May 23, 2014

LIFE Cycle 1: New Model Shots

I wasn't feeling it with my old model, so I decided to switch it up. Look familiar? It's Marian Carter!

See the rest at the official forum!

May 18, 2014

New Blog Theme

I have FINALLY updated by blog theme from that wretched Homestuck theme. This is a Sims blog, why the hell would I give it a Homestuck theme? 14-year-old me had some strange ideas.

The new theme is a pastel pop and I really like it. I have unfortunately had to remove my little fish tank from the top of my blog because it has come to my attention that it has stopped working. I've also removed all of the outdated pictures from the sidebar. I plan on finding some newer pictures to put there some time soon just to spice things up a little bit.

So that's what's up with the new blog theme. Feedback? Yes or no? Is it a little too blinding?

More Clarification: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Ten days late, I know, but I really cannot let this go because the shit that's being spewed is incredibly problematic.

In response to Even More Discussion Of Toilet Pan Sexualism (Because We've Nothing To Loos):

How was I supposed to know that your point was about disability washrooms when you never mentioned them in your post? I 'misunderstood' your intention because you clearly stated "...once the inevitable abuse cases start hitting the courts, everyone will start screaming for separate bathrooms once again..." This heavily implies that you were stating that gender neutral bathrooms would eliminate gendered bathrooms.

I agree, the bastardization of disability washrooms for the sake of gender neutrality is wrong and unjust, but that does not mean separate gender neutral bathrooms should not exist.

I stand corrected on the bullying of allies, I was too blinded by my anger to look past my own backyard while I was writing that post. That being said, I still believe my original point still stands: Day of Silence is not for allies.

This article quote only serves to further my point. These students experience harassment because of their gender identity and expression. Having a safe space - a gender neutral washroom - would help these students feel safer and more comfortable. That is the purpose of the gender neutral washroom; it is a washroom for the safety and comfortability of those whose safety is compromised in the washroom of their assigned gender. These washroom are not for the sake of, as you say, "political correctness". These washrooms are to keep people safe.

May 7, 2014

Adventures with the Carters

Do you remember in my last picture post, those two pictures of Marian and Roxy Carter? If you liked them, I've got good news for you! Here's a whole post full of Carter goodness.

I wasn't taking screenshots at the beginning, but the first one I took was because of this crazy coincidence. I happened to pause my game at just the right time that this fucking bird was flying right in front of my damn camera.

Then there was this. I was doing some CAST stuff and the bed glitched and started showing the fucking University Life logos and shit.

This is where the real screenshots start.

Remember how I was saying Marian was somehow friends with Odine Perry the Townie Vampire? I decided that they'd be great life partners, and got them into a relationship. Odine visited all of the time on her own without being invited over and shit was swell. Marian proposed and Odine gladly accepted. They aren't married yet, but I'll definitely be taking screenshots and keeping you posted.

Here we see our other budding romance, Roxy and Jupiter Belle. They were close friends as kids, so I decided why the hell not push 'em together? This was their first kiss. Look at Roxy's face in the second pic, that shit's so fucking adorable!

Their first kiss went down at Roxy's birthday party, shortly before her becoming a young adult.

Roxy and Jupiter after Roxy blew out the candles

Roxy starting to age up. As you can see, party guests were starting to get into it.

Here we have the party scene right before Roxy spun into a young adult. Let's analyze further, shall we?

On the far left, we have these assholes, Mr. Celebrity and that laughing prick.

Way in the back we have two guests who are very much enjoying the party and someone very angrily blowing their party horn.

On the far right we have Marian, Odine and some dick whose name I don't know. Marian does not seem happy to see her baby girl growing up. Odine seems overjoyed. That other dick is not-so-angrily blowing his party horn.

And, last but not least, we have Jupiter and Roxy. Jupiter looks like he's pretending to play smooth jazz really intensely.

The aftermath: Young Adult Roxy Carter. I forgot to take post-makeover shots, but you'll see her in full in later shots.

Marian's social meter got so low that she autonomously started talking to the Sawed Off Lightcaster in the bedroom. She's in her formal wear because the two of them had just gotten back from Roxy's graduation, which I was unfortunately not able to get any good shots of due to some stupid thought bubbles.

Roxy painting. Her lifetime wish is Illustrious Author, master both painting and writing skills. As of the end of my session, she's at painting level seven and writing level four.

Roxy's birthday was on a Saturday, so I gave her a little time and had her take the Sims University aptitude test on Monday morning. I didn't really want her to go to university, it's a waste of money for a self-employed painter since it gives no career boost, but I sent her anyway for the Lifetime Happiness points and the extra bucks you can earn on campus from day jobs.

I signed her up for one six-credit semester in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

Off she goes!

On her first night on campus, she went to a formal dress keg party and did a keg stand with some old guy. In her formal dress. I just thought there were some interesting physics going on there.

While on her way to her first class Monday morning, I got a notification that "A fire has started on your home lot." Turns out that this stupid arse set the dorm on fire trying to make waffles.

Another angle. I just thought this looked really pretty. It also makes it look like she's on fire.

Shortly after, this poor gal landed in the kitchen in her sleepwear.

One more person came in and freaked out, and then the fireperson finally got there and put that shit out.

These are some candid shots of Roxy at her first lecture on Tuesday. They speak to me on an emotional level.

Roxy at her Thursday class activity, sketching in her sketchbook with the rest of the Fine Arts students.

Saturday morning, this stupid arse set the dorm on fire trying to make waffles. Again.

This poor chap came downstairs and fainted.

Since it was Saturday and no one had classes, everyone was home for this one. Here's the rest of the dorm crew joining in for a roaring good time. Roxy, however, was out doing a day job, ushering for an event at the local theatre.

Another angle of this wonderful bunch of people.

And finally the fireperson arrived  on the scene and put that shit out. Again.

Saturday evening, leaving campus. She seems happy to get out of that flaming hellhole.

Arriving home. She's got this look on her face that I just love.

I'm not a model, I'm just casually posing. 

I feel like we need more shots of Marian, so I'll just end off with this one.

So goes the adventures of the Carter family. Mainly Roxy, but still. Marian doesn't have much going for her right now. She sculpts CONSTANTLY. I'm trying to earn her all of the skill achievements for sculpting. She's got the skill mastered, and has Chiselmeister (make at least 20 sculptures) and Prolific Sculptor (make at least 35 sculptures). I'm working with her on Master Sculptor right now (make at least five sculptures from each material) and then I'm going to bust Ice Personality (make at least 25 ice sculptures). Other than that, there's her wedding with Odine coming up. Yeah!

That's all for now! Catch you later, darlings.

May 5, 2014

Clarification: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

This is in response to The Mare's Nest's post Bookygirl's Not Impressed When It Comes To The Rainbow Test.

I'd like to start by saying that my post had no mention of politics and I have no idea why the fuck you felt it necessary to insert your little blurb about politics.

Now, to clarify: it seems that you are under the impression that the introduction of the gender neutral bathroom would mean the closing down of gendered bathrooms.

The gender neutral bathroom is a third and separate bathroom, and not a replacement for gendered bathrooms.

If you are a boy with a penis, use the boy's bathroom. If you are a girl with a vagina, use the girl's bathroom. If you are either of those things, the gender neutral bathroom is not for you, and entering it should be treated the same as if you entered the bathroom for the opposite gender (girls entering boys bathroom, boys entering girls bathroom).

That is the concept of the gender neutral bathroom. The gender neutral bathroom is a third bathroom option for people who do not feel comfortable using gendered bathrooms because they do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth (penis = boy, vagina = girl) or feel unsafe using their assigned gender's bathroom because of their gender identity or expression.

Mr. Doe was not treading eggshells. The principal himself was the one to approve of the bathroom and was open to the idea when given the same explanation we were offering to give to students. Mr. Doe is just an ignorant asshole who has been holding back our GSA for quite some time.

Kids who stick up for those bullied over their sexuality are not "writing their own peer group death warrant." These days there is little to no flack for sticking up for kids bullied over their sexuality. Take this from a current-day high school student. People as a whole but especially teenagers have become a lot more accepting in the past few years. There's always going to be a couple of dickbags, but most kids in my school are very accepting of all sexualities and those who asked Rose for clarification on the gender neutral bathroom were very open to learning about the world of gender identity. Teenagers are not vicious monsters. More and more schools are becoming accepting environments. It's a slow process, but it's happening.

That's all I've got on this front. I normally don't respond to The Mares' posts in regards to my blog, but this one pushed too many buttons and pissed me off. BookyGirl17, signing off.