Feb 3, 2014

Fixing My Game

You know that texture problem I mentioned in the last post? I tried to fix it by turning down the graphics settings, but that wasn't the problem.

I tried first turning down the texture detail and reflection quality settings one notch (since I noticed that pool water had lost that gorgeous clear ripple-y effect I know it's supposed to have). Still nothing. I turned every other setting down one notch. Nothing.

I'm too much of a prick to attempt turning any of my settings any lower than that, but since my computer runs the game smoothly with all of the settings at their highest, I very much doubt that my graphics settings are the problem. Thing is, I don't know what else it could be.

I know it's not all textures, 'cause this is what's happening:

The wood chip texture underneath the tree is clear as day. There are also other small patches of texture where it differs from whatever the default grass texture is.

Here we see a random patch of what would normally blend perfectly into the grass to create a nice variation in texture.

Here we see three other textures clean and clear: the dirt in the garden, the asphalt driveway, and the stony pathway up to the door. And then there's the blurred mess where grass is supposed to be.

As I started looking for more examples around town, I noticed that the default texture for the mountains is also a blurred mess. It seems like it's not just grass, but any dominant world texture.

Here's a closer look at the park in the last shot. Wood chips under the trees and park equipment, nice clear pathways, but the grass and mountains are all blurry.

The ripple texture of the oceans and such are still lookin' gorgeous.

Pools, however, are not so fortunate.

I don't get it. I have no idea why this is happening. My game was perfectly fine before this. Maybe it's a glitch from installing the three new expansion packs and not updating my game? But I can't update my game, because every time I try, Origin downloader fucks it up and "pauses" the download at like 2%, and whenever I try to 'unpause' it, it's slow as shit and totally unresponsive. My game is currently version

I swear to fucking god, this shit's pissing me off so fucking much. It's not that big of a deal for just playing the game, but since I'm thinking of getting back into modeling comps and storytelling, I'm going to need my backgrounds to not look like blurry-ass pieces of shit.

Anybody got any ideas of what the fuck is up and how the fuck I can fix it?


  1. Hello :)

    Is Origin updated? Maybe you need to reinstall origin.

    Also try patching manually.

    And if all else fails, check your graphics card settings. My new graphics card has it's own menu that allows me to optimize it the game. Maybe yours is a bit off. Your drivers also may need to be updated. Make sure everything on your computer is completely updated.

    Then if that fails, I can't help you. Ask on the EA forum. >_<

    1. I just installed Origin, so yeah, it's all up to date. I'm pretty sure I've been ignoring a graphics card update on that computer for months though, so I suppose now would be an optimal time to get to that >.< I'll do a manual update of my game as well. Thanks for the help!