Mar 28, 2011

The Mare's Nest - To be, or not to be?

The title is probably confusing, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else.
Alright, for starters, after reading their recent article on Reclaim Your Game
I'm still confused xD
I dunno, they sound like a legit website to me. I can agree with them on some cases, but most in this article not. RYG seems perfectly fine.
But just for comparison, I've always taken Mare postings with a grain of salt. Yes, they're bringing light to the trolls on the forums, but until I really started exploring and posting, I hadn't noticed an important detail.
After a little exploring, I've discovered that at least 30% or so of the people the Mare's have labeled as trolls really aren't that bad. Yeah, they've all had many a bad moments - only made worse my TMN - but they can be really nice people, too. I've seen 'trolls' such as Jamesmc93 and Keleya being very useful on the forums. For example, I was once participating in a discussion of CC, TSR and other glitches and computer safety issues affiliated with the two when both the likes of Jamesmc93 and Keleya stumbled upon the same forum. They both were contributing legitimate, non-troll-like (that makes sense, right? xP) responses to the conversation. Actually, it was Keleya who warned me to keep far away from Chaos Painting Mod because of many glitches and problems, not to mention it took forever for ChaosMageX to update after patches. Not too long after, Chaos Painting was removed from MTS my ChaosMageX due to severe game crashing issues with the LN patch.
Another instance where I ate a little salt was the 'Newb Squad of Awesome' fiasco. Yes,  there wasn't really a need to proclaim to the world that they were all great friends, but the Mares were insulting Cooklez left right and center, which was completely uncalled for. I think Cooklez is a great person. So yeah she made a forum to help get some traffic over at the Newb Squad of Awesome blog, there's no need to call it the 'Boob Squad of Woesome.'
Since, to my knowledge, my viewing audience is rather small, I've decided to leave comments on for this post. If things get out of hand, seeing as I'm dealing with a 'touchy' issue for the community, comments will be turned off. Just a note, I do have anon. commenting on, so anon.s comment freely. Another note, I do receive emails after a comment is posted, so if you think you'll make a bad comment off my radar once the post is off the first page, you won't get away with it. That being said, rant over, and comment away.

Mar 27, 2011

Mangaka - Chapter Two!

 Go here to read the rest:

Katamari Damanci!

I just downloaded this new Chrome app called Katamari Everywhere and it's AMAZING! The game Katamari Damanci for the PS3 is pretty much you rolling around a gigantic sticky ball and collecting the world around you on your giant ball. Use this on webpages and it's surprisingly entertaining ;) I find that the best pages for rolling are YouTube and Exchange search result pages. Perfect combinations is stick-able pictures and writing alike!
Download here:

Mar 23, 2011

Speeches D:

I typically LOVE writing speeches, and enjoy presenting them. But what I ALWAYS hate is that every year, I need to cut down on my time. This year was my longest yet: 7:28 (minutes and seconds, not hours and minutes xD). I need to cut SO MUCH! The time limit is 3-5 mins! Argh.......

Mar 21, 2011

Mangaka - Chapter One!

See the rest here!

Machinima... To make or not to make?

Alright, so lately I've been considering making machinima, after watching so many great SIFF videos. Thinking about this, I've caught a few road blocks:
1. I have no idea what song I would do
2. I don't have the patience for this sort of thing
3. I don't have a YouTube account, or any other video sharing sites, so how would I share it?
4. There was another one... can't remember right now, but I'll probably get it up later.
Anyway, those are my blocks. The song isn't really that big, I'll just choose a song I like or one I can easily vision sims in. The patience... I don't have. I really don't. I tried once to make a mock movie trailer for the best movie of all time, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, but it was... unnervingly bad. Anyway, more later. I'm off to get squeaky clean, and then I've got to finnish my Mangaka entry.
OH! P.S. My username will be changing shortly! In 23 days I will be 14! WOOT WOOT :P

Mar 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Splash!

Splash of Color: a Pastel Rainbowcy is celebrating it's first birthday! And for that, Berry has asked for picture submissions of just about anything Splash!
So, Happy Birthday!
Backstory: I took all of Splash's lovely gals and my simself and shoved 'em onto the beach for the photo shoot of a lifetime!

**Extras and Bloopers**
 Emerald's Neurotic trait took over at a point of weakness and she 'freaked out.' Then, everyone turned, in sync, to stare at her. It was hilarious! Sadly, Livi had already left to go turn on the radio.
 I must say, Cherry was the most shocked of all xD
 Everyone left except Apricot and Emerald. Kudos to them for being the last ones to leave xD Apri had a little flip out too.
And then it was Emerald's turn to stare xD Awkward...

Well, that's it! Happy Birthday Splash! Here's to another great year of rainbow sims and dramatic, rebellious tales from the Chiffons!
<3 ~BookyGirl13~ <3

Mar 16, 2011

The Forum and Other Fun RL Stuff

This post is tagged with both WIN and FAIL. so:
WIN portion: Alright, it's 6:40 A.M. I've been up since roughly 9:15 yesterday morning. Pulling all-nighters is fun :D I've been hanging out with one of my best friends since 11:00 this morning, and we had a blast. I'd have some screenshots to update with some stuffs we did, but we were in TS2 from 6:00 to 6:15, but she just wasn't into it, so we went back to YouTube. Eventually she crashed, but she had a really crappy sleep yesterday (technically meaning Monday) so I'm letting her rest, but I'll wake her up later ;) In fact, that's the only reason I'm squeezing this post in. Anywhose, I'll have more on that later.
FAIL portion: Forums have been down for me since... I don't know, sometime earlier this night. Or last night. Or something. Either way, it's pissing me off cause now I can't get my updates :(

Mar 14, 2011

The Great Bully Debate

*Warning: Hide the kiddies again! Another post with excessive swearing. Yes, I know, "Two in a row?" Well, this most likely won't happen again anytime soon, but I found another rant trigger. Another post flipped that switch.*
Today's rant is brought to you by this post @The Skipping Rock.
Bullying. We've all been through it at one point or another. We've all been teased, ridiculed and made fun of for some stupid reason, whether it was the color of your skin or your religion or the way you looked. But some get it worse than others.
You know that kid, right? The one who everyone tramples, the one who always gets back-talked and stepped on. The one with no friends, the one who nobody likes. There's always one or two kids in every grade and every school who's like that. Nobody likes them, everybody plows them over like a piece of shit. Sometimes it's for no apparent reason other than "Hey, that kid decided to do the group project alone. They must be a loner, let's make fun of them!" Sometimes people have their reasons, like if said person acts weird or talks funny. But whatever the reason is, it's absolutely pointless and futile. No one should ever feel that low. No one should ever feel like they don't have friends, and that the whole world's against them.
Bullying is so juvenile. Most all bullies are complete asses who think they're better than everyone else. Well, I've got news for you, fuckwad. By thinking you're better than everyone else, and acting like you'e better than everyone else, it makes you about as worthy of life as a piece of shit. They think they rule the world, and most of the time these bullies have their cronies, the little shits who follow around their king shit, the bully, like a lost puppy. It's like a game of Simon Says. Bully Says, "Make Fun of Caitlin," and then all of the sudden everybody's all over you like you just killed their parents.
It really is pathetic, to want and crave attention so badly that you make someone else feel like shit-in-a-can to get some. It's truly the lowest you can get without killing puppies. Puppy killers are the only thing lower than bullies.
I think this rant's been living inside me for a while, but it just needed that trigger. This is partially because of whoever assholes are making fun of Skip, but it's also because of the assholes who I go to school with Monday to Friday. Grade six was a living hell for me. It shaped me into the easily aggravated, easily pissed person I am today, because I just got so tired of the shit. Daily votes were held at lunch, "Who doesn't like Caitlin?" And every single time the only people who didn't put their hands up were me and my best friend. One day they even pressured her into putting her hand up, and boy did I EVER get pissed. We got into a huge fight, where she claimed that what else could she do? Putting her hand up was her only choice. I knew that was a load of bull, and I told her that if it was me in that situation, I would have NEVER put my hand up, because she was my best friend. That was the biggest fight we ever had, and after that it was kaput. Done. To this day being around each other is awkward. For the rest of that year, and up until this point, I've been in this really awkward position where I don't really have a best friend. I have a group of friends, but I can only trust certain people with certain things. Some people would react differently than others. I don't really have someone that I can unleash EVERYTHING with.
Rant over.

Mar 13, 2011

BluebellFlora and the Case of the EA Asses

*Warning: Hide the kiddies! This will be one of the very few posts where I use excessive swearing*
This is complete bullshit. Just read this post at BluebellFlora's blog:
Alright, a few little points here before I get to the body of the rant. First, sesert34 is an ass. That's pretty clearly established already, but I just thought I'd say so. Second, EA is a team of asses. Also already established, but that's still beside the point.
So in this situation, we're dealing with a level-headed, mature adult who wants something to be done about a major harassment and extortion problem (Bluebell), an ass with 24 cheeks (sesert34 and his multiple accounts) and a team of 'Customer Support' workers with their heads up each other's asses (EA's 'Customer Support').
1. This:
should have been enough for EA to look into the matter and actually fucking DO something. But no, they were to busy fixing the multiple game issues with every EP and SP out there. Wait a second, they don't do that either! So what must they have been doing? Ah, yes, a favorite past time of their's: smelling each other's asses while bathing in the cash they've milked out of the hard-core fans both at the Store and for EP's and SP's.
2. Pogo? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! It's like the time they put up the Spore maintenance page all over again, except ten times worse because now we've discovered that EA is capable of putting ignore features such as this:
If you see someone acting in an abusive manner (excessive swearing, racial slurs, etc.) please start by muting them. You mute someone by clicking their screenname in the ‘Who’s Here’ list and then clicking the ‘Mute’ option. Once you mute someone, you will never see chat from that person again. This is a very powerful tool because abusers crave attention, and they don’t like being ignored. Once they stop getting your attention and realize they’re not getting to you, they’ll eventually move on or stop altogether.
on their sites, and they STILL haven't bothered with it, even though they probably get thousands of trolling and bullshit reports every day, which they all give robotic responses to and do absolutely fuckwits about.
3. Account names such as these:
should be BLOCKED. Do they seriously have NO filter on their usernames? That's just fucking pathetic! They don't have ANY way of blocking usernames with 'gotohell' clearly stated, no 'g02h311' or any of that shit. I bet I'd be able to create an account with 'fuck' clearly written in the name. Might go something like 'FuckYouEA'...
4. So, what do the SimGurus have to say about all of this?
Oh, yes, they're looking into it, all right. That's why it's been a whole fucking TWO WEEKS since that message was posted, and STILL nothing has been done! Agreed, Bluebell, it is no longer about that ass sesert34 and his 24 cheeks, it is about getting EA to wake up and smell the 100% pure bullshit radiating from their website. Something needs to be done, NOW! Anyone else ready to head to EA's Sims HQ and grab a picket sign on the way? They're like automated voice recorded telemarketers, you can tell that recording all you want that no, you do not want a free trip to Hawaii, but it'll just keep rambling that pre-recorded bullshit until your head explodes. You can't get the message through to the recording,  but you might be able to get it through to the person. We, as the consumers of EA's products, need to step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park and into the oblivion, the ball being all of EA's issues and ass-ness. I cant do anything, seeing as I'm a 13-year-old whose never left Ontario, but I'm sure someone else can, and I'd be right behind them for support!

Mar 12, 2011

THE MARE'S ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still haven't read the post, but it looks like I'm in for a long read. Either way...
THE MARE'S ARE BACK, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 11, 2011

Model for Mangaka!

I've recently entered a new modeling comp hosted by the lovely Vidkid21, Mangaka. My model? GORGEOUS in my opinion :P

More info here:

Mar 7, 2011

New Chatty Page!

I've officially created a page so that you guys can chat with me! Check it out!

Google is great for boredom :D

So today I got bored and searched 'parenting fail' on Google Images. Guess what was on page five?

I kid you not.

Mar 6, 2011


I haven't posted anything in a while, I know... Well, that's mostly because there's been nothing to say. Lots of homework. I've been trying to work my way through what I call the 'March Break Rush.' It's when teachers squeeze in a whole bunch of due dates and tests right before the March Break. Anyway, I guess this post serves as a long needed hiatus notice for the Shiny Legacy. In all honesty, this is usually as far as I get before ditching a story/legacy/simming project xP I will now promise that I will get at least two chapters of the Shiny Legacy out during March Break!!!
So... Yeah... not too much else to say. I'm not dead, I'm not ditching the Shiny Legacy, and I'll try to post more now that 90% of my March Break Rush projects and tests are done and over with. Peace.