Apr 13, 2012


Today is my birthday, and I am now 15. Thusly my user name has changed.

This isn't all going to be "OMG BURFDAY YAY" this is actually a well needed and informative post xD

First, to Vid: I'm sorry I just fell off the face of the earth like that without saying anything. I still haven't had the change to create and Origin account and I honestly couldn't be half-assed to either. Explanation for my dropping out is coming.

My game is dead. The update killed it and I don't give a flying fuck to fix it. I enjoy Sims 2 far more than 3 anyway, and it still works (Sims 2, that is). I'm kind of saddened that I lost all that hard work in Sims 3 and I guess I will TRY to fix it, but I don't know :/ I just don't feel like it. I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately.

I guess this counts as my official post of resignation from the Simming community? Sims 3 is dead. I can't take photos for shit in Sims 2. I hardly ever play either game. I haven't looked at my Blogger dash (which is mostly Sims blogs) in months, and the same goes for Mares/BluebellFlora's blog/AE's blog etc.etc. I haven't posted here in months because I feel like it should have at least a LITTLE to do with Sims.

I'm not deleting the blog. I will post every once in a while. I feel obligated to x3 Just... because. I don't have a real reason for it.

Anyways, in other news not pertaining to Sims/my future (not) in the Sims community, a lot has changed since I made my last legitimate update post way back in February. Holy shit. February. And I used to think not posting anything for two days felt weird.

Anyway, yeah, a lot of shit has changed. The biggest change is probably that I've become a sort of gay/trans rights activist (or as I prefer to call it, 'human rights'; Yes, I'm one of 'those people'). I'm pretty sure it doesn't count if all I do is reblog posts and think shit without doing anything, but the feeling is there. Part of this has sparked from the fact that I am now slowly and eventually coming out of the closet to friends and family as a lesbian. Yes, I'm a lesbian. I've been toying with the idea since probably around the beginning of the school year, though probably earlier than that because I used to think "Holy shit, am I a lesbian?!" and the whole idea scared the ever-loving shit fuck out of me. I've 'come to terms' now, so to speak, hence the "FF Blogger" and "Pride" banners now in the side bar.

School is... okay. I'm still sitting in a corner most of the time, but I'm getting a teeny bit closer with the few friends I've managed to scrounge up. Class is boring. Art, which I thought I would enjoy, is actually kind of pissing me off. My mark is plumetting because we keep getting these pencil assignments and I'm shit with pencil. My best media is probably paint, which will most likely be the LAST thing we do this year >.> I'll probably ask for stuff to do for extra credit. My mark is mid to low seventies, and I know that's good, but I'm shooting for a ninety here and that's a bit too far off from my goal for my liking.

A series of other random shit: Music has become my lifeline. My obsession with Homestuck has slightly grown, as has my involvement in the community. I have an entire second social life online where I can be myself more than any other place.

So... yeah. That's the way shit is. Possibly more later? I probably forgot a bunch of shit. Meh.



  1. Aw don't worry about the competition. Just glad to hear you're ok. 15 already?! I remember when your screenname use to say 13. Oh how the years go by! Also glad to hear you are slowly finding yourself in this crazy world. Take care hon and Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Vid <3 It's really nice to know that even when I jump out of the stratosphere there's still someone here to talk to when I get back. Really, thanks :) I don't know if you have any idea how much this means to me. I was gone for so long, I thought this place would be a ghost town.
      Aight, I'm starting to get cheesy, time to shut the fuck up xD

    2. LOL Awww...now you making me feel all warm and fuzzy. Well do visit here sometime. We haven't all ran away. Glad my comment brought you a smile. *hugs* :)