Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year

It's the end of that time of year. All of the awkward family get-togethers are coming to a close with the ending of 2012. My family's hosting out family New Years party. I wanted to have Rose come (she really needs to meet my whacked out family oh my god) but my parents said no :( Now I'm stuck getting bored out of my mind with my younger cousin again. Oh well. My family let me install Sims 3 on the downstairs computer so we could play during the party without fussing with my shitty laptop. My cousin LOVES Sims, but she doesn't have it at home, or at least she technically doesn't. We gave her a copy of Sims 2 Double Deluxe for Christmas two years ago, but her dad never lets her on the bloody computer, so she hasn't had the chance to play it yet, let alone install the damn thing.

Seriously though, Sims 3 on the downstairs computer. That thing's less than a year old and it has a graphics card of gold. My game works like a charm with all of the graphics set to high, two expansion packs (Generations and Pets) AND my shit ton of custom content. I swear to god one day I am going to steal that computer it's just beautiful.

Happy New Year everyone <3 I hope you all have some fun tonight. If you're drinking, be responsible :P

I'll see you all in 2013 <3

Dec 28, 2012

Tablets are Confusing

Tablets are really confusing but oh look I finally fucking made something

Merry Christmas fuckers.


I've just sort of been chilling at home for the past few days (thankfully). I haven't been into Sims much though. Aside from the (yet to be installed) tablet, I also recieved Plants vs. Zombies so that's been eating all of my gaming time. I've also been doing a lot of reading (Ouran High School Host Club). Basically, I've just been floating along. Hope you're all having a great week <3

Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I'll have a little gift for you guys soon, but fair warning it's probably going to be shit. I got a tablet today so the moment it's installed my first experiment is going to be to make some sort of merry Christmas picture for y'all. Wish me luck.

Dec 23, 2012

Logged In

I tried again and I am now logged in. What the fuck was all that shit earlier why.

Quick Question

Does EA even fucking have Live Chat any more? I can't find it anywhere, and all of the links I've found on forums - even the tips from the fucking EA/Origin representatives - have not worked. Are you fucking kidding me right now? They have definitely gotten worse since I was here before, and that says a lot, because they were really shitty back then.

Trouble Logging In

I forgot my password when I went to log in to the Sims 3 site yesterday (go figure) and I had to change it. I was redirected to Origin to change my password. I changed it. I logged in. I checked "Keep me logged in." Everything was fine. Today, I returned to the site and I was not logged in. I tried to log in and it kept telling me my fucking password was wrong. I am 100% sure that I was typing the correct password. I can log in to Origin's website fine, but not Sims 3.

I can't just keep resetting my password every time I want to log in, so I'm off to deal with EA's customer service. Wish me luck.

Dec 22, 2012


When I went into my game, I pretty much fiddled with CAS the entire time. Here are the results.


Yeah there's nothing different from yesterday here.


Since I got my Store content in my game, I was able to whip this together. Before, it was just a plain black dress.


Yesterday, I had this at a basic loose tank top and a pair of panties. I found this today on MTS and I really like it, it's really well made and look at that colour it was one of the presets it's brilliant.


This hasn't changed from yesterday either, but look at that shit it's awesome.


Still not different from yesterday, but I really love this bathing suit. Anubis is literally the best CC creator in the world I mean look at this shit it's fucking amazing.

And that is all I accomplished today. I love that EA finally added the feature to set different makeup for each outfit. Now my sim won't be wearing lip gloss to sleep. Woop.

I think tomorrow I'm going to make over her house. Since she's a broke self-employed artist (her Lifetime Goal/Wish/I can't remember what it's called [wow that's sad] is to master painting and writing), I can't be buying any new furniture.But when you live in a shit lookin' shack and you don't got no money, CAST is a very, very powerful tool.

Alright, I'm off to dreamland now. G'night.

Dec 21, 2012

Changing My Account

I have officially switched my account to Origin. The following notes were taken while I was exploring the site and refreshing my acount.

  • The home page what the fuck is this shit this is not what I remember no stop holy shit there have been some major changes there
  • My Page says I have three system messages but nothing is loading thanks EA
  • Why do I have 24 friend requests no stop none of you win I am clearing out my friends list ASAP
  • When I hit decline I need to reload the page for it to register what the fuck
  • Now that isn't even working I give up
  • Ew what the fuck is wrong with My Page
  • Oh no Jesus Cringlefucking Christ my About Me is so out of date and terrible I'm going to cry
  • There that's better sort of
  • How the fuck did I earn twenty-four badges I've been doing jack shit since whenever that system was released I don't even know when it was released that is how not online I have been
  • What the ever-loving fuck is the My Treasure Hunts tab for
  • Time to download my Store content back
  • They changed the way they categorize the Store why
  • Oh I remember now I need to wait thirty seconds just for my damn launcher to load every time I want to download something this is going to be fun
  • Wait it's going faster now that's good
  • Why did I waste my free Simpoints on this bullshit it sucks plus I never used it and I probably never will
  • Wow all of these items are seriously ugly why did I do this
  • Okay I take that back there's some cute shit in there
  • Was I even thinking about whether or not I'd actually use this shit when I bought it
  • The fact that I bought this hair and thought it was awesome is a surefire sign that I was bound for lesbianism
  • Alright let's see the Community page oh hi Liam nice to see you again
  • Oh there we go
  • Liam stop it right now is it really such a sin that I want to see SimGuruHydra's post about the 70's, 80's and 90's stuff pack that may end up being the only stuff pack I purchase because the 80's were literally the best
  • So I googled it and found the YouTube trailer and like half of the stuff is so tacky I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole but the other half I would use so fucking much like I seriously hope those pants that are half zebra half cheetah are available for girls because I love that shit I would wear the fuck out of that IRL
  • I was looking up other 80's fashion and I found this picture I'm crying
  • Getting distracted back to the forums

After that I just kept browsing forums.

I'm going to go back into my game now and hopefully get some pics. Last time I played, I concentrated on playing so much I forgot to take pics, so there will be some later tonight.

Dec 19, 2012

Before I go...



Actual Readable Post

So if you're read my last post you know that my game is working. You also know I'm a bit too enthusiastic about that fact.

Everything's fine and dandy except there's no music for anything at all any more :I No loading screen music, no CAS music, no build/buy mode music. But I don't mind, it was shitty anyway.

Basically I put my CC in (Christ why the fuck did I have so much useless shit in my game before, that bookmark clean out was a nightmare) and I made my simself. I them planted her in Sunset Valley.

I didn't have time to do much else, and I really should be sleeping right now. But before I go to bed, here's the latest version of simmy-me:

Over time, it seems like I've lost my knack for Sims photography. This was the best I could muster. Better than nothing I guess.

Now that my shit's working again, I plan on finally updating my forum account to an Origin account (ew), redownloading all of my store shits, and hopefully maybe entering a modeling comp. We'll see.

Anyway I should be sleeping right now and my dad just came to my door and got mad at me for still being up so I shall go. More tomorrow.

Dec 18, 2012





Dec 17, 2012

Hey look another post

I don't know why but I feel like I should inform you that we didn't have time to fix my game tonight so we're going to tomorrow.


Dec 16, 2012

Game Update

Today was too busy to get to my game. In the meantime I've made great progress on my CC redownloading and done some good cleaning. I am next going to look at my furniture folder and I am very scared because it is fucking huge. Wish me luck.

Dec 15, 2012

An Actual Sims Update

First of all, thanks to Galatea and the Mares for their best wishes. Second, my actual bloody game.

Pretty soon, I'm going to actually fucking fix up my Sims 3 game. My dad's going to help me uninstall and reinstall my game some time tomorrow. I really wish I could to it myself, but I have no idea what to do with programs to uninstall them. I could install the game, that's simple shit. I just don't know where to click to get to the right buttons to uninstall.

In the meantime, I'm going to save my "Packages" folder so I don't have to download the file that makes it work again (fuck if I can remember what it's called). I'll put it somewhere else in my computer, and start digging into my bookmarks and redownloading custom content, being careful to download only what I will actually fucking use, and making sure to weed everything else out. I'll keep a separate folder within my "Packages" folder for .sims3packs, and take that folder out to install shit later.

Off I go. Wish me luck.

Dec 12, 2012


I want to post something but I'm not sure what to say because my head is a jumbled mess of school and friends and mental instability and Tumblr being down all day

so hi

Dec 4, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 3

Ahahahahahaahhahahhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahn we have another work period in religion

These classes are pretty pointless, I'm pretty sure no one actually does anything. I'm willing to bet if I started working the first class then I could have finished the whole thing here, but she didn't bloody tell us that we were getting all of these work periods for it. I'm actually really pissed about this because otherwise I would have been able to finish my whole project in class and I probably wouldn't be stuck procrastinating this project for the millionth time. I've been finding what I can without working on the powerpoint, but it's really hard to work with these iPads. The touch screens are fussy and the controls are weird. I'm too used to working with actual fucking computers rather than these jacked-up iPods.

Anyway, my teacher literally just said that we should be able to finish then damn thing within an hour but I highly doubt that, especially since I've never worked with Keynote much before and would be too busy fussing through options to actually get anything done.

Back to reading my old blog archives, I suppose.

Dec 3, 2012

iPad Adventures, Part 2

So here I sit in religion class once again with a bloody iPad in front of me. Apparently this is the second of three iPad work periods we're going to be getting, so I'm kind of regretting not getting some actual work done last class, but I guess I still haven't learnt my lesson because here am again typing away on my blog rather than getting any fucking work done. The screen of my iPad is so smudged it's killing me.

My weekend was okay. My parents were cleaning like crazy to get ready for Christmas. We're putting up decorations some time this week. My mom attempted to clean my room, but in an entire afternoon we were only able to clean off my dresser. My desk is going to be a disaster zone. I really hope she doesn't try and clean out my paper trays without me there because my paper trays have my doodles, and I have been attempting to draw some form of 'risqué' drawings, one might say (by which I mean 'anatomy practice' with kinky shit :I ). In case you're wondering, they all suck shit. I'm not a very good artist.

School today was good I guess. At the end of science, Tom asked out this girl who he's been coming on to for at least a month now. She's been completely oblivious the entire time. It's quite hilarious, actually, because he's certainly not been subtle about it. Anyway, she said yes, so they're going to lunch somewhere tomorrow.

Dammit I'm out of shit to say. Now I actually have to do something fuck. Maybe I'll just post another series of random updates and findings here. Fuck it, here I go.