Feb 24, 2013

Back Into Sims

Yesterday I went back into Sims 2, and god it was so good to get back into the game.

I went into the first file I'd ever created. At the start, it was just me and my dog, Heather. Eventually I adopted a son who I named Brandon, but since I was a fucking disaster at raising kids in Sims 2, Brandon failed out of school and got taken away :) After that, when I realized that my simself was nearing old age, I ran out and seduced the first man I found into marrying me and procreating. They had a son, who I also named Brandon (because I was a creative little fucker). This child was successful. I wanted them to have another child, but by now my simself was old and unable to have any more babies. So I got creative and added another child to the household, one that I created in CAS. I pretended it was Leonid's (the asshole I married) child from another marriage. What gave me this idea, I have no fucking idea.

And that's about where I left that file for quite some time. When I went back in, I played for about one in-game day and Heather died :( This made me very upset because Heather the sim collie was based off of Heather the real collie, my dog. When I went downstairs, I was actually incredibly releaved to find that Heather the real collie was still bright eyed and bushy tailed and not old/near death. The next in-game day I had them adopt an orange kitten, who I named Ronald after Ronald Weasley.

I thought I would have more to say about my venture into sims but I guess I don't? Oh well. I'll probably go back in later today. Last night I finally started reading the first Scott Pilgram book.

I really don't have anything else to say and I have no idea how to end this post so here have a random screencap from Sims 3.

This is actually from the first legacy I ever tried to do I just found out that somehow EVERY SINGLE SCREENCAP I'VE EVER DONE is still logged on my computer oh god

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