Jul 7, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summer

It's finally summer vacation, and thank whatever higher-up for that. I haven't had to see the halls of my old school since Tuesday, June 25, when I had my last exam. Goodbye, hellhole. Hello, beautiful new life.

My new school is so promising. I'm already very involved with the Arts Council (after my last exam I went to a local rec centre and helped set up for the school's graduation) and I'm going to be co-pres of an anti-bully club with Rose, the members of which I have met and are fucking awesome. Actually, Thursday the 27th I went to an end-of-the-year party with said members. It was supposed to be a movie night, but nobody actually brought any movies, so we sat outside for most of the evening. We talked about life and did a photo session since one of the girls is a photographer, and she brought her fancy-ass camera and shit. The photo quality is nice, but they're all really goofy and fun and not professional at all.

Speaking of those photos, there was a small bit of controversy surrounding them. The girl with the camera uploaded the pictures to Facebook and tagged everyone in their respective shots. There were three pictures in there of Rose and I being couple-y and whatever. Y'all know where this is going. You've heard this story before.

Enter my grandmother, who apparently caught a glance of them when my cousin was looking at his Facebook newsfeed. He then notified Rose, who notified me. I immediately removed the album from my timeline, untagged myself and requested for the pictures to be taken down. Since the request was made, the pictures were no longer publicly visible to anyone but myself, and my grandma (who later started searching for them, apparently) never found them. Crisis averted. Barely.

My grandmother had been stirring up some other shit as well. My cousin recently informed me that she can be quoted as saying that she would be disappointed if any of her grandchildren turned out to be gay.

Well, I have a few choice words for her.

You know fucking what? You be disappointed. Be as disappointed as you fucking want. Be disappointed, be ashamed, shun me if you want to, I don't fucking care. If you have a problem with my sexuality, you can shove it up your ass because my sexuality does not concern you. Your disappointment is not going to stop me from being who I am and being proud of who I am. Go fuck a tree you old bigoted buzzard.

That was... incredibly rude of me, actually. But it's nice to get my thoughts on paper (?), so fuck it, I'm not taking that out.

No real way to transition to anything here, so I'm just gonna say speaking of Rose, our relationship is fantastic as ever. She's at summer camp right now. She left on Thursday, and she'll be back on Saturday the 13th or Sunday the 14th, I'm not sure which day. Either way, Monday the 15th marks three months and I'm very excited. We won't be able to see each other that day, though. She's got prior obligations with a friend. It's her friend's birthday, and everyone else is on vacation, so Rose is the only person she can really celebrate with. It's all good. I hope Rose has fun. I know she will. She'll still be buzzed from camp. Whenever she gets back from camp, she's always got this post-camp buzz. Still full of energy and bouncing off the walls. It is so fucking adorable. I am so sorry, I'm just going to stop right here. (I try pretty hard not to be too couple-y and shit on here, I know no one wants to see that crap.) Anywhos, hopefully we can get together some other day during the week.

In other news, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has taken over my life. I got a 3DS on the 25th and Animal Crossing on the 26th. Since then, I have put almost forty-six hours into that game. I have had it for a week and a half. On average, that's around four hours per day. Kinda scary really. It's such a fucking amazing game though seriously oh my god it's so good I need to stop though it is totally taking over my life.

Why do I never know how to end my posts here have a shitty graphic ?????????????????????