Jul 17, 2014

Summer Fun Part 2

Part 1 consists of all my saved game pics from mid-May to current day (which isn't as many as it sounds) and other simming things. Part 2 consists of my real life summer shenanigans.

Wow, okay. So a lot has happened since I last posted about the real world on here.

The biggest thing would be the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation. I finished my grade eleven year. I have survived! My first full year at my new school went amazingly well. I'm actually excited to be returning in September, which is definitely a pleasant feeling. I'm really hoping September doesn't come too soon, though, seeing as I still haven't started really digging into college and university programs yet, since I'll need to start applying in fall (eek).

After that, my ease into summer was a whirlwind. I attended a Pride celebration on June 21st, which was a total blast. I met some awesome people and it was so amazing to see so many queer people in one place! Same goes for the next event, Toronto Pride Prom. Rose asked me to the dance in the cutest way possible. It was on June 23rd. I was incredibly anxious for the first hour or so, but after I loosened up I talked and danced with Rose and others and had a blast. The 25th I went to an event that was part of the Bent Lens Pride celebrations at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The event was In Conversation With... Laverne Cox. I am a HUGE fan of the Netflix show Orange is the New Black where Laverne Cox plays a transgender inmate, and Laverne Cox's trans activism is so spectacularly amazing. She's a goddess, I swear. The whole experience was out of this world. She just fucking went to town. It was beautiful.

The weekend of June 27th - 29th, I went to a camp with my Rangers group. It was a tent camping trip, a co-ed with Scouts on a Scouting camp site. It was real tent camping, not like that Girl Guides shit. Empowering young girls? Fuck, Guide camps are such baby shit. I had no idea. Scout camps are actual camping. We had no electricity or indoor plumbing. We had to share an outhouse for the weekend. It wasn't that bad actually, but it still really sucked. One of the girls in my group brought a fucking hair straightener to camp. She seriously fucking did. It became a running joke through the weekend. We're never going to let her live that down. Our tents were also fucked up. They're the area's tents, so all of the Guiding groups in my town use them. Whatever group had them last fucking fucked them up. One of them had some fucked up busted-ass zippers, there were no pegs (used to pin the tent to the ground), and one of them was missing the fucking fly (the thing that goes over the tent to protect it from rain)! We ended up having to tie a tarp over it using some surrounding trees.

My latest weeks have been occupied with my summer job. I don't believe I've ever mentioned my co-op here, but I did a co-op during second semester (a co-op is a co-operative education course where you are given a workplace placement and you attend that work placement instead of attending classes for that period of time [2-credit co-op takes two class periods, 3-credit is three, 4-credit is all four of your class periods aka your whole day] and you must complete a certain number of hours to gain your credits [2-credit = 200, 3-credit = 300, 4-credit = 400). I was placed at a children's art studio helping with their after school group an doing some special work with their kids on the autism spectrum. This has lead into a summer job helping at their summer camp. The kids are all super sweet and my supervisor and co-workers are all really great. I adore this job! It's going to lead into a part-time job in September teaching art classes in the studio.

Otherwise, I've been using off-days to play Sims and hang out with Rose. That's been my summer so far!

Have a lovely summer!

That's all my real world stuff. To read about my simming adventures, click here.

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