Nov 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend (and then some) (basically the whole month of October in one post)

I was about to post on Thursday the 10th, but I decided against it since I had a four day weekend ahead of me with tons of plans and I'd probably have hella more stuff to write about if I left posting to Monday night. While I do have a shit ton more to write about than I did on Thursday (partly because I once again put off posting way too long), it's certainly not what I expected.

Thanksgiving weekend turned out to suck shit. I had plans to meet up with my two friends from my old school (whom I haven't seen in quite some time) on Saturday and then go to my Nanna's for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, but Friday morning I spiked a fever. All of my joints and muscles were sore as hell and I didn't feel like eating much because all the muscles running up the front of my neck hurt when I swallowed, although I was starving and developed a monster appetite. Basically, shit was fucked up. That roller coaster fever continued for two weeks, but I only missed one (almost) full week of school since I was off from the 16th to the 18th.

Monday the 14th was Thanksgiving Monday, and Tuesday the 15th was the first day of the new school week and my six month anniversary with Rose. I swear she is so fucking aaaaaa what do I even say! She biked to my fucking house and then back to hers before I left to meet her at her house (we walk to school) and she left flowers and a letter on my front door step. This was incredibly embarrassing since my dad was standing right there and he said what could essentially be summed up as "What the shit is on my doorstep," although I had previously explained the significance of the day when whining at the dinner table hoping my fever would let up so I could go to school and see her. Truly though it was incredibly sweet of her to fucking bike to my house I swear to god, and the letter was beautiful. The flowers, though they're for the most part dead now, are still in a glass with some water on my book shelf. Anywhos, my fever did let up, but just for the one day, which is why I missed the rest of the week. We met up, did the school day thing, and walked home after school. We also had a Rangers meeting that night, so we met up and walked to the local elementary school that meetings are held at together. Rangers meeting was a Rangers meeting, though we were both giddy. My dad picked us up after, and that was the day. I know it sounds rather simple, but it was very nice to do something normal after my weekend of illness.

On the 26th, Rose attended her first family party formally as my girlfriend. As it turns out, my cousin is the dumbest little shit in the fucking universe and was working under the assumption that my grandma was a homophobe and was twisting her words into a negative interpretation. How he ended up interpreting suck extremes  is entirely incomprehensible. I am never trusting that fucking idiot again. My dad talked to my grandma and she was 110% fine with my being gay and dating Rose. Anyway, the party was relatively uneventful, but I feel like it was noteworthy since it was the first family party Rose has come to as my girlfriend.

Halloween. My costume ended up being made the night before, but it was fucking great. I wore a shirt that said "THIS IS MY STRAIGHT GIRL COSTUME." Sadly, there is no photo documentation of me wearing said costume, so I can't give you a picture of me in it. I also can't provide a picture of the shirt itself because it's in the laundry. I'll take a picture and put it up here whenever the shirt gets back in my drawers. I'll also be puttin' that shit on Facebook 'cause that costume was fucking great in my humble opinion.

Oh, also, my school's semi-formal dinner-dance is coming up on the 21st of November and I will be attending with Rose. We've both got tickets and we plan to set aside whatever day we can to go shopping together for clothing (Rose hates dresses, but fuck man I'm going to be finding the most insane dress I can because the theme is Alice in Wonderland and it gives me an excuse to wear the strangest thing imaginable). November's going to be busy for both of us (but really, what month hasn't been busy lately), so we're just gonna hope that we've got a day where we're both free, otherwise we'll have to go shopping with our respective mother figures on separate days.

Of course October had its high points, such as the aforementioned events, but it could really be described as a total shitstorm. Because of my illness, I was at the doctors a lot, and on Sunday the 20th I ended up in the Emergency Room because my fever spiked forty degrees celsius for the third time in the span of one and a half weeks. This dumb bitch E.R. nurse did blood work on me and she had no idea what she was doing. First she stabbed me in my right elbow, then removed the needle after like ten seconds because apparently I have really small blood vessels. Then, instead of moving to my other elbow, as any sane person would do, she moved to my left hand. MY LEFT HAND. Then she jabbed the fucking thing in once close to the outside of my hand, then decided that spot wasn't fucking right, and stabbed the thing into somewhere near the center of my fucking hand. I swear to god, that shit was so fucking painful. When she was finished, she took the fucking thing out of my hand, and there was blood all dripping through my fingers and a couple drops got on the floor. It was so bad she had to take me to go get cleaned up and wash my hands. Now I'd only had blood work done once before this that I can remember, but I'm pretty fucking sure that you are not supposed to drip blood all over the fucking place when you're finished. And then, AND THEN, after all of that bullshit, after sitting outside the E.R. fucking waiting for the results to come back, this nurse comes out and tells me we gotta do the blood work again because the first viles "weren't good" and they assured me that they had someone come up from the lab this time. The person from the lab did my blood work with my left elbow quick and painless. She even took some extra just in case they needed more so they wouldn't have to stab at me again, and I didn't even mind the extra time spent with the thing in my arm. I am so fucking done with blood work right now.

And not only was I sick, but Rose was dealing with her own shit, so we were constantly away from each other and barely had any time to hang out. Things are finally calming down, though I'm still dealing with the aftershock of being behind in two of my classes because of my sick days. I've got a psych project that's due on Monday which I've barely done anything with (but I know I'll be okay) and I need to read up to page 72 in Frankenstein in order to get caught up to where I was supposed to have read to by Friday. Then I need to read to page 108 for this Friday, and take notes while reading

That's basically all that's been missed. When I look back, I guess kind of a lot happened in October? It really was a shitstorm. Way too much going on at once. Hopefully things will keep getting calmer now.

I'll try and post more in November?

P.S. Amanda Fucking Palmer is an amazing musician y'all should check her out too

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