Sep 10, 2013

(New) School Days

I really need to stop doing the thing where I procrastinate posting on here.

I have officially been attending my new school for five full days, and it is amazing. All of my teachers are super friendly, except maybe my art teacher, I wouldn't exactly call him 'friendly' per-se, but he's still fucking awesome. My classes are going well too. I understand 95% of what is said in math class, my first art assignment is going swimmingly, English is interesting, and psychology is so fucking awesome (a lot of note taking, but it's something that I'm actually interested in, so I don't mind too much). Actually, for my first psychology assignment, I basically have to do a social experiment. I have a bunch of ideas, I just have to whittle them down and get the chosen one approved by my teacher and I'm off to the races.

I've gone to my first E.S.P. (Essential Student Partnership) meeting, my first Arts Council meeting, and my first Newspaper Club meeting. I'm thinking of contacting someone soon about starting up a rock climbing team, since there was one at my old school and it was loads of fun. I know it'll be a success because though the team only ran one of the two years I was at my old school, the teachers said they always had a huge turn out every year they ran it, and the one year I participated, they almost had to do tryouts (there were around thirty kids on the team).

I'm making great friends with some of Rose's pals, and some of the people from that group I mentioned a couple other times, the anti-bully thing. I'm becoming friends with their friends as well. I've been sitting with one of the girls at lunch. (I should really give these people names, they're all definitely going to be coming up a lot in future posts.)

As you may have noticed, I mentioned Rose in that last paragraph. Yes, her and I are still dating. Five months this Sunday. On Saturday, my family's hosting a party for my mom's side of the family. It's going to be for my brother's birthday, my nanna's birthday, and my grandparents' wedding anniversary. Rose is going to be coming, and I'm fucking stoked. I've been waiting forever for her to be able to meet my mom's side of the family.

Outside of school, we have computer news. I officially have a super shiny super fast Windows 7 computer. Do you remember my new years post where I talked about the computer that worked Sims 3 like a fucking charm? Yeah, that computer is officially MINE! I'm not posting from there right now, though. I'm still on my laptop for now. We have yet to transfer all of my files and bookmarks and such to the new computer. When we do, my dad's going to take my laptop and try and fix the screen. The computer itself is in working condition, just a bit fussy and laggy due to age, but the screen is the real fuck up that ruins it. Hopefully my dad doesn't burn something else out trying to fix this, but that motherboard he blew was his first screw up with this stuff ever. He's been fixing up our home computers himself since out family's very first computer the year I was born, 1997. He overclocked it so it would run at 100 megabytes instead of 50. Reminder: 1000 megabytes go into one gigabyte. We now have computers that run with two terabytes of memory, and a terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. Oh, how far technology has come.

Anyways, that's about it for now I suppose. I'm going to start trying to post weekly from now on, but it's going to be hard because shit's going to whirlwind from here. Lots of stuff with homework, Arts Council, ESP, anti-bully, newpaper, Best Buddies is going to start up, my first Rangers meeting is next week (Girl Guides of Canada grades ten to twelve), and a whole bunch of other shit. I might even get back into the Simming community now that I have a beautifully working game. (Modeling comps? Modeling comps. I love that shit.) Who knows what curve balls are going to be coming my way in the near future? Life is fucking insane. But I'm just gonna role with it, because right now, things are pretty good. One day at a time, and everything's going to be okay.

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