Mar 29, 2014

Game Issues = FIXED!

I officially have all textures back in my game!

My dad bought the signal booster for my desktop, so now I've got a stable internet connection. Because that computer now has a stable and strong internet connection, I was able to do an auto update through my game launcher instead of fucking around with a manual update. My game is officially up-to-date, and there are officially no more blurry textures.

Now, where were we? Ah yes, Nadia just got up.

Nadia and Grace both had low social, so I had 'em chat it up for a bit. Hopefully I can get Nadia close friends with both Grace and Kaleigh because her shy trait makes it so that she always has this annoying moodlet because she's not surrounded entirely by close friends.

After their meters were all filled up, I sent Nadia out to get something to eat before working out, since one of her wishes was to work out until fatigued.

Grace wanted to learn the bass skill so I sent her to play and she made some very interesting faces. This was the only good shot I was able to get:

Again, for some strange reason this is the place it sends her to play bass. I guess there isn't any space inside the house with enough room?

Nadia went off to run after finishing her meal. She fell. Ha.

Kaleigh home after a long day at work.

Grace heading out to her ride.

Nadia running like fuck to get to work on time. Look at her go in those heels! u go gurl

While the other girls worked, Kaleigh read the level one skill book for mixology. Fuck you I'm lazy and this shit is faster than practicing.

Grace home after a long day's work. Nadia arrived home shortly after. Both of their shifts end at 10:00, so it was late and everyone was pretty tired. Bed time!


The next morning, Grace ended up getting up at before five in the morning, which is kind of what the fuck. But this is where I got antsy and ended my adventuring.

Summary: My game is now fixed and the three gals had a long boring day. Tadaaaa.

See you next time, hopefully with some more exciting pics!

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