Feb 11, 2014


I thought the fucking sale lasted until the 11th at midnight, but apparently it is over.

I've been sitting with my dad trying to fix the internet problem on my desktop. In a brief instance of internet connectivity, he was able to load the Town Life anniversary page. We then observed this fucking mess: both of our pages had different end dates. My page said that the sales ended on the 14th, his said the 10th. I remember a couple of days ago reading the 11th as the end date in the exact same place. The 10th must have been the correct date, because the fucking sale ended and everything's back to regular price which means no University and Seasons for me. Mother fucker.

I'm going to be leaving this a little longer because when I tried to get to doing the manual patch of my game, shit got confusing and it's nine thirty so like fuck are we tryin' any more of this shit tonight. First we need to fix the internet connection on my desktop, then we can focus on my game. I already got Town Life assigned to my Origin account, so there's no worries there. Come to think of it, if I'd used my brain for a fucking second, I could have purchased those games over the weekend when I had internet and while they were on sale because they would not need to download and install, they would simply remain in the Origin library until I was ready to bust 'em out. God fucking dammit. I only purchase when shit goes on sale 'cause like fuck am I paying the same price as the base game to get an expansion pack (that's an excuse, I'm just a cheap motherfucker, I could totally afford to pay full price).

So that's where we're at. Maybe I'll go in this weekend and take a couple shots anyways since this problem obviously is not going to be resolved any time soon.

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