Aug 27, 2013

The Sims 4 (and various other things)

Yeah yeah, I'm late for the train, but whatever. I'm only late because lately I just haven't been giving a shite about it.

I'll stick with Sims 2 and 3 for now. Sims 4 looks okay, and I adore the changes to CAS, but that's not enough for me to buy it when it comes out. The new emotions system is intriguing (though it kills me inside that they used some dumbass "love triangle" bullshit to show it off). As for the graphics which everyone seems to be kicking up a storm about, I do believe they look like a crossbreed between Sims 2 and 3, and I much prefer the graphics in Sims 3. Anyway, I don't see the reason to make too much of a fuss about it when there will eventually be a variety of default skin replacements, as well as default eyes and hair retextures to boot. I certainly don't doubt that.

I would be concerned about my laptop's ability to handle such a current game, especially since it can barely run Sims 3, but I'm going to be getting a new computer. I was supposed to inherit my dad's old computer, but he was doing some work on it and may have shot the motherboard. We're not really sure what we're gonna do about that or what's happening next, but I guess we'll just have to see what happens as time goes on.

Speaking of time going on, I've got my registration day at my new school tomorrow. Basically, I'm gonna go in, pay school fees, get my picture taken for the year book and for my student I.D. card, and probably some other stuff but right now I really have no fucking idea. I'll probably post more later. Bye for now.

Aug 16, 2013

One Month Later...

I've been meaning to post since mid-July, so this is kinda late, but whatever.

Summer's been going swimmingly. Lots of Animal Crossing and staying up late and sleeping in and lazing around the house, as well as lazing around local parks with Rose. Yes, the two of us are still going strong. Yesterday was our four month anniversary, and guess what? She's at camp again. Oh well, she's getting back tomorrow and I'm stoked. I really hope I can see her some time on Saturday because I know she's busy on Sunday. On the 15th of July, our three month anniversary, she found out that her grandmother passed away the day before. That's put a little a hiccup in some of our summer plans, 'cause she's been a bit down in the dumps since then. The funeral is on Sunday, so she isn't going to be feeling very good on Monday either, but we're going to meet up with the anti-bully club previously mentioned  (the one I went to the year-end party for), so hopefully that'll cheer her up a bit.

The rest of my summer should be okay. I've got a few key dates coming up at the end of August. The 19th, of course, I will be chilling with the anti-bully team. The 20th I'll be visiting my aunt who just moved. On the 24th Rose is doing a fifteen minute poetry set for a fundraiser, which I wouldn't miss for the world. The 27th is my orientation day at my new school, which Rose will be helping out at. The 28th is Rose's birthday, and the 29th I'm hoping is the date I'll be able to have her birthday party (I'm planning her a birthday party [it'll basically just be some of her friends from school and elsewhere]). My new school has Grade Nine Day on the first day of school (only the grade nines go in so they can get used to the school in peace) so my first day is the 4th, which I am shitting my pants about (both excited and scared). The days in between will be filled with the occasional shopping trip ('cause all of my clothes are too small again and I also need some new school supplies) and hopefully quite a few lazy days with Rose.

That's pretty much life right now. This are about to pick up, and I am way fucking excited. Rose gets back tomorrow and I miss her like crazy. I've been leaving her Facebook messages every day (and the occasional text, but last time she went to camp I texted her a lot and she didn't get a bunch of them, so I've tried to keep that to a minimum this time). Then there's all of the stuff I listed above, and oh my god starting at my new school I'm shitting my fucking pants I mean I am so fucking excited but at the same time it's scary but it's like a good scary because this is gonna be really good and so much better than my old school !!!!!

Yo I am way too excited right now