Dec 13, 2017

Twitch: A Forgotten Detail

One thing that I failed to include in my previous post is that I am streaming on Twitch now! I'm not gaming though, I'm rereading Homestuck and reading it aloud as I go, with added commentary from your truly on a range of Homestuck-relevant subjects. It is not a spoiler-free stream so proceed with caution if you're weary about spoilers but if you'd like to hear my voice say some stupid shit twice a week them my Twitch channel is thegreathomestuckreread!

A Great Many Disasters and Triumphs

Good evening to anyone who may still be reading my sporadic updates. I have had my Blogger dashboard open in my browser since the beginning of September but I didn't feel the strong hankering to journal until this moment (because let's be real, that's essentially all this blog had become). I will now update you on the following three complex subjects: my summer (and by extension my internship), the first term of my third year of university, and my romantic entanglements. I will pepper in other life updates as I see fit.

Jun 8, 2017

A Dog

A Dog

(this is what I've been up to in my game lately)

Jun 6, 2017

Big-Ass Changes, God Damn

Hello! I am back, with another ramble ready. It's been a month and a half since my last post. Let's talk.

Not much happened in April after I made that post, just a lot of loafing around and enjoying my spare time. May however, was a fucking trip.

May 4th. Star Wars day. Also the day that Rose and I broke up.

Apr 13, 2017

20: A Year in Review

Well holy fuck, that sure is my age now.

Today is my 20th birthday. I am officially twenty years old today. No more teens. God damn.

Hello to anyone out there who still actually checks every once in a while! Thank you for not completely giving up on me. I've been meaning to post on here since the end of August, but as you can see that certainly did not happen. It's essentially been a full year since my last update, which I'm pretty sure is the longest I've ever gone without posting, whoops.

I suppose a good place to start would be summer 2016, which I intended to post about in October.