Apr 19, 2012


A friend from Homestuck (we'll call her Karkat because that's who she was role playing when we met) convinced me to try Pottermore. So far it's pretty neat, I just got sorted by the sorting hat, and I'm a Hufflepuff. The description for Hufflepuffs fits me pretty well.

Honey badger don't give a shit. Hufflepuff has the best animal. Everyone else go home.

Anyway, I'm excited to try potions and broomstick riding the most, though I've heard potions can be frustrating. Karkat said that two of her potions exploded because a) she got to it five minutes late and b) she stirred it one too many times. That shit is expensive, so it's a damn piss of when it goes to waste. There are probably more failure stories she hasn't told because she apparently has never created a single successful potion to date.

My wand is dogwood with dragon core, twelve and a half inches and slightly springy (damit brain, that shouldn't sound sexual >.< ). If you'd like to add me, I'm OwlSnidget28358.

Anyway I just realized that it is fucking one in the morning and I have school tomorrow and my group in English is fucked up the ass dry because we have pretty much nothing prepared and we need to do a half hour presentation on a stupid ass short story and I just really wish we had more class time for this fucker.

Anyway, so long and goodnight.

Damn, that might become a thing. I like it. And it's an MCR reference.


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