Sep 2, 2012

Facebook Ads: JUST STOP

I was looking at my newsfeed today and this caught me eye:

The picture in that ad is of Viva Lune, generation three heiress of the Lune Legacy.

The third one down is the exact one used in the ad, freshly dug from the Lune Legacy archives on LiveJournal.

This pisses me off beyond belief. Seriously? You are linking to a virtual baby game. How about a screenshot from the actual game you are advertising for, instead of a screenshot from The Sims 3? And on top of that they stole that picture from the Lune Legacy, which happens to have some very dedicated fans (it's been over a year since Blue has posted anything but there are still fans [including myself] who regularly check her website for updates).

I even decided to click the ad and see just what they were disgracing the Lune Legacy's face with and I got a random link then a redirect to fucking WoozIn. That isn't even a virtual baby game! That's an online community full of assholes and bitches screaming about how everyone else but them is a stupid little shit.

edoiakgpedhsg;kd;gpiwrhpgjs WHY



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