Aug 10, 2015


Okay so this post becomes a more daunting task with each day that passes.

I am now on four months without a post. That is four months of life updates, and let me tell you, a lot of shit had gone down.

Let's do a brief look at the rest of April. Last we left off, I was... well, miserable. I felt like shit for pretty much all of April, mostly because of the break up with Rose, partly because of the impending doom of school project deadlines and the end of the school year.

My last post was on the first day of Rainbow Week, which was a motherfuckin' hum dinger this year. I'm really proud of the result of our combined efforts. It's been so long I can hardly remember the schedule. Thankfully everything is still up on the council's Facebook page, so I can just grab what I don't remember from there.

Monday was supposed to be School Pride Day in conjunction with the rest of the school's major clubs, but instructions were unclear so nothing really happened.

Tuesday was fucking fantastic! It was an Equity Terms Workshop on Gender and Sexuality. We have a white board in our school's front lobby that's free for councils to use for promoting school events. It's double sided, so we set up one side with gender terms and one side with sexual and romantic orientation. We had members of the council (as well as a couple of non-member volunteers a.k.a. my friends) pull people in and talk to them about the terms on the board, offering explanations and answering any other questions. It went fabulously! So many people came up and talked to us, both teachers and students. The white board stayed up in the front foyer for the rest of the week for anyone passing by to take a gander.

Wednesday was Gender Diversity Day. We had representatives from PFLAG's (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) transgender support group come set up to answer students' questions, as well as a representative for our local Pride committee. The white boards were still up, so I stood by them and answered questions again.

On Thursday we organized our own Purple Day. Yep.

Friday was Day of Silence. Mr. Doe consulted the council to make edits to the previous year's stickers, so we didn't run into the problem with 'and their allies' again.

That evening, April 17, was my birthday party with my friends. I realize now that I've only named like three of my friends. Okay so this is The Squad: Usagi, Francis, Alice, Misa, Rose, Cat (she really likes cats), Tyler (he's constantly looking things up and telling us random facts).

The squad minus Alice (she was working) came over to my house after school, as well as a friend from my theatre group and a friend from my English class. We ordered pizza and played Smash for WiiU for the whole evening. It was fuckin' great. There was a lot of yelling and cheering. Also my mom said that was the most f-bombs she's ever heard dropped in our house.

The next day was Cat's birthday party. It was the squad minus Alice again plus Cat's boyfriend and one of her friends from outside of school. We played a little Smash for Wii and had sushi for dinner, after which we dove into a game of Cards Against Humanity that lasted for the whole evening. What a great fucking game. It was a fabulous evening, I've never laughed so hard in my life.

That's really all the excitement to report on from April. Let's take a look at May, shall we?

May's excitement is all at the end of the month. Usagi's birthday is in May, so they had their birthday party on the 22nd. Usagi's party was just the squad. We went over to their house and had, again, pizza, talked for a while, and then we played Wario Ware Smooth Moves for the Wii. It's a one player game, but we passed around the controller and had a grand old time.

That Sunday was Anime North, which I went to with Francis and Misa. I got a Lapis Lazuli poster, a Mass Effect poster for Usagi, and a Megaman poster for my older brother. I also bought a really cute fruit bracelet from SA Design by Sasa, a Montreal-based independent clothing designer.

Have I mentioned getting into Steven Universe on here before? I got into the cartoon Steven Universe. Lapis Lazuli is from Steven Universe. It is fucking brilliant. Also, there are canon lesbians. Yesssssss.

June. Okay, here's the motherlode. Let's go.

First week of June. A whole bunch of ISU stuff was due, which I ended up not meeting most of because I caught the nastiest fucking cough/cold at Usagi's birthday party. Usagi got sick too, and so did Alice. I missed almost a full week of school, so I got way behind in my projects. Luckily, I was better before June 4th.

What is June 4th, you may ask? June 4th was prom. But I didn't go to prom. Oh no, I did something better.

Back in May, one of my friends had the idea of going to laser tag instead of prom, and it all spiralled from there. I took it upon myself to organize the event. I put together the guest list, booked the venue, and organized the potluck dinner. A brand new laser tag place just opened up down the street from our school, so we went there.

The guest list included: Usagi, Alice, Francis, Misa, Rose, Tyler, Cat, Cat's boyfriend, Cat's friend from outside of school, Misa's housemate, my friend from theatre, and a friend of Rose's. All of the nicknameless peeps were not just friends with the people I've affiliated them with though, they all had at least a couple friends in the group, so it was a really good mix of friends.

We had an hour in the party room and two fifteen-minute games. It was such a blast! We did a formal dress code, though it was really just as formal as you wanted to go. Everyone looked amazing all fancied up! I wore a long red gown. The staff took a picture of all of us in front of the entrance to the laser tag area. Fuck, I wish I could post the group photo. I can't, even with blurred faces, for privacy reasons, but god damn do I wish I could.

After laser tag, we went back to my house and played Smash for WiiU for the rest of the evening. Things simmered down and everybody went home around 10:00 since my mom had to get to bed for work the next day.

It was just... amazing. I can't imagine a better way to spend prom night. I saw a lot of pictures from prom on Facebook, but I didn't feel one bit envious. I had the most amazing time with the greatest people, and for far less money than I would have spent going to my school's prom ($90 for the ticket alone, when laser tag cost $15.82 with tax). I'm really happy with how it turned out. Everyone else had a great time too! I'm also kinda proud of myself for putting it all together. I worked my butt off to make sure everything was organized right and it totally paid off.

The next day, June 5th. I talked to Rose on the phone that evening and... We got back together! I'm so happy we got back together. Things have been going very well. We're doing a lot better, we've talked through what we needed to talk through, and we definitely have not fallen back into old negative cycles. We went to the local street fair on Sunday and had a lovely time walking the streets and picnicking in our park.

Second week of June. My last full week of classes. Handed a bunch of stuff in. Yeah.

Third week of June. Exam week. I had my film exam on Monday, my writer's craft exam on Tuesday, and my English exam on Wednesday. After my exam on Wednesday, I ran into Misa, Cat and Tyler on my way out, and they invited me to go to sushi with them. We had lunch at a local sushi place and it was really delicious. I discovered that I like avocado! Or at least avocado and cucumber roles. We went back to Misa's place and watched Juno after lunch.

That weekend, the weekend of the 20th and 21st, was my play's final performance. I've mentioned my theatre on here before, right? I can't recall. I was Gangster 2 in a production of the musical The Drowsy Chaperone. We did terrifically! Everyone in my theatre group is so amazing at acting. Actually, there's someone in my theatre group going to the same university as me, but in the acting program, not visual art. Anyway, I'm super happy with our final performance!

Fourth week of June. The 23rd was my graduation ceremony. My favourite part was the valedictorian speech, which poked fun at the fact that our school is fucking falling apart. There's been construction for years and it's still a damn mess. The rest of the ceremony was long and kinda blah. But I got my diploma! And I graduated. And that is the important part. Rose was there with my family. I got a picture with my art teacher, who's been a huge influence on me and an amazing person to talk to these past two years.

The 24th was exam review day, and boy oh boy did I do some fun learning on that day!

I got perfect on my film studies exam. I got fucking perfect on my film studies exam. Oh my god.

Not quite perfect. I lost one mark in the multiple choice. But holy fuck. 40/41. On my film studies exam.

Also, writer's craft. I got the highest exam mark in my class. 90%. The highest exam mark in my class. Oh my fucking god.

Our writer's craft exam was to write a passage based on our book club book. The three books we could choose from were A Handmaid's Tail, The Fault in Our Stars, and We Need to Talk About Kevin. My book was We Need to Talk About Kevin. We had three options: write a passage set during the book that would not disrupt the continuity of the book, write an alternate ending, or write a passage set five years after the end of your book. Our passage had to mirror the author's writing style. I chose to write a passage set during the book. And I got the highest mark in my class. Fucking 90%. On my exam. Fuck.

My English exam, I didn't do so hot on. But I still passed the class with an 82%, which I needed to keep for university, so yaaay English!

The 25th, the next day, I hosted and end of the year party for my friends. Just the squad this time. Peeps came over at 2:00 and stayed 'til 10:00. We played video games all day. We started with some Nintendoland for WiiU, then moved on to Punch Out for Wii, which is a one player game, but Francis, Misa and Tyler passed around the controller for two fucking hours until they beat the first difficulty level. Then we moved on to LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3. We grabbed a whole bunch of items I really needed to complete my file, so thank you friends! We ordered pizza around 5:00 and after dinner we ended up spending an hour and a half talking around my kitchen table with tea and cookies like a bunch a fuckin' old ladies. It was really great, though. We played Smash for WiiU until everyone had to head home.

And that brings us to July. July has been dominated by my work. I'm still working at that art studio where I had my co-op. I'm a teacher at their summer camp right now. It's a day camp, so hours have been good. My busy work weeks have been spattered with walks/outings with Rose and spontaneous after-work shopping trips.

And now it's August. Damn.

I guess I should put a general health update in here too. Still having stomach problems. They are still getting better very, very slowly and it is very, very frustrating. My joints have been doing a lot better though. That's some good shit.

And now we are here! The coming month is going to be filled with work and university prep, which I have also been doing a lot of.

I never now how to end these damn things. I'm not going to say "I'm going to try and post more regularly!" Because I say that every time and it only ever lasts for a week at most. I'll try and keep it at least monthly, though. I've come to think of this as not just posting for others, but posting as an archive for myself, y'know? I've had this blog since I was thirteen. It's seen... Well, it's seen a lot. It's basically a documentation of my growing up. I kinda like being able to look back on stuff, y'know? So yeah, I'm hoping to keep it at least monthly.

I'll talk to you soon, folks. Thanks for sticking around.

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