Sep 23, 2011

I'm back! (again)

I went back to the same place I went for my grad trip for my grade nine orientation, and I must say it kind of sucked dog shit :/ There were good parts, but...
ANYWAY, I went kayaking, and no I didn't hit anyone in the face this time x3 What was special this time was that it was in the pouring rain! I caught a cold, but it was totally worth it. I was partnered with Tom (who I am beginning to foster a bit of a crush for). I feel really bad for him, he was in a t-shirt and shorts while I had my warm rain jacket and (completely soaked) sweats.
Let's talk about Mayo. Mayo is what I'm going to call one of the vice principals at my school because his last name kind of sounds like it x3 Anyway, back on day one, Mayo was explaining night time rules. "I want you to have lights out at ten." I nearly spit out my food. Lights out at ten? Are you fucking kidding me? TEN?! I don't even have my lights off that early at home, and I was getting an extra hour of sleep at camp (I usually wake up at six, but we were getting up at seven)! Jump another 24 hours and he was explaining the rules for the dance. "A lot of people have been going back to their cabins or the washroom saying they are going to get changed or get water. No one will be allowed going back to their cabins during the dance." Reasonable enough, until he added, "Washrooms will be closed during the dance." WHAT. THE. FUCK. I'm surprised they didn't have kids pissing themselves at the dance! Then again, the dance was ONLY ONE FUCKING HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES.
As a final note, I will talk about after said shitty dance. Two girls from the same cabin went to get a drink of water from the mess hall. A teacher gave them random milk from the kitchen and sent them of their way. The punch line? The milk was way over due. Within five minutes they were both throwing up. I don't know how stupid you have to be to accept random milk and DRINK IT, but I still feel bad for the girls.
And to end on a bittersweet note, Tom was looking for me during the slow songs at the dance but he couldn't find me. Yay.

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