Nov 6, 2018

Fashion Plate: Assignment 6

Assignment 6 was rockabilly fashion. I had fun with this one, playing with rockabilly's bold colours!!


Sim: hair, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, outfit, top patterntattoo sets, shoes, pose

Background: car

Defaults: eyes, face, skin

Oct 29, 2018

Fashion Plate: Assignment 5

Assignment 5 was high fashion makeup.

I did a lot of experimental editing with this one, but that seems to be the trend with all these because I am pretty new to editing. That hair was originally super pointy and it took me forever to fix it using some ungodly combination of the liquidizer and the clone stamp tool but I did it!!


Sim: hair, earrings, eye shadow, lashes, face paint, blush, lipstick, pose

Setting: wallpaper

Defaults: eyes, face, skin

Oct 20, 2018

Fashion Plate: Assignment 4

Goth fashion, right up my alley!!

I took heavy inspiration from trad goth and goth music for this look!! I kinda wish the lighting was better but otherwise I think this turned out pretty cool :)


Sim: hair, eye shadow, lipstick, plugs + ear slider, choker, t-shirt, fishnet shirt, bracelet, ring, tights, shoes, pose

Setting: Bridgeport

Defaults: eyes (unicolour), face (Silk), skin

Sep 30, 2018

Sep 22, 2018

Fashion Plate: Assignment 2

The second assignment was Sexy Fashion and here's my entry!

I worked really hard in Photoshop to get this one up to snuff. I used the liquify tool for the first time to fix some jagged edges and get the shirt straps working properly. I used the smudge tool to soften the edges and the dodge tool to add highlights. Then I used a brightening filter layer to up the lighting since the original photo was a little dark.

All in all I'm pretty proud of my work!! This is my very first time doing any photoshopping of quite this scale and intensity and I think it came out pretty well! There are a couple spots where I think I was a little heavy on the dodge tool but I think it's still pretty dang good for my first time doing highlights like that.

hair, eye liner, lipstick, earrings, necklace, shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, pose

Setting: Anne Arbor

Defaults: face, body, eyes, eye shadows