave early, but I got all of those so I am very happy.

Now it's time for the big reveal. My fucking face in my fucking cosplay. well here it is motherfuckers.

Aug 22, 2012

Back into the Game

I started up Sims 3 again yesterday after fiddling around with some of my CC, and guess what?

It's working. But it took 45 minutes to load a new town.

I shit you not. 45 motherfucking minutes.

And then by the time I made my sim and moved them in I'd lost my patience with the damn thing and didn't feel like playing any more.

I'm going to delete all of my CC soon and redownload everything to make sure I have the latest shit and that there's nothing in my game I don't want (thus less bogging down) and that I have as little as possible in my game. I have enough lag as it is from having four expansion packs installed. My game can't handle that many packs. The first time this happened it was pretty easy to choose which pack to get rid of since I pretty much NEVER used WA, but now I need to remove either NL or AMB and I just love them both so fucking much and I'm having a bit of an inner conflict ;-;

Anyway, though I haven't mentioned it on here, I've been avidly playing The Sims 2 and having a damn good time with it. There are definitely certain benefits to playing Sims 3 instead of 2, but I've found that most of the improvements in Sims 3 are cosmetic. More face/body sliders, CAS, more refined grid for placing furniture etc. For me, The Sims 2 has a better game mechanic and is more realistic. I also enjoy that Sims 2 is more of a challenge. You can't see a baby's needs, there are two extra stamina bars (comfort and environment), relationships are harder to keep, stamina bars are harder to keep in the green and a whole bunch of other shit I can't think of right now.

I'm pretty sure this is my first sims related post since 2011. Congrats folks we're back on track sort of YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Neurotically Yours

I have recently discovered the marvel that is Neurotically Yours, a web series by a dude named Jim Mathers about a girl, Germaine, her crazy-ass squirrel, Foamy, and an assortment of fucked up side characters. Over the course of the past few days I have watched the entire Neurotically Yours archive and am reveling in its glory. While there were some parts of it I certainly did NOT agree with (for a good chunk Foamy goes through a stage where he would constantly tell people to kill themselves in his rants, though in more recent episodes that's died down a lot), it's fantastically animated and funny as hell. There are also some tragic parts to add to the plot as you watch Germaine's life spiral down the shitter, but it's masked a bit with the humor because at its heart Neurotically Yours is a comedy, though a bit crude at parts. I highly recommend you check it out so long as you are not easily offended. Foamy is extremely blunt about his opinion in rants and can be pretty rude about it too, so be warned. There are also a lot of stereotypes that might piss you off. Otherwise, proceed.

P.S. Homestuck is on a month-long hiatus that ends this Saturday and I'm dead without an update. I was not part of the fandom when everyone waited two months for "[S] Cascade." thus I do not have that kind of patience (yet). Hussie left of at a huge fucking cliffhanger. I must know what happens next. Sometimes this "work in progress" thing really kills me. This is one of those times.

Aug 6, 2012






Aug 5, 2012

Half of Summer is Gone

So now it's August and I still haven't uploaded my first YouTube video because

  1. My camcorder is a prick and I can't get any videos off it. AT ALL.
  2. My camera keeps running out of memory in the middle of recording. It has done this twice.

In other words, technical difficulties can suck my tits. End of story.

There probably isn't even anyone reading this anymore since I stopped posting regularly a long time ago but I don't even care, I'm going to post about the first half of my summer here anyway.

Most of my summer has been spent hanging out with Karkat and Terezi (we'll call her that, that's who she roleplays) doing an assortment of random bullshit. Most of this has involved either Livestream or Tinychat. Karkat has Netflix so we've been working our way through watching Ouran High School Host Club together by her running the show on Netflix and streaming it via Livestream so we can watch at the same time. This is apparently her eighth re-watch of the anime xD I'm not sure if anyone else has seen it, but so far my favorite characters are Haruhi and Kyoya, and Nekozawa's a little cutie poop too x3 I can't remember what episode number we're on but the last one we watched was called Honey's Terrible Three Days or something like that.

Livestream has also been used for watching YouTube videos together. Karkat will boot it up and set up some YouTube videos, usually PewDiePie or UberHaxxorNova. Then we scream at each other in the chat box xD

Yet ANOTHER use for Livestream has been movies. I watched Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny with Karkat a while back which was FUCKING AMAZING by the way. Then a week or two later we watched Con Air with Terezi and two of Karkat's friends. Con Air is a Homestuck classic. Don't question our choice in movies >u>

Another thing we've been doing is Minecraft. Sadly, I don't own the game, but Karkat, Terezi and some of Karkat's friends own it so either Karkat or Terezi sets up on their computer so I can watch and we use Tinychat to talk. We haven't done that in a while, though.

We've also used Tinychat to play on websites together and talk at the same time. Karkat convinced me and Terezi to sign up for WoozIn which we didn't spend much time on 'cause its kinda shitty xD Karkat also found this dating sim. site called My Candy Love (which there are apparently ads for everywhere?) and I signed up to humor her. It's actually not that bad, other than the fact that you're trying to impress a bunch of boys and you NEED to buy special clothes for the date at the end of each episode, which I think is bullshit. So what if that asshole doesn't like that I'm wearing? He can suck it up and take me as is.

I've also gone to a couple family events. I spent some time with my cousins and had some of the WEIRDEST conversations ever, and in public places at that. Like last week I went swimming with three of my cousins (our uncle took us to the local pool) and we were swimming around discussing porn (This is me and my one cousin who I came out to the day before. He was recommending some porn to me, saying he could send me links if I wanted him to [shocker, he has a thing for lesbian porn]. I politely declined since I don't really have an interest in watching people fuck. I'll stick to my Homestuck fanart thanks >.> ).

Speaking of coming out to my cousin, I also came out to my other cousin, the one who's one year younger than me. Cousin A (male porn cousin) was talking about a music video for a song. We were sitting in my grandma's basement listening to music with his iPod on shuffle. He was just like, "Oh yeah, I think you'd like the music video for this song," and then he paused and sort of half-whispered, "there's a hot girl in it." And Cousin B (cousin yet to know of my rampant homosexuality) was just sort of sitting there like, "Wait, what?" So I turned to her and said, "Oh yeah you missed the public service announcement I'm a lesbian."

Her face. HER FACE. It was precious, she was so confused. She repeated herself, "Wait, what?!" And then me and Cousin A just burst out laughing for like five minutes and then I repeated myself too. After it clicked, I just leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I am not sexually attracted to you." Which is a long standing inside joke. (It was a sleepover, it was three in the morning, it was pitch dark and I was stroking her fucking face. This was the point where I was experimenting with the idea of bisexuality so I was like, "I think I'm bisexual, and I know this is probably a bad time to tell you this 'cause we're sleeping beside each other and I'm stroking your face, but I just wanted you to know that I am not sexually attracted to you." We've just kept the gag going.)

I've also been spending time with a friend from Pathfinders who we shall reffer to as Rose (she's gay, and one of the people who really helped me accept myself) (and no, we're not together). We went to the local mall the other day and walked in circles for four hours straight 8D

Okay, we didn't walk in circles for four hours straight but most of the time we got too caught up in conversation to go into stores xD We did go into a few though, including such marvels as Zellers and Toys 'R' Us. In Toys 'R' Us there was one of those "select a CD" display things and we sang and danced to She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain. It was awesome.

We also had a competition trying to shove each other into stores, i.e. Victoria's Secret, Lasenza Lingerie, Hollister, Aeropostale etc. All of the stores listed are ones we never want to poke with a ten foot pole, and with good reason. I actually ended up chasing her at one point. She ran away from me when I tried to shove/drag her into Hollister.

Aaaaaaaaand that's about it. Nothing else too exciting really, other than cosplay (I'm working on a cosplay of this). I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my first YouTube video up soon, or at least before summer ends.

Tata for now, shitmaggots.


P.S. New theme soon, based off the character I'm going to cosplay.