Jul 16, 2014

Summer Fun Part 1

Part 1 consists of all of my saved game pics from mid-May to current day (which isn't as many as it sounds) and other simming things. Part 2 consists of my real life summer shenanigans.

PREFACE: My sincerest apologies to Iona and the rest on the LIFE modelling competition forum. I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the earth like that. During that time I was overwhelmingly anxious about the end of the school year and was unable to submit the first assignment.

My summer vacation started roughly three weeks ago, and boy has it been a hell of a ride so far. I won't get into real life stuff here though. This is my Sims post. Let's hop right in.

I spend a good part of my time playing Sims. I finally purchased University Life and Seasons on sale, so I am now totally happy with the state of my game's expansion packs. As I play around more with University, the campus is getting pretty fucking boring, but I really enjoy the other features, objects and CAS items the game added, so it's totally worth it. Seasons is glorious. I love having seasons in my game. The festivals are kind of blah though, I rarely visit them.

I've worked a family up to the introduction of the third generation, but now the fucking game file's glitch and it won't save any more. I have no idea what fucked it up, but I'm so fucking frustrated. The same file also hit a glitch where I couldn't click for my sims to fucking walk anywhere, and I saved, quit, and reopened my game and the problem was fixed. There's also this random glitch where I can't click and drag an item from my sim's pocket to place it in the environment. So this file's fucked up, but I am so goddamn attached to this family, it is incredibly frustrating that I am now unable to save.

I have almost made it to the same point in a second files as well, and that file has not seen many glitches, if any at all. This was the first file I created after installing University and Seasons so both of the founders, Vanessa and Rayyan Ahmed, have university degrees. Vanessa has a Communications degree and Rayyan has a Science & Medicine degreee.

Before I get into the pictures, one more thing: Today I received an email from Origin informing me that I have been selected to access the free TS4 CAS trial. I will be posting about that as soon as I try it out.

Pictures below the cut!

To start, let's return to the Carters. Last we left, Marian and Odine Perry had recently been engaged. These are the pictures from their private wedding.

That's where I left off in that file. That day I basically went into my game, did that, and had to get off. Odine moved in with Marian and Roxy in their apartment. Welcome to the family!

After the wedding, I did take one last picture because I thought Marian looked really nice here, and I definitely don't take enough pictures of her.

As you know, I used Marian Carter as my model in the LIFE modelling competition I mentioned earlier. This happened when I was trying to take her head shot.

This happened when I was attempting to take the picture for the first assignment. Marian autonomously decided to scare one of the extras.

These were taken while attempting to create my Blogger profile picture. The last picture in the row is the picture I decided to use.

This is from that second file I mentioned whith Vanessa and Rayyan Ahmed. Rayyan frequented the School of Science Proving Ground. This happened when she used the "Pull Lever of Doom" interaction on the Group Science Project. Everyone within the boundaries of the fence passed out cold for two hours.

The following is my first experience with an alien abduction.

Poor dear, I don't even know her name.

Face painting station. Cool! But then you look closer and...

...is that fucking Bob Ross are you serious right now

Rayyan had a Graduation Gnome in her textbook during both university semesters. This is the family they ended up creating. Rest in peace, Graduation Gnome. Next time I go in I'll take a picture of the gnome graveyard I set up for the two grad gnomes (they've both passed away now).

This old fart died at a family birthday party.

In the back, you see Vanessa with the red hair in a large bun and Rayyan in the red shirt. Their first son, Ross, is standing to the left of Vanessa in a green alien shirt. The dog is their golden-retriever-poodle cross, Mazie, whom they adopted as a puppy. The rest are all just party guests.

I saw this fella floating around their backyard. Is this just a plain ol' ghost horse, or is there something special about it? I've never seen a red and black ghost like this before.

That's about all that's been going on in my game. I'll have more pictures soon!

Happy Simming!

Those are my adventures in the simming world. To read about my adventures in the real world, click here.

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