Jun 7, 2019

Fashionography: Assignment 5

This assignment was yet another intriguing challenge! We had to place our models underwater doing an everyday activity, showing pieces of their outfit floating and reflecting on the water's surface above.

I chose doing laundry as my activity. Looking at the finished product kind of makes me want to laugh! She's so elegant, with her bell bottom floating in the water, ribbon wavering, hair pulled back by the current, staring wistfully off into the distance, and she's sitting on... a dryer? lmao

I really love the outfit for this one so I think I might do some for-fun pictures with it after this comp is over!!


Sim: hair, glasses, earrings, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, sweater, pants, shoes, pose

Defaults: eyes, face, skin

Background is EA items on a stock image

May 21, 2019

Fashionography: Assignment 4

This assignment is called Big Girls Tiny Places! We had to photoshop our sims to appear stuck or trapped in a small space.

A lot of the work on this one went into making it look like gravity is a present force, then some lighting and shadows to really integrate her into the space. I had to fix some proportions too because this pose originally had her back hunched unnaturally high and her shoulder was super jacked up. All in all pretty proud of this one!!


Sim: hair, blush, lipstick, necklace, bracelet, nails, bathing suit

Defaults: eyes, eye shadow, face, skin

Background built by me with EA items.

May 9, 2019

Fashionography: Assignment 3

Assignment 3 is called Highlight of My Neon Life, requiring the use of neon makeup and neon lights with the correct lighting colour reflecting on the skin!

It took some fighting but I got the coloured lighting effects to work in-game so I didn't have to fight with it in photoshop after the fact! I ended up loving this outfit way more than I expected so I might take some other pictures with it and edit those ones for fun :)


Sim: hair, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, earrings, dress, pose

Defaults: eyes, face, skin

Apr 30, 2019

Fashionography: Assignment 2

Assignment 2's theme is The Future is Always Better!! Futuristic outfit and setting with a mechanical/metal animal.

I fought with the pose for ages on this one, and I'm so glad to finally have it done x.x Space horse!!!!! I don't feel comfortable taking too many outside elements and plopping them all together quite yet (this is only the second photo I've ever done without an in-game background) so I used Create-a-Pet with some CC to make this kickass metal horse. This assignment pushed me into a lot of uncharted territory so aside from the issues picking poses I had a lot of fun with it!!


Sim: hair, eye shadow, lipstick, earrings, bracelet, outfit, pose

Horse: mane and tail, body contouring, extra texture, pose

Defaults: eyes, skin, face

Background is this stock image

Apr 25, 2019

Fashionography: Headshot and Assignment 1

I signed up for another modelling comp, Fashionography!! Here's my headshot and first assignment

Assignment 1, I'm the Boss!! Asked for a powerful seated pose using a suit or suit-like outfit.

Both of these, I wish I had more editing time :( I got caught up in getting my school term finished, then with reading the Homestuck Epilogues (which certainly are a thing that exist now, still need to sort out all my feelings on those) and I didn't have much time to finish. As it is, I'm working on borrowed time, since everyone was given a 24hr extension. Thankfully no eliminations since it's just the first round. I'll put my all into the next one!!


Sim: hair, blush, lipstick, earrings (still can't find >:( ), necklace, suit

Defaults: eyes, eye shadow, face, skin

Setting built by me with EA objects