Apr 27, 2014

Screenshot Spam

I have finally built up enough random screenshots to do a picspam post! I don't know if anyone even uses that term any more. Fuck it, here we go!

This is a family I've got set up in Bridgeport, Roxy and Marian Carter. This picture was taken shortly after Roxy became a teen. She's a striking image of her mother! With a couple changes. She wasn't born in-game, I created her in CAS by cloning Marian and changing a couple features.

Roxy post-makeover. Marian is a self-employed sculptor, and is currently working on an ice sculpture. The vampire in the middle is a neighbor who Marian has somehow befriended. Her name is Odine Perry. She's a Bridgeport townie.

Now we enter the world of the Justriff family, which consists of Maryl, the eldest daughter, her younger sister Clara, and their mother, Roxanne. This is their cat, who ended up being taken away due to lack of socialization. I just thought this was too cute not to capture.

This is Roxanne dancing it up on a counter top on the roof of Aquarius, a club near the shores of Bridgeport. She has a three star celebrity level, so she was able to get into it without sneaking past the bouncer. The best part? The dancing was autonomous.

This is Maryl at her graduation receiving her diploma. Not much else to say for these ones. She didn't go to university because I didn't have the expansion pack at this point.

Speaking of university, while I was experimenting with my simself (which I unfortunately have no other photo documentation of) she made this picture in the University Quad using the street art skill, and I got a system message that it was "brilliant" graffiti. And yeah, it's a pretty swell picture! Looks fuckin' awesome.

Also, I spotted this autonomous couple making out in the University Quad, which made me super happy 'cause I've never actually seen autonomous same-sex couples in my game before.

This happened while I was taking pictures for my modeling comp yesterday. For some strange reason, the birds in Anne Arbor were flying really low. Absurdly low. This one flew straight through the wall and my sim in the middle of my photoshoot.

goodbye friend

More bird absurdity. See how low they were flying? Fucking amazing.

So that's what I've been playing. I'm hopefully going to upload my mock assignment for LIFE later today. I might get back in with my three lovelies some time soon, and continue from there. There isn't much going on for them right now, but I might create some commotion. That's all for now!

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