Apr 19, 2016

19, and Other Updates

Well, I did it again. I completely ditched my promise to post on here regularly. Is anyone surprised? No, no one is surprised. Eight months, I think that's a new record. That is far too long to do my usual month-by-month recap, so this one's going to be structured a bit differently than usual.

I'm sorry my annual birthday post is a little late this year. Funny enough, I didn't intend to post about turning 19 on the 19th of April, this just sort of happened, much like many other things in my life over the past eight months.

Like my first year of university. That happened, yep.

I think it went well? My grades are good, but my motivation definitely slipped up big time in second term. I think this could be partly attributed to the rather unfortunate situation I call my social life on campus. There is approximately one person I could call a friend? Otherwise, it's just awkward acquaintances. God, it felt like fucking ninth grade all over again. I just... really didn't want to go to school, and wanted to avoid being on campus as much as possible. I still do, actually. I'd like to avoid going back there during the summer as much as I possibly can, though I am heading up there for a job conference for students with disabilities later this month. Anyway, I didn't make a lot of friends, and it made me kinda demotivated to do school things.

Well, that and the fact that I reduced my course load too much for second term. I was a little overwhelmed first term and took a reduced load for second term, but I removed one too many courses and kinda left myself in a weird place where I was hardly at school and it felt like a part time gig. I've picked out a happy medium set of courses for second year though, so I think I'll be alright for that.

So now that I'm done first year, I have a fucking ridiculous amount of time on my hands. My last exam was on April 9th, which leaves me with about five months off until September, which is almost half a year, which is a ridiculous amount of time to have to myself.

My first week of freedom kept me from making this observation for a bit as I was fairly busy. Last week was not only my nineteenth birthday on Wednesday, but it was also my three year anniversary with Rose on Friday, so there was a lot going on with prep for that and the actual events themselves.

My birthday on Wednesday was a very pleasant day! I slept in a bit and did some work on a painting for Rose for our anniversary. I had work that day as well (still working at the same ol' kids art studio) and my boss got me some pretty nail polish and a lovely necklace. I had a family dinner at home, and Rose was there as well. I got some really cool things for my birthday! Rose got me a self-care themed gift which I greatly appreciate, containing a mix tape of relaxing music, a hand-made heating pad filled with mung beans, and a mint lip scrub from Lush. My parents got me a sleeping mask with a gel insert that can be frozen or heated up, Mockingjay Part 2 on Blu- Ray, and the Kat Von D Black Magick Lip + Liner Duo from Sephora. My brother got me two books, a biography of My Chemical Romance and Homestuck Book 3. And since my parents are fucking nerds, I got a present from my dog as well, Lights' new CD, Midnight Machines (it's still coming in the mail). I hung out with Rose until they had to go home around 10:00 and it was just an overall pleasant day and evening! Very nice.

Friday was our three year anniversary. We went out for dinner, to a great sushi place! It was really, really good, and we both totally ate too much. Funny enough, as much as I love sushi places, I'm not a big fan of sushi. I mostly have gyoza, vegetable tempura, and tofu dishes. So that's pretty much all I had when we went out besides three avocado-cucumber roles and a bowl of steamed rice. Then we went back to my place and watched the first two episodes of Teen Titans Season 1 and then we just snuggled a lot! It was really great. I love Rose so so much <3 I'm making a painting for our anniversary and Rose is making me something as well, but neither of us were able to finish on time because of other life things but that's alright! We'll get around to it.

Speaking of getting around to things, Sunday we were supposed to have a viewing for a room. I can't remember if I've mentioned this on here before and I can't be assed to check, but Rose and I are planning on moving to the big city together this summer. And we found a great place! A room in a four bedroom house, where two of the other tenants are students at Rose's university (they got accepted to their first choice uni!!!!). Cozy old place, lovely backyard garden, sheltered porch out front, well-lit bedroom, twenty minutes from Rose's uni and about an hour from mine (which I don't mind, if we live anywhere within half an hour of my uni we'll be living in the middle of ass nowhere). We had the arrangements set like two weeks ahead of time, but the person we were in communication with messaged us on Friday evening to say that someone had been down that day and she gave the room to them :(

So we're back out there searching for places. The biggest problem now is that the two housing groups we're monitoring on Facebook are currently filled to the brim with summer sublets, and any long term rentals are starting in May, sometimes June (we're aiming for a July move-in after Rose is done school). It makes sense for the time of year, and I'm sure more opportunities will open up next month. It's still disappointing that we lost this one though :/

That brings us to the next big event, today. I had an appointment with my lupus specialist. Health things have been alright. My lupus has been relatively chill. I gotta say though, the yo-yo weather around here is not helping. Last week we had days where we dropped below zero overnight, and yesterday it went up to 25 celcius! Yikes. And now today we had a high of 14, which makes a lot more sense for this time of year. Anyway, that's been making my joints a little wonky sometimes, but otherwise I've been doing well on that front.  My stomach issues still have yet to clear up. I do finally have an appointment with a specialist, though. In fucking June. And my referral was sent to their office in fucking December. And they didn't get back to me until fucking March. At least I have the damn thing to look forward to now. Eugh.

Past today, I am faced with an abundance of free time. I have been mostly preoccupying myself with Tumblr, unfortunately, but I'm starting to dig more into job hunting now. I can't keep working at the studio once I move, so I need to find something new, and I've got to start getting out there ASAP. I've found some really great opportunities, like a posting for Public Outreach and a camp councillor position at a summer camp for LGBTQ+ kids ages 13-17.

My biggest roadblock at the moment is my cover letter and resume, which need some serious overhaul. I haven't touched them since I started working at the art studio two years ago, so they're severely outdated and have a lot of irrelevant stuff (i.e. it still had my elementary school listed under education). Once I get those fixed up though, I'll definitely be applying for every job I see fit.

In the meantime, I am still working at the studio through to the end of June, and my high school art teacher has offered me a volunteer position in his classroom until the end of the year, so I'll be doing that to keep myself busy and out of the house as well. I just have to get a vulnerable sector check because I am now a person over eighteen working with minors, even though if I didn't have enough credits to graduate I'd still be a student there.

And that's about all I have to say, I guess. That's what's Current and Relevant for me right now. I know there's tons and tons of gory details I haven't gone into about my first year of university but there's just... so much. It's too much to remember, and while I used to have my day planner's monthly calendar pages to look through and pick out major events to write about, I really slacked on using that thing this year, so I don't have much of a point of reference when it comes to remembering things now. I kinda just want to leave it in the past, to be honest. It's done, I'm glad it's done, and now I want to let the damn sleeping dog lye, at least until I can see my marks from second term and register for next year's courses.

To keep things Sims relevant, I haven't been playing much, what with school and other life shit, but I'm hoping to dive in again now that I have the aforementioned abundance of free time. I'll at least make a new simself for my birthday and post it on here.

And I'll try and post on here more in general. But I feel like my saying that has become somewhat of a running gag.

I'm also going to do some work on the blog, though. Little things like fixing the language so it no longer looks like a fourteen-year-old put it together, which is exactly what happened. I am nineteen now, so I would rather not have my about page under a header that says "DON'T CLICK THIS LINK!!!" like something straight out of fucking 2011. I'm going to leave the "WIN" and "FAIL" tags out of sheer laziness, and my URL and blog title are basically my brand (so to speak) at this point, but a fair bit of the other stuff has got to go. I'll keep the theme, though. I like the colours. It's pretty and shit.

See you soon, hopefully!

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