Feb 12, 2019

Who Wore It Better: Assignment 1

Here is the first assignment! I'm really glad this comp doesn't require editing, because all I had time for was tossing a few filters on >.< I'm pushing the deadline a lot as it is. Using Rosaline again partly to save time and partly because I really enjoy working with her! :)


Sim: hair, blush, lipstick, earrings (can't find the bookmark?? they're INS3's double hoop earrings), necklace, shoes, pose

Background is in Sunset Valley

Feb 5, 2019

Who Wore It Better: Application

I signed up for another modelling comp!! This time it's Who Wore It Better. Every round features a new item of clothing that everyone has to use, to see who can coordinate it most creatively using only clothes from the base game or expansion/stuff packs (CC hair and accessories allowed though). The application is just a headshot of whatever sim you want to represent you since there's no set model for this comp. Here's my headshot!!

I revamped my forum icon since it was just an unedited screenshot. I fixed up a few wonky mesh things, added my piercings, smoothed everything out and tada!!!!! Shiny new forum profile pic :)

Dec 23, 2018

Winter Blues

Greetings! It has, once again, been quite some time since I posted here, or at least since I posted a formal rambling about my life circumstances. As you may know I have been quite busy competing in Fashion Plate Cycle 1 over the last three-and-a-half months. The competition is now over and we are awaiting the results from the final round. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into modelling and look forward to whichever comp I enter next, though that may not be until after my school year is over since the comp demanded much more time than I expected it to.

Yes, this September I resumed my degree. My university was mostly back running again after the longest strike on record, aside from the fact that some poor fucks were still doing exams for their winter term classes in September. I had four classes this term, but they are not the ones I listed before. Oh no, they had to fucking cancel Intermediate Metal Fabrication, the one studio course I'd been looking forward to for months. Imagine my absolute glee at finding that email in my inbox the day before camp counsellor training week was supposed to start!!!!!!! My courses got jigged around a bit so this past term I had Figurative Sculpture, Comics and Social Justice, Health Psychology and Developmental Psychology. I enjoyed Comics and Social Justice a lot, and my two psychology classes were pretty interesting! Holy shit, babies, man. There is so fucking much happening in that tiny little head, and so quickly.

My Figurative Sculpture course was a bit of a dud, which really fucking sucks because that's the last sculpture course I'll be taking for my degree. I learned some interesting techniques for body casting and I really love one of my pieces, but the other one...... :/ I had an idea I was interested in but I had to change it a week before the due date because a lupus flare made my hands too sore and swollen to work with the material I chose (chicken wire fencing, very sturdy). I was able to use a piece of the previous project in the next one, but I didn't connect with the concept as much and it just felt like a huge waste of time and money. The circumstances as well as the subject matter I chose for it make it so that I can't even think about the project without getting anxious, so I know I'll never use it again.

The project was about how people grow apart. The inspiring subject was, of-fucking-course, none other than Rose and I's ended relationship and growth as people. The prompt for this was that a couple weeks before I had to change my idea, Rose and I met up for coffee to get some closure on the rather abrupt ending of our relationship in May. We had not spoken to each other since.

The conversation went as I should have expected it to, the same as they always do. Part of why we stayed together so long after shit started hitting the fan was because on a surface level, we still got along wonderfully, able to converse for hours without stop on a variety of subjects, laughing and joking all the way. After a brief discussion of the fallout in both of our lives after the break up (and many apologies from me for the shitty way I ended things), we got onto catching up about life and discussing our interests same as always. After a couple hours though, things turned sour.

Dec 16, 2018

Fashion Plate: Final

It's been a long run and a good time but Fashion Plate is finished!! Here is my final assignment. The theme was "colour pop" (basically we needed to use this specific editing style, with a black and white back and a focal pop of colour).

This is my first time cutting my sim onto a photograph and I'm super excited and happy with how it turned out!!


Sim: hair, blush, lipstick, nails, skirt, pose

Defaults: eye shadow, skin, face

Background: Pexels

Dec 1, 2018

Fashion Plate: Semi-Final

Fashion Plate is almost done!! The semi-final challenge was to use two models.

I'm so happy I got to use these outfits!! I've wanted to do something with this lolita CC ever since I found out it existed. These two are twinning, which is when two or more people wear the same print and coordinate their outfits together.


Defaults: eyes, face, skin, hat slider