Sep 5, 2011

Mosquito Bites and Other 'Fun' Things

*WARNING* This may be considered too much information. I have a mosquito bite on my derriere and it's itchy and it's REALLY ANNOYING.
Other 'fun' things, it's back to school for me on Tuesday. Yay? I don't know what to think, really. I'm excited to start high school, but then I'm nervous I don't run into a certain second grade crush (I'm pretty sure I've explained that before, but I'm too lazy to do it again xD) or even worse have him in one of my classes (if I do I will hate whatever class he's in, even if it's BTT which is the only class I have first semester that I'm really looking foreward to). I know I don't have any friends in my classes (we compared schedules at orientation), and I'm not the best at doing the whole "Hi, I'm Caitlin, what's your name?" thing. I'm kinda shy at first, you only get to see the real wild side when I'm comfortable around you xD We were grouped in our home room classes for orientation so I've talked to a few people from there, but I don't know who else will be in any of my classes. I just hope none of my classes involve a certain second grade stalker and/or the 'douches' and/or 'popular bitches' from my elementary school.
In a whole other category, yet still related to school, I really don't like the uniform. It looks fine, it's nice and jazzy and fancy and all that, but it's completely unflattering, and make me look flatter than an airplane runway. At least my hair is cooperating -_-
And that's my little song-and-dance. Good day.

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