Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone.

I do realize I have not updated in a while. Nine days, to be exact.

Even now I only come with seasons greetings. There hasn't been much to post about as of late. I suppose I could try and throw something together though.

It's Easter weekend, and I've been visiting family. Food's been good. My cousins are a bunch of lovely goons, as usual. I wore a pair of black and white thigh-high striped socks to my grandma's today. My grandpa called me a zebra, she called me Raggedy Ann, one of my uncles called me Pippi Longstockings, and the other called me the Hamburglar. Wonderful. Never wearing those socks up there again.

I've been reading a play through of the Japanese PSP game Dangan Ronpa. It's fucking great.

Not much else to say. Have a wonderful week <3

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