Sep 9, 2011

First Week = DONE!

So I said I'd make a post about the first day of school... Well, this is going to be about the first week x3

Day one was pretty meh. My locker is on the third floor, right beside my home room, which is geography. After that, I have science down the hall, then lunch, but both of my afternoon classes - french and BTT (business tech, which is full of tools [and I mean people]) -  are on the first floor, so it's a run-like-hell after lunch. After school I met my brother by the front doors where he showed me to his friends going "This is my sister, She's a niner" and repeatedly torturing me xD He then decided that instead of showing me how to get home he wanted to go out to Tim Horton's with his friends (there's a Timmy's right beside my school), so I had to tag along. I got to see him with eyeliner on ^.^

Day two nothing very eventful... I started making a few more friends at lunch with some girls from my science and french. I'm also making friends with some of my brother's friends, which is good. One of them is on our bus home so I can talk to her at our stop. Speaking of busing, I take YRT to and from school using a student pass. Billy and Bob (lol, that sounds so weird xD) are on my bus morning and afternoon.

Day three my brother invited me to sit with him and his friends at lunch (we have the same lunch). He introduced me to a few more friends at his table then showed me off to his friends at the table behind us. I'm kind of getting used to it by now xD

Day four aka today. I sat with said people from day two again. We got our first assignment in science. We're making eco bottles, which means we're setting up a whole eco system in a large bottle. It involves a large jug with aquarium gravel filled with water, some fish, a few snails and some live aquarium plants. We completely seal off the top and see what happens. Plant makes oxygen, fishies eat plant, when the fishies crap the snails eat it. Bam.

Outside our school is overpopulated with those ginormous mosquetoes. You know, these ones:
Yeah, pleasant :) But seriously, they're everywhere. They enjoy chilling on the sides of the school in bunches of three to five. One got into my science class today xD Once it finished flying around the class, it flew into the wall then went to the other side of the class and repeatedly tried to fly through the window for the rest of science period.

And that's about all... I need to go get some locker gear and a few aquarium plants for science tomorrow. We shall see :]

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