May 31, 2011

I Do Modeling Comp

I've entered another comp! I'm in this one with vid :D innuendo (innuendo19) is also in it, so this is going to be interesting xD
Anyway, my models:

See the rest here:

May 29, 2011

Uber Excited for Generations

Yes, I pre-ordered Generations. I did this fully knowing that the game would be glitchy and stupid, but I think it'll be worth it. Plus, I found a great deal: Pre-order from Best Buy online, and get five bucks off and free shipping. So I did.
That's really all... So I'm excited for Tuesday, and there will definitely be a major picspam ahead. :D

May 28, 2011

~Cobalt Shiny~

Cobalt Shiny!
Cobalt Shiny is I suppose now the official face of Booky Loves Shiny Things. I chose to make her cobalt blue and silver because navy blue and white was my original blog theme, and silver is shiny :D The skin is actually SHINY in game! Thank you so much CmarNYC for making these skins! They're amazing!
She's fairly CC free, seeing as I have next to no CC in my game right now (I'm transitioning it in now :P ) so she's pretty safe for non-believers xD
CC List
EPs: Late Night (only for the sunglasses on formal, so if you don't like them, you'll be good without it!)
Default Eyes - Multicolor eyes (unicolor version) by -Shady- on MTS
Default Body Skin - Busty St. Claire by LadyFrontbum on MTS
Default Face Skin - Silk & Velvet Female Face Skins (silk version) by LadyFrontbum on MTS
Shiny Skin - Metal sims skins by CmarNYC on MTS

Top - Sweet Scent Tops by Anubis360 on MTS
Shoes - Madame Dal's House of Dance Part 1 of 2 (ballet flats) by daluved1 on MTS

Sunglasses - Late Night


Top - V-Nek Tank Top with Plunging Neckline by LadyFrontbum on MTS



100 Posts of SHINY!!!

*toots horn* THIS IS MY 100TH POST! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
So this is it. 100 posts of random rants, news of the simming world and EA's bullshit. 100x the awesome that was originally on this blog. 100% more Booky's opinion and Booky's legacy and Booky's sims. To celebrate this, I made a new simself; a super shiny one, too!
I now present to you...
Cobalt Shiny!

More on that later, though. I'll make a new post with her CC list and such. For now, you can look at her adventures in the Bonzai Lounge in Bridgeport! (Warning: Major picspam ahead.)

lol, I love how EA lets under-aged sims drink (she's only a teen).


Teehee, hiccup!

Intense playing Freezer Bunnies! (I think that's what it's called, something like that xD)

Typical me, gettin' pissed! :D


That's it xD I know, pretty crappy photoshoot, she only did two things, but I'm just celebratin' good times (Come on! Do-do-do-do, do do, do do! xD )!
More to come with Cobalt Shiny! I'm just going to upload her to my launcher :D
~BookyGirl14, Celebrating 100 Posts~

May 24, 2011

Terms of Service

I made a post.
I reloaded the page to check for new posts.
Post was gone.
I checked my email.
Needless to say, I had an email from waiting for me.
Terms of Service violation: Inappropriate language
My post:

[quote]Krisque wrote:
The don't even remoce the comments from their own pages, why would we think they would remove them from someone else?[end quote]
Hit the nail on the head. They just don't give a sh*t as long as the cash is rolling in.

I'm surprised I didn't get bashed with the ban-hammer, but luckily I didn't.
Still thinking about a break.

Regarding my last post

EA... Just no.

SimGugu Big Wuss strikes again, blowing yet another thread out of the water with his ultimate attack, the EA Terms of Service/Forum Rules.
This dude has nothing better to do than to lock threads politely asking EA what the hell they're doing about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. They're just covering their ears and screaming "la la la" until the problem goes away, THAT'S what they're doing. They just want to leave us a thread of hope be saying "We CARE!" which clearly isn't true. It's about as true as me saying I have 20 eyes.
I am DONE. Seriously, I'm just done. I need a break from ANY form of news about the depressing state of the forums. I'll let you know if I'll be breaking or not later. I need to give it some thought.

EA... You just fail. AT LIFE.

Lookie lookie!
Check 'em out quick, they're bound to be gone soon.

May 23, 2011

Fashion Twit

MTS3 by Boenza fail:

[click for full size]
Damn, I like that bathing suit! How dare you call it the makings of a Fashion Twit, Boenza!

Mangaka - Chapter Six!

I'm uber excited! It's the final five! *squee*

Check the rest here:

May 22, 2011

Newsea's Holic Hair

Yes, I know, today is a big day for posting, but I'm FINALLY getting caught up on all my missed Blogger updates.

This... hair... is...
THE BEST HAIR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But wait! There's more!
Terms and conditions apply to this deal:
If anyone knows how to get this thang free, please tell me :3

Google Translate Fail

I follow Mod the Sims 3 by Boenza, which is a great CC listing site. It covers a wide variety of content sites, and a new addition to the list was a site called Danzxncrd's Sims 3 Blog. This blog is hosted on the same site as LemonLeaf and Tifa use, a Chinese site called Sina. Since the blog was written in Chinese, and I use Google Chrome, the Google translate bar popped up at the top of the screen, asking me if I would like a translation. I said yes, and it gave me this [click to view full]:

It happened again at the bottom, too:

Google has never been good with translating Asian languages. This has happened many a time before, especially with sites hosted on Sina xD

UPDATE: Danzxncrd is apparently also on blogger:

May 21, 2011

My Chemical Romance

Warning: This post is a mosh pit of random crap and will make no sense.


This t-shirt represents EA

You remember my music obsession with P!nk? I may not have mentioned it here, but I had a recent music obsession with P!nk. My new music obsession is My Chemical Romance. They are AMAZING! Top three faves:

Yes, yes, they're very depressing, blah blah I still like them xP

All Splashers (berrype27 Splash of Color fans) need this t-shirt

I took all of my CC is out of my game to install Late Night. I've recently re-installed all mods and defaults, and now my default skins and eyes aren't working -_-

May 20, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

From where? You'll never know...
I was away from Monday to Friday on my grad trip, which was amazing :D We went to this awesome camp and I did painting and kayaking (but that's not even half of it). I got to watch my friend propose to an idiot for $200 in Monopoly money, which was hilarious! Oh, and I accidentally whacked a guy in the nose with my kayak paddle. (These idiots wouldn't stop splashing me with freezing cold lake water, so I tried to splash them back and I didn't know how. My paddle came out of the water too fast and it hit this poor kid in the nose! xD )
In other news, Same Old Schoolyard assignment one is up!

Check it here:

May 14, 2011

Bon Voyage, Late Night!

I've taken advantage of the EA sale I just told ya guys about and purchased Bon Voyage for TS2 (which polishes off that collection, I now only need Glamor Life Stuff and I'll have every expansion and stuff pack for TS2) and Late Night for TS3! Squee! I'm so excited :D I've cleared ALL CC out of my game (except store items), so I know I'll be feeling MAJOR withdrawal side affects xD but I think it'll be worth it.. I'm heading in game now!

May 13, 2011

Mangaka - Chapter Five!

See the rest here:

I just LOVE this hair on Etsu!

P.S. I have no idea what's going on with Blogger -_- It stopped giving me a line... enter... thing, whatever you want to call it, new space to type, below pictures. I keep needing to hit enter all down the side of the shot and I'm getting those spaces, so... Yeah. Blerg.

** SALE ALERT!!!**
Buy two or more games and get 50% off total price! (LN included!)

The Face of Same Old Schoolyard!

Here you have it, the face of Same Old Schoolyard! (No idea what I'm talking about? Here:

Model Name: Alida Treble

Personality: Alida is in love with her adventures, and is quite the active little gal. She plans on mastering karate some day, and she's got her hand-eye co-ordination to a T. You won't be able to get anything past her. She's got a keen eye for spotting things. Alida was born and raised in Riverview with her parents, Daniel  and Garcia. She lovesv stuffed animals, as she has a rather large collection. Alida can be tomboyish. She may be a lover of all things flowery, but she's also into things that the typical girl isn't; things like Pokemon and planes. She dreams of becoming a masterful Private Eye, or, if she's lucky, a plane pilot.

May 11, 2011

Shiny Legacy Edit

I'm just gonna 'fess up here, the Shiny legacy is dead, but I'll be uploading the final half-chapter that's been sitting in my screenshots bin for weeks sometime soon. Anyway, I got bored, so I took an old screenshot of Caitlin staring in fear at her computer screen chatting with Amy Bull and did this:

I know I could have set the "What has been seen, cannot be unseen" a little lower, but I was making sure it would fit on my desktop using 'Fill' instead of 'Stretch.'
So... Yeah. There you have it, a little piece of Shiny legacy memorabilia. I don't know who all actually read the thing, but chapter one used to be my most viewed post (it's now fourth most viewed, with Fellow TMN Supporters, Joins the Movement! in first, Happy Birthday Splash! in second, and The Mare's Nest - To be, or not to be? in third).
You cannot unsee the seen.

May 10, 2011

Wait... WTF?!?!?!

Hide the kiddies. Extreme foul language.
Read the very last post on this thread:
Forum in question? Yes, it was deleted, but BluebellFllora's always got a trick up her sleeve for those dumbasses, and she screen documented the entire thing here:
What the fuck, SimGugu 'Big Guy.' More like Big Wuss. He, like all at EA, cannot face the fact that he fucked up, big time. I mean, seriously? He cut the thread because it was exposing EA for what they are: a bunch of brainless, money-greedy corporates who don't give a shit if their customers are being harassed. They just want their fucking money.
Has anyone else noticed that SimGuru Big Wuss's page is hidden? I have. I tried to add him to give him a piece of my mind, but no, he again is afraid of the consumer's anger.
The icing on the cake? Vid got a three-day temp ban for bumping the thread he locked.
I am not kidding when I say they need to go out of fucking business. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

May 9, 2011


Couldn't help but letcha know about this one... O_O
Applying Kid's Poses to Adults:

New Modeling Comp!

I created my first modeling comp last night, but no one's biting. It was too late to post here so here ya go. It's called Same Old Schoolyard. More here:

May 8, 2011

The Sims 2 - My New Love

I'm in love with TS2 (probably because it takes 2/3 as long as it does to load a TS3 game file to load the main game and town AND a file >.<). I think I might try taking some pictures, although they'll be pretty crappy since I'm not used to not having the zoom feature in tab mode (or whatever you want call it, the camera thingy). My computer can barely support TS3 so its graphics are usually pretty crappy, but with TS2, I can have all my graphics setting at their highest and run super smooth! So... yeah. Possibly some TS2 pics soon. But for now, I was in my game yesterday and I took these:


AE's Blog Private?

I wasn't able to catch her last two posts, so I;m not really clued in, but I can only guess this is bad news. Hope everything is okay.

May 5, 2011

SimGurus: We knew they didn't know how to watch a forum, but they apparently don't know how to watch their comments pages, either...

First of all, this picture is win. 'Nuff said
Second of all...
 Serously, SimGuruPopTart? If you check her comments, there are comments from FOUR DAYS AGO that still have not been removed. She's a freaking MOD, she should be online often enough to know that there is an asshole on her friends list leaving comments on her page.
I also like this picture. 'Tis also win.

May 4, 2011

This... is... WIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!
This was posted just yesterday on Mod the Sims.
I am officially in love with cmomoney. He is a freaking GENIUS!!!!! CUSTOM ANIMATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(sorry for the exclamation spam xD)

Hello Again

Looks like comments are staying moderated. I just discovered a fresh 'go to hell' and another death wish from sesert34 in the comment box. He is now under his 'actual' name - sesert34 - and is ready to rev... So the comments will stay moderated :/

...Going, going, gone?

sesert34/sese is gone, along with his blog. They've both disappeared from Blogger's database, and after no comments for a while, I think I might set my comments back to open. Opinions?

May 1, 2011


Soooooo... I'm fairly bored right now, so I'm going to ask a question some might not like:
Got any links for simmie scene hair?
It's an endless circle. Most good scene hairs are high poly because of the complexity, but the one I REALLY want to get my hands on?

NO ONE HAS A FREAKING LINK. AND IT'S KILLING ME. I might make this my RL hair! It's TOO gorgeous! BUT NO ONE KNOWS WHERE IT'S FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sorry for the picspam, that scene simmie is pretty awesome, and showcased the hair well xD Pics from here:

EDIT: Almost forgot, I found this too.
Win xD

Disqus and Poptart Cats

To start, I might not get this new Disqus comment thingy. I'm collecting as much evidence of sesert's harassment as possible, and I find that the whole Blogger thing helps that.

This YouTube video... Pure GENIUS!  Three minutes and thirty-seven seconds STRAIGHT of this Poptart cat pooping a rainbow though outer space.