Nov 30, 2012

Guess who's bored at school?

Hey there people I'm bored as fuck at school posting this from a school iPad and yes my school legitimately has iPads. There's an English field trip today, so there are only seven kids in my religion class. We're supposed to be using the iPads to work on our CPTs but I don't have Keynote at home so there's no point in working on my presentation here. We have to do a fucking litergy. Yay. Someone please kill me seriously I mean this isn't even my religion why must I participate in this torture I think the only reason I'm passing is because my teacher loves me

Anyways, school today was good. It's Friday, so I'm excited for the weekend. I'm hoping to chill with Rose some time since we haven't been hanging out much besides Wednesdays, and that's with everyone else around. This past Wednesday, Misa wasn't at school because she wasnt't feeling well :( Which sucks because first of all she's an awesome person and shit but second we were making posters for GSA and she is a fucking glorious artist. It was me, Rose and a girl from my school, one of Misa's friends who is really awesome and shit and it was the three of us making a poster together. We had to rush because Rose had band and we were using her markers, so our poster just says "GAY" in huge block letters and "SUPPORT ALL LOVE" is written across the top.

Anyway, typing on this iPad is a total bitch, so I'm going to go. Cheerio.

Nov 29, 2012

Wow fuck I haven't posted here in a while

Catchy title, I know.

First order of business, thank you Molly for giving me a little bump because I've been meaning to post here for weeks now but I keep pushing it back (which I have been doing with a lot of things lately, thank you terrible procrastination habit).

I seriously cannot believe my last post was in fucking September. Get ready guys, you're in for a whopper.