May 18, 2014

More Clarification: Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Ten days late, I know, but I really cannot let this go because the shit that's being spewed is incredibly problematic.

In response to Even More Discussion Of Toilet Pan Sexualism (Because We've Nothing To Loos):

How was I supposed to know that your point was about disability washrooms when you never mentioned them in your post? I 'misunderstood' your intention because you clearly stated "...once the inevitable abuse cases start hitting the courts, everyone will start screaming for separate bathrooms once again..." This heavily implies that you were stating that gender neutral bathrooms would eliminate gendered bathrooms.

I agree, the bastardization of disability washrooms for the sake of gender neutrality is wrong and unjust, but that does not mean separate gender neutral bathrooms should not exist.

I stand corrected on the bullying of allies, I was too blinded by my anger to look past my own backyard while I was writing that post. That being said, I still believe my original point still stands: Day of Silence is not for allies.

This article quote only serves to further my point. These students experience harassment because of their gender identity and expression. Having a safe space - a gender neutral washroom - would help these students feel safer and more comfortable. That is the purpose of the gender neutral washroom; it is a washroom for the safety and comfortability of those whose safety is compromised in the washroom of their assigned gender. These washroom are not for the sake of, as you say, "political correctness". These washrooms are to keep people safe.

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