This is an about page! It is about me, the blogger, Booky. Cool.

Well, my name is Caitlin, and I am a twenty-year-old university student from Ontario, Canada. I'm currently majoring in studio art and minoring in psychology with the hopes of becoming an art therapist. My birthday is April 13th. My favourite band is My Chemical Romance and I'm still upset about their break-up. I am super gay and my lovely partner and I have been together for four years now. I like playing Sims 3 (no shit), art-ing, browsing the web, and have an interest in alternative fashions.

Social Media:
Tumblr (best way to reach me)
Twitter (I never use this)

About the Blog

I started this blog when I was in eighth grade as a chronicling of my simming experiences, both within the game and the community. Slowly but surely I started posting more and more about my life outside of Sims, and eventually as I moved away from the game and developed other major interests this blog was consumed by my real world blatherings. I still occasionally post about Sims on here, but since I have not and will not buy The Sims 4, I'm pretty much no longer involved in the online community.

Since I don't really use this blog for its original intended purpose, it's become somewhat of a chronicling of my growth and development as a person. It's got all of my major life happenings and what I was thinking about them at the time written down in careful detail, all in one place, which I think is pretty fuckin' neato.

I don't post very often any more, promise as I might. Feel free to browse the archives and cry with me over baby-me's use of outdated memes.