Feb 27, 2011

Fellow TMN Supporters, Join the Movement!

The Mare's Nest has been on hiatus for probably over a week now, and I'm missing their daily posts. They brought down bumnuggetry on many TS3 forum sites and highlighted some good laughs, all in the name of TS3 community. This movement was inspired by Vidkid20 (Vidkid21 on the official forums) who was the first person (that I saw) post this on their blog.
We miss the Mare's, so we should show them! Post the Butterfly of Doom (in a picture app) on your blog with a little message to our friends at the Mare's!
The Butterfly of Doom
We miss you TMN!


Feb 21, 2011

Siggy for Petition!

Yep, today's a big day for posting :P
I made this siggy in GIMP for a new petition I've made. (HERE: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/345358.page)

I know it's a little tall, and it kinda sucks crap, but I made this thing in two minutes, okay? Cut me a break xP
Please, please, PLEASE check out the petition!

EDIT: I had the length of the forum URL and picture URL shortened to fit into the siggy box! It's pretty straight foreward which one is which xP
http://tinyurl.com/668c68m - Siggy
http://tinyurl.com/4tpfysu - Petition

New Theme and Poll!

Yaaaaaay! I got the new theme up! Surprisingly enough, I didn't screw it up xD I also edited my fishies to match the color of the owls up top. You like? I found this amazing website that has thousands of hex codes on it to match the colors. It's great! And perfect for CAST-ing, too! http://www.december.com/html/spec/color.html
Alright, so new pole. One of the options is 'I've got an idea, I'll tell you in the comments'. THIS IS THE PLACE TO COMMENT!!!!! Nowhere else, please. Any comments posted in other places will be disregarded.

EDIT: A note about suggestions - I'm very open to them, because I'm not too happy with what I came up with :/

Shiny Legacy Ch. 1.7 Coming Soon!

Alright... I'm over my depression and willing to start again on the Shiny Legacy. Also, I'm thinking of giving the Shiny Legacy some sort of special title, like cupcake has done with her Meringue Rainbowcy, titling it 'A Legacy Gone Technicolor'.  I've got a few ideas, and I'll post them in the new pole. It looks like I'm going to change the blog theme, because out of the vast amount of people who voted, 'Yes' won by a landslide of two votes! xD Wish me luck! I'm just hoping I don't screw something up...

Feb 20, 2011

The Mare's Nest Private?

For a website like The Mare's Nest, doing what they do, this can't be good. I'm just a little worried about why the site is private. If it's personal, or they don't want to say, fine, that's there business. But I'm just a little worried that they've been hacked, attacked online, something of the sort, anyway. Bah...

Feb 19, 2011


So I was working on the latest chapter of the Shiny Legacy for a few hours. And then... it crashed.
Dammit... I need to save my game more...

Interior Design Application for miadarkdecider

Alright, since Windows Mail has a really crappy way of inserting photos, I've decided to post my Writing Example and Interior Design Example here together! I've only got one, because I'm trying to limit my picture uploads right now.
(Mia, you don't gotta read this, but do so if you wish.) Yes, yes, picture uploads means Shiny Legacy chapter, and it's in the works. I'll try to get it out on Family Day Monday, but no guarantees. I've got some last minute projects to finish off xP Oh, and BTW, Family Day is a Canadian thing! Yaaaaaay Canada!

Alright, let's get down to buisness. Here we go!

'Chocolate Raspberries' Kitchen Reinvents Berry Sweet Cuisine
Take a look at this kitchen. Popping pinks, magical magentas and beautiful browns are harmonious in this picture. This kitchen has it all, with a pinch of vintage style in the design of the appliances and counters. Let's get a closer look at the finer details of this masterpiece.
If you take a look at the far wall beside the microwave, you'll find this. A perfect little home-sweet-home touch. It also hints at a little something else: that old saying, 'The way into a man's heart is through his stomach.' This beauty was purchased at ChocoSims, as part of a beautiful bedroom set themed upon hearts and love. http://chocosims.jimdo.com/les-chambres/chambre-romantica/
The recipe that inspired the work is open on the counter, Raspberry Bars. Gorgeous, hand painted artwork borders the pages, showing in a clear and fun way how to create this delicious treat. The stand and book are by RainNCandy and Charmaine of Sweet Ambrosia, an adorable little store that sells gorgeous home decorations. http://sweet-ambrosia1.blogspot.com/2010/09/your-meal-plan-for-this-week-you-dont.html
On my way out, I stopped by the magazine rack to pick up a few artsy things. I thought these would complete the look, so I picked them up. There were various other magazines too, and some classic Marvel comics. http://sweet-ambrosia1.blogspot.com/2010/10/double-magazine-stack-featuring-either.html
I had a pal of mine, Haily Winslii*, come in and take a look around, too. Naturally, her very first catch was the La Bakery Fun & Easy Recipes book open to the Raspberry Bars recipe. She decided to give it a shot.
*Not an RL friend of mine, just a 'random' sim
This was the last we saw of the raspberries, because Haily isn't exactly the greatest of cooks.
She posted a reminder about the time on the recipe on the cork board by the fridge so that she would never make that mistake again.
My Rating: 8/10          Friend's Rating (Haily): 7/10

That's my submission! Application is now COMPLETE! :D :P
Anybody recognize that beauty? That's a completely made over Bluebell Fantasy!
Well, I hope you liked it Mia. See ya round the interwebs!

**EA.com SALE ALERT!!!!!!**

EA is having a sale on ALL TS2 games! Base, Double Deluxe, EP's AND SP's! I'm going to convince my dad to let me blow $60.38 on all of the ones I'm missing xD And yes, I did the math. Super nerd to the rescue.

Feb 15, 2011

Shiny Legacy Update

There SHOULD be an update soon, I'm heading in game to start taking pics now. Won't be able  to get it out today, it's a bit too late, so tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. While we're talking about the legacy, I'll show you a few more pictures I didn't include in chapters (you'd be surprised at the gigantic amount of pictures I leave out). This little batch takes us all the way back to Caitlin and Justin's boring Honeymoon in Champs le Sims.

 I originally took a picture of both of them throwing in the berries,

 squishing the berries,

getting out of the tub (although I almost didn't get Justin, this is him about to change back to every day),

 and turning the knobs.

 I had them romance when the Nectar was being processed.

 I honestly didn't notice how much of a derp face this is until now xD


I had them drink some of Justin's Nectar (I'd named both of their Nectars the Honeymoon Blend), but they both headed for the same chair. And of course, sims are ridiculously stupid, as he didn't sit in the chair next to Caitlin.

He ran off to have his drink in a corner, facing the wall.

 This fancy French lady walked into the bedroom just after the two had gone to sleep to steal some Nectar.

And this is a mosaic of the side of the tent just after Caitlin and Justin had magical woohoo on top of an ancient burial ground.

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Day of Lurv and Shiz!

Happy Valentines Day guys! Hope you have a good one with lots of chocolate and candies x3
Also, I was thinking of downloading and using this (free) theme: http://leelou-freelayouts.blogspot.com/2007/08/spring-owls-2-col.html
Should I go for it? New pole.

Feb 9, 2011

Tutorial - Adding Blog Pages

I don't know about you, but I was slightly confused by the way they set up adding pages, but I've now discovered it's really simple if you know what you're doing.
1. Add the pages gadget to your blog.
2. Click new post. This should take you into the first tab, Posting.
3. See the titles under the tabs, New Post, Edit Posts and Edit Pages? Click Edit Pages.
4. Click NEW PAGE. This will take you into the basic post editor, but instead of posting it will add a new page.
And there you have it. So if you want to add pages, you can, and you won't be running around confused like a headless chicken, as I did xD

Feb 8, 2011

Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

If you live in Canada (or the U.S.) chances are you've seen this. It's a commercial for a brand called Old Spice. They make mens' body washes, deodorants and the like. Their commercials are pure gold! Take a look:

(if you prefer to watch it larger, link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE)
Wasn't that the BEST 33 SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE?
I ROFL every time xD It's just so spontaneous!

Feb 7, 2011

The Shiny Legacy - Ch. 1.6 - Caitlin Shiny

WOOT! New chap :D
I got my new skins working on all files (you need to delete the simCompositerCache under Electronic Arts/The Sims3) and I also got new eyes! (Eyes here (unicolor version): http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=379239)

Caitlin with new skin and eyes.

Justin with new skin and eyes.

Makani with new skin and eyes.

Alright, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is... well, read.

It was a typical day in the Shiny household. Justin was inventing and Caitlin was tending to Maki's needs, feeding him in the high chair and what not.

Caitlin was doing the such when I heard another loud boom upstairs. I expected Justin to just be electrocuted.

Well, to put it shortly, I was wrong. He was on fire.

Justin flippin' out.
Now I had sent Caitlin to fix him up with a fire extinguisher but, like most sims, Caitlin is stupid.
Noooooo no no no. I couldn't just leave Maki unattended on the floor! He might crawl upstairs and see his dad on fire! Traumatized for LIFE!
You keep thinking that. Anyway, Caitlin sort of didn't get there on time?

Dead. D':

Smexy ghosty Justin :D

Begging for his life.

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

R.I.P. Justin Shiny

And now the good news...
I quit without saving :D
Teehee! I know, I know, you all thought he actually DIED, but it happened right after going into the game so I quit without saving because dead Justin isn't fun xD

Family moment <3
The rest of the morning after I loaded the file again went according to plan, minus Justin dieing.

My my, what this time?
What has been seen cannot be unseen.
And what would that be?
She showed me her... secret tattoo. The one that only... 'intimate friends', in her words, get to see. OH GOD MAKE IT GO AWAY.
Pleasant :)

Another day removing trash can stench for Justin xD

Caitlin's work started again the next day.

This was a baby room for... someone. A woman, name starts with S, has that Justin Bieber-ish haircut that comes with Ambitions? Yeah, her. You like? She did :D

About the point Caitlin left whats-her-face's house to do her second and final interior design job for the day, Justin woke up, and beaver dam I'm loving those abs ;)

This is some dude's bathroom. Forget what he looked likee, but I wasn't in a creative mood so to satisfy his wishes for a new 'Powder Room' I eyedropped and deleted. The only new thing is the rug. He liked it anyway. Heh heh, stupid sims :)

Justin inventing, nothing unusual, except maybe the fact that he seemed extremely distracted by... something to his left...

Was is our peacefully sleeping Makani? Or was something else that only magical ghost hunters can see? O_O

More magical poltergeist hunting.

BAM! Caitlin is preggo again :D

You know, I think I actually LIKE the randomized clothing this time :D

And what is this?

Justin is becoming an adult!!!! (Thanks God he's not becoming an old man... O_o)

Alright, that REALLY needs some fixing...

There we go. That's better! Probably not the EXACT same color as before, but close enough!

How can you resist that FACE! Can't... stand... the CUTENESS!!!!!!

It's big boy birthday time! This birthday is brought to you by the letter B!!!

Blowing out the candles!





There! Better! Wait, what? Oh, beaver dam.

It's the face again.

Ah, better.
I now realise that I didn't take a full body shot. Well, if you're wondering, his shirt says 'What are you looking at?' I thought it was appropriate because... well, you know. He's always had awkward looks.

And I finish with this video of Justin blowing stuff up. (Again, no sound, I'll change my settings some time soon)
Which concludes this chapter.
New chapter should be a bit sooner, and I apologize for the gap between chapters :) Also, poll on Maki's hair. And suggestions on where to get good hair for my little boys? Post below :)

Also, just thought I'd add this in. Big shout out to Apollo over at the Azure Legacy for cursing my legacy into Justin's fiery death :P
The Cursed Chapter: http://azurelegacy.blogspot.com/2011/02/chapter-6-burn-baby-burn.html?showComment=1297129731918#c7421915864526253789