Aug 16, 2015

Hobbies and Other Things that Fill my Free Time

I left a few more small details and side-projects out of my most recent four-month update post, so I thought I'd give 'em a little attention right here.

No shit. I don't play as often as I used to, though. The last five fucking times I went into my game it fucking crashed and I lost so much fucking progress. It kept crashing in this one file, maybe because it's a seven-person household? I dunno. But I've got plans for that household, and every time I move forward with them, my game fucking crashes. I went in again a couple of days ago and made good progress in another file, so I was happy with that. My game is still doing that stupid thing where I need to change the file name every time it saves. If I just click "Save" instead of "Save As..." my game gets stuck on the part where it needs to delete the old file to create the new data under the same name. I need to change the number at the end of my save file name every time I save, and manually delete the old save from the main menu. Also, that texture glitch is back. I fuckin' give up. I'm not going to try and get into any more modelling comps any time soon, and it doesn't affect gameplay, so I'm just going to fucking leave it.

I have been playing a lot of LittleBigPlanet lately. I have officially aced every level in the first game, and collected every item! That is a seven year journey over and done with, holy shit. I'm getting there with the second game. I've aced almost every level. I only have like, three left I think? Maybe two? Anyway, whenever I get frustrated with trying to ace levels, I've been working on collecting all of the prize bubbles. Right now I've fully completed the second world, and only have some challenge level prize bubbles left in the first. I do own LittleBigPlanet 3, but I have vowed not to touch it until I've fully completed the first two. I may break that vow, though. I'm really excited to play it.

Around the end of January, I got into lolita fashion. Here is a good explanation of what lolita is. I have been slowly but surely collecting outfit pieces over the course of the year, and I am almost done! I'm just missing a purse. Here is a photo of my outfit sans-accessories:

For accessories, I have two flower rings, one pink and one yellow, a pearl bracelet, and pearl earrings. I just need that goddamn purse, and I am not willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it. This puts me in a bit of a sticky situation, because the Canadian dollar is a giant turd right now and the exchange rate from CAD to USD and CAD to Euro is enough to make one cry.

Yes, I'm trash, I know, but I play MapleStory. I originally created my account in summer of 2009 (which would be the summer after my sixth grade year). I had a great time and made my first online friends through MapleStory. I even joined a guild and all that. My character's name is Belabelle and she's on the Windia server. I didn't go back to her, though. All the people I used to play with are long gone. I created a new character on the Dementhos server, named Genderfkt. They are a level 47 Wind Archer and I'm doing quite well with them! MapleStory is actually kind of a boring time-waster, but it's nice to chill with for a bit. Most of the quests are just "Kill x number of y enemy and get back to me" so it's a bit repetitive, but my character's class levels up a little faster than most, which unlocks dungeons faster, so that keeps things swimming along.

Bead Weaving
This is a more recent one. I got my bead loom back out for the first time in years just last week, and I'm really enjoying it.

Basically, I got this Klutz brand bead looming kit as a Christmas or birthday gift when I was like ten or something. It looks like this:

It looks like this set up:

And makes bracelets that look like this:
The handiwork is calming. I've made one bracelet so far and I've got a second one well on its way to being finished. I might post pictures of them some time, but they're gifts, so I just want to be sure the receiver of said gifts doesn't find them here.

Web Comics
I have been reading quite a few web comics! You already know about Homestuck. Homestuck is currently on Omegapause, which means there aren't going to be any updates for at least a year. When there are updates, they will be the very last updates of Homestuck, and they will finish off the seven-year journey. God damn.

Another web comic I've been following for a while is the now-finished Girls with Slingshots. Girls with Slingshots had its last update on March 12, 2015, and since then has been posting newly coloured versions of the old black-and-white strips. The earlier comics aren't as good and I kinda had to fight through them, but it's definitely worth it.

Finally, I have relatively recently hopped on the Questionable Content train. Questionable Content is an excellent web comic that follows the life of Marten Reed and his circle of friends and family. As with Girls with Slingshots, the earlier days of Questionable Content were of questionable quality, but totally, totally worth it to fight through it. This comic has amazingly written representation of characters struggling with mental illness and addiction, as well as a canon transgender character and a canon bisexual character who has been shown in romantic relationships with both men and women with no nasty side comments. They also have a female character who at her introduction presented as more masculine and wore a binder regularly, and was not mocked for it. Later she stopped wearing the binder and, again, it wasn't made into a huge deal. Man, this web comic is so fucking great. The art style changes a LOT over time, it gets better and better, and all of the characters are so three-dimensional and complex, and it has fantastic representation and handles so many things so so well. This web comic makes me really happy and I highly recommend you read it (whoever you are, reading his post right now).

TV Shows
I have been doing a lot of TV watching! You all know about Steven Universe already, glorious gem that it is. I've also been watching the ever-popular Orange is the New Black, which I'm going to rewatch very soon because my dad set up Netflix yesterday! We recently upgraded our internet to unlimited so now I can do all of the streaming I want and not get in trouble for it (muahahahaha). Now that we have Netlix I'm also going to watch The 100 and sense8 because Rose loves those shows and has been wanting me to watch them for ages. I also want to watch Gravity Falls, which is unfortunately not on Netlix. Oh, and I own the first four seasons of Adventure Time and the first season of Teen Titans a.k.a. my childhood. I've got a lot of watching to do!

Social Media
This is the place where I plug all of my social media.

Personal Tumblr: Where I spend about half of my time on the internet.

Aesthetic Tumblr: For lack of a better term. Lots of pretty things and cute shit.

LiveJournal: I set this up so I could join a couple of lolita communities. I haven't posted in a bit but I'll do another post very soon.

Twitter: I never use this, but here it is.

Facebook: I am not giving you the link to my Facebook but ye, it's a thing that I have and spend time on.

That's it, pretty much! I have been spending most of my spare time doing any combination of these things over the summer. I'll do lil' hobby updates every once in a while for fun, I guess!

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