Nov 17, 2014

Four Months ??????

Well, it has somehow been four fucking months since the last time I posted on here. I've had the new post page in my pinned tabs since early September.

As you can probably guess, a shit ton of stuff's gone down since I last posted here. I'll go over some key highlights, but before I get into real world stuff, let's talk Sims.

I am all read up on Sims 4 and the fucking disaster that ensued post-release. I can't see myself ever buying that mess of a game. EA trying to win people back by adding features back via game patch is very sad to watch. This game is a train wreck. I'm not very optimistic about the first expansion pack picking up the slack. They fucked up so badly, I don't think anything can save them now.

As for Sims 3, I haven't played it since July for three main reasons. The first reason that's less of a reason not to play and more of a peeve is that, for whatever reason, the blurry texture glitch has returned to my game. The second reason is that with school starting up, I hardly have the amount of time required to really get into a game. The third reason, and the most spectacularly angering one, is that two of my favourite game files, the two files that I put the most time and effort into, will not save. I have deduced that the save process is getting stuck on deleting the old file before the creation of the new one. If I force my game to close while it's still trying to save, when I reopen the file, it resumes at the last time it successfully saved. My game is totally up to date, which is unfortunate, because I can't just try a new patch to see if that fixes it because EA's stopped patching Sims 3. I'm going to go back in today and try saving it under a new name as a new file to see if that old file deletion is the only process it's getting stuck on. It'll be annoying to constantly have to save my games under new file names every time, but it'll be a damn sight better than not being able to save at all.

And now, back to reality. That'll be under the cut for anyone who wants to read.

Well, I have officially started my fourth and final year of high school. Things are going pretty well so far, I'd say. I got my mid-term report card today. My three courses this semester are photography, visual art, and human growth and development (psychology), and I'm getting 80 in photography, 85 in art, and 92 in psychology.

That isn't to say that the past few months have been a breeze, of course, I consider my good grades quite the damn miracle, seeing as circumstances have not exactly been in my favour for some time.

Late September, I got sick (Yes, again. What the fuck is it with me and illness at the beginning of the school year?). Except this time it didn't go away in two weeks. I only missed a total of three school days, but it still set me back because of how hard it is to work when you feel sick. Basically, the root of the problem is still kind of fuzzy, but eventually some conclusion was reached (sort of). One of my joint medications damaged my stomach lining, so that was switched to a coated version to help my stomach heal. I am some form of gluten intolerant but the actual cause of that intolerance is still a mystery. And I'm having an ultrasound to check for gallstones this weekend. Yaaaay.

So the sickness debacle is still an ongoing issue, but I'm feeling a lot better these days, so hooray for that.

Happy things! Let's talk about happy things.

October 15th marked my year-and-a-half anniversary with Rose. Unfortunately, I was still in the throes of my sickness at that time, and we weren't able to really do anything.

On Sunday, October 26th, Rose and I saw Lights live in concert at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto for her Little Machines tour. It was phenomenal! She's truly such a spectacular artist. Her vocal range is out of this world. I can't even describe what an amazing experience it was. That was my first concert. My only complaint was that they has the bass guitar a little too loud. There was a point where Lights was singing with just the bass guitar going in the back and the bass was so powerful it was making her voice vibrate. Otherwise, wow. She's just really fucking awesome, and it was a total blessing to be able to see her live.

Equity Council is up and running and doing pretty damn well. We've done some spirit days (i.e. wear this colour for this cause) and ran Safety Week and now Bullying Prevention Week (which is this week). We did a face painting station to raise money on Halloween. I made the designs and did face painting day-of, and it was a blast. We're still pushing admin for the gender neutral washroom. Fucking Mr. Doe continues to interrupt the process with his complete and utter lack of understanding with regards to what the gender neutral bathroom is and our process for getting it approved. He wants to set up a discussion group committee to come up with a plan for the bathroom. Equity spent all of our September meetings in discussion about what the bathroom is, how it works, and why it's necessary in the school. We talked about where it would be and discussed various questions people may have about it to make sure all members were on the same page. We used these meetings as a collaborative process to put together the proposal. He was there for this. He was at these meetings. He read the fucking proposal. And he still thinks we should have a discussion group to see where we should put it, how it will work, if we should even fucking have one in the school. We talked about all of this. We had very thorough discussions that covered just about anything you could possibly come up with. We have a plan. We do not need to develop a new plan. We need to take that plan to the teachers and admin staff and say, "Here is our plan. Any questions?" He is frustratingly dense. But hey, the proposal's in, we just have to play along with Doe's little 'group' and basically tell him exactly what I've said here. And from there, who knows.

I've got my three schools lined up for university applications, I just have to make the time to sit down and fill out those fucking forms. I'm going to be applying to Bachelor of Fine Arts programs at three schools relatively close to home (since, unfortunate as it is, with my health I really shouldn't be venturing too far from home). My visual arts course is basically a portfolio prep course, so I should have a full and vibrant portfolio fully prepared just in time for interviews come January.

That's the important stuff I guess? Fuck, I can't believe it's been four months. That's all for now, I guess. I might post again later with game updates in regards to my lil' saving problem. For now, that's all I got.

See you 'round!

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