May 25, 2013

Life Crap

Sorry I haven't posted here in over a month. Life's been pretty good lately.

Things with Rose and I are fantastic. Our relationship is absolutely flourishing, I couldn't be happier. Just yesterday,  in the park that's basically become our go-to place whenever we hang out after school, we finally shared our first "I love you"s after reading each other some really cheesy-ass poetry we wrote. Yeah yeah, we write each other poetry. (Now of course my shitty ass amateur poetry is nothing compared to Rose's. She doesn't just write poetry for the purposes of romancing. She writes all sorts of poetry, and let me tell you, she is a fucking amazing poet. She can freestyle too, and she's really really good at it.) Anyway, I really do love her, with all of my being. She is honestly one of the best people who's ever entered my life. 

I got my wisdom teeth out last Friday (the seventeenth). It wasn't that bad, but over the weekend my cheeks balooned like crazy. It was terrible. I ended up missing a second day of school on Tuesday (Monday was Victoria Day, look it up). It still hurts, but not that bad. I can mostly eat normal food now, but jello and pudding remain the only things that I can eat painlessly.

It's almost June, which means school is almost over, halle-fuckin'-lujah. I can't wait. The one thing that stops me in my cheering tracks is the fact that I have four culminating projects due within the next few weeks. Those are the only things standing in the way of me and summer vacation. Those and exams. But honestly, exams are a piece of cake compared to these shitty ass culminating projects.

Yeah I don't know how to end this so here you go

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