Oct 5, 2013

Busy Busy Bee

So my vow to post at least once a week crumbled rather quickly. What happens is about a week after I post, I will remember that I need to post. I may even begin formatting the diction of this post in my head. Then I will not post. It's a bit of a dumb process that usually ends with me posting once a month.

Anyway, enough with my shitty excuses. First off, school updates. I have melted nicely into the daily routine at my new school. I know the halls pretty well and no longer feel like I'm treading foreign territory. I'm making some new friends, although very few of them are my age, but whatever. After school clubs are going smoothly as well. ESP and Arts Council continue to conflict because they're both after school on Mondays. Newspaper keeps cancelling its Tuesday meetings so I honesty have no idea what the fuck is going on there. Articles are due today at midnight but I don't have anything to write about for the first edition, so I'm not submitting. GSA has also started up, and meetings are every Wednesday. Rose is running it, and she's doing  fantastic job. Last year, GSA was such a mess you were lucky if you got five people to show up to a meeting. This year, every meeting's had at least ten people, with the second digit fluctuating anywhere between one and six. It's fucking amazing. We've got Purple Day/GSA Spirit Day coming up on the seventeenth and I am totally going to be a purple monster on that day. I have pants, a sweater, a scarf, ome hair clips, a belt, earrings, a bracelet and a pair of rainbow socks that I plan on wearing that day, as well as purple lipstick and eye shadow.

In other news of school dress-up days, we had our first Spirit Day (like school spirit, not GSA-related). I sported school colours, and after school there was a football game where my school's team was playing against, ironically enough, my old school's team. I did a double take when I saw an old classmate standing in the front foyer, and I stopped and chatted with her for a minute. Anyway, I attended the football game and hung out with Rose and some of her friends, which was super fucking fun. I didn't pay any attention to the actual game, I just sort of cheered when everyone else did, but it was still awesome.

Afterwords, I got to meet Rose's older brother for the first time, which I was cray nervous about, but it went really well. He's in his late twenties, and he has two young daughters, whom Rose was babysitting yesterday night, hence why he picked her up after the game. We went to the Timmy's across the street and he treated us to drinks and made casual conversation. I just about died at the end of the day though. He dropped me off at my house before looping back to Rose's so she could get her stuff for the night. "If you guys ever want to borrow my place for the weekend, just let me know. I won't tell mom. I'm a cool brother." Rose just looked at me like "Well I told you so, I fuckin' warned you" 'cause just earlier that day she was telling me about how her brother had given her this offer when he was asking her to babysit. I didn't know what to say, so I just sort of didn't. He gave me a hug before I went into my house. He's a sweet dude, and I know he's just trying to be a good brother, and I also know he's young enough to remember what it's like to be a teenager, but we aren't quite there yet, aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure this kid did the teenager thing a bit differently than us.

You have probably deduced from previous paragraphs that Rose and I are still dating. Things are still going fantastic, and we're approaching our six month anniversary on the fifteenth of October. I'm giddy with excitement. Six months. Half a fucking year. It feels like so little time, but at the same time so much. We're still attempting to iron out some plans for something to do to celebrate, but we have Rangers in the evening so it's gonna have to be after school. Speaking of which, that is going to be hilarious. We are going to be up on cloud fucking nine and so few people are going to get it. Anywhos, I love her to bits and I'm super pumped about everything. Ten days!

And now for a Sims update. I've been playing a lot lately. I have one file with mom dad and daughter and they have two cats who are both very fluffy. I have another file with mom mom son daughter son daughter and son and they have no pets except one time they had a turtle but then it died. My game is still fucking beautiful and I still keep forgetting to take screenshots. It's not like I don't think of it, I just get really fucking lazy. That's honestly it, I have no excuse but my own laziness.

On the music front, I have discovered two beautiful things. The first is that Panic! At The Disco uploaded the entirety of Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, their latest CD coming out October seventh, to YouTube. I have been listening to it constantly (I'm listening to it as I type). The other band I've been listening to constantly is I Fight Dragons. They are fucking amazing. Panic! At The Disco plays punk-pop with the twist of using classical instruments (or at least they used to, their new album is super pop-y and I was really disappointed when I first heard it, but as you can see it's grown on me some bit). I Fight Dragons plays punk-pop with the twist of chiptune. For those unknowing, chiptune is taking old sound effects off of video game cartridges and making new music with them. Y'all should definitely check them out, they're fucking amazing.

That's about all I've got to say about the month of September I guess. I should really stop procrastinating and do some homework. Adios for now.