Jul 18, 2014

The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo

Today I installed the Sims 4 CAS demo and played around with it a little. Here are my thoughts.

The interface was a little confusing at first. I had trouble navigating because there are no clear instructions, directions or hints at how to access the different menus for the body and head options. It's a little fussy to figure out which things on the head you can change in Detail Edit Mode and which are changeable in regular viewing. I did figure my way around after a couple of minutes though.

The hairs may look like stupid fucking lego hairs, but at least there's some variety. I'm impressed with the amount of wavy and curly hairs, something that was definitely neglected in Sims 3.

The makeup selection is okay. The blush comes off too strong with the limited colour selection and the lack of opacity slider. Otherwise, eye liners and shadows are good. The lipsticks are basic and there's just enough shine, nothing too strong like the default glossy lipstick in Sims 3. I'd like to see more makeup for dudes. There's some selection of eye liner and eye shadow, but no blush or lipstick at all.

There are a lot of eyebrows and they all look really good. Yeah.

I like the fact that there's a sizeable selection of premade facial features. They all look good, too; nothing has incredibly sharp corners in places there shouldn't be, or strange mushy shapes that don't look human at all. The premade body types are also very well done. There are a variety of body types to pick from as bases, though with a system so customizable I think there should be more bodies, at least as many as there are premade facial features.

As for the new click-and-drag CAS features, I already mentioned the fuss with the Detail Edit Mode. Otherwise, I really enjoy it, to a certain extent. While having to fiddle with a bunch of sliders fucking sucked, I feel like it was a little easier to fine-tune things that way. The click-and-drag system can be very finicky sometimes when it comes to finding the right area to click and dragging around in the right direction. I really enjoyed the new ways to customize the body, though. It's a very basic division of what can be changed, but it's a new system, what can you do.

The clothing selection is alright. Having to use premade colours fucking sucks, but what else is new. All of the clothes seem to mesh well with every body type, which is definitely a plus.

The filter feature is a good way to cut down on clutter. It's really handy for finding what you want. It's definitely a good addition to the game.

I'm not impressed with the new trait system. It's a piece of shit. Also, "Bro" is a trait? Really, EA? That's just fucking sad.

The walking styles are an interesting new feature but they're just a stupid gimmick. EA wasted so much time on this crap and it pisses me off.

The new voice system is cool. I like how you can change the intonation of your sim's voice without any of them sounding flat out stupid. The differences are subtle, but they're there. I like it.

The Gallery is a nice feature for saving your creations. You cannot save single sims, only households. You can share and download if you please, but I won't be uploading or downloading anything into my game.

All in all, I'm not sure what to say. There are some parts of it that I very strongly like, but there are other parts that are utter trash. I've got to give this one a 6/10. I liked it, but it didn't live up to expectations for me. I was really excited for the new CAS click-and-drag features (they were the only thing I was looking forward to in Sims 4), but they didn't quite perform.

Despite my iffy review, I will definitely be playing the shit out of this. Since you can save your households, this is all I'm going to need. Fuck the game, I'm just going to create a million little simmies.

I will command an army of plastic Barbie doll lego-haired Sims and we will rule the earth!

P.S. If you want a look at the sim I created, Marina Crash, read below the cut.





And of course, there's no fucking swimwear. Because there are no pools, therefore no swimming. Fuckin' hell.

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