Apr 22, 2016

New Simself

Another one! Because I'm a narcissistic asshole. Also because I've changed my style a fair bit since my previous simself. But also the first reason.

Again, all clothes based off of outfits I own and wear in the real world.







Aaaaand that's it! Yeah, I got glasses (which I don't really need to function, they're just for really far distance, but I get eye strain headaches if I don't wear them). That's probably the biggest change, and the way I style my makeup. I've been digging my claws into the goth subculture lately and really really loving it! Definitely having more luck with the aesthetic than the music genre, but I'm sure I'll find more to love as I continue my exploration. Also the bathingsuit is one I actually own this time. I've been pulling something out of my ass the past few years because I didn't really have something nice, but now I do! And it's very very cute, much cuter than I was able to make in-game. There are also some electric blue flowers on it.

And now it's past four in the morning and I have fucked myself over once again but that's okay! I think. Eh, I'll be fine.

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