May 13, 2016

Actual Simming Update

A post that's actually about The Sims 3? Holy shit, never thought I'd see the day!

Yes, this post is about my actual Sims game. After making my simself, I decided to play around with plopping her into a town (the lovely Anne Arbor from My Sims Reality) and see where it went. I had her adopt a child, who got married and had three kids of her own. Now one of those children adopted a child, and now that child is getting ready to bring in generation five! The number of hours I've put into this file is ridiculous. A family tree:

Gen. 1: Caitlin (founder) (deceased)
Limetime Wish: Illustrious Author (complete)
Career: Self-employed painter (10)

Gen. 2: Miriam (adopted daughter) and her wife Ziba
Miriam (deceased)
Lifetime Wish: One Sim Band (incomplete; guitar and piano mastered, drums almost mastered, bass not even close)
Career: Music (9)
Ziba (deceased)
Lifetime Wish: Jack of All Trades (incomplete)
Career: Journalism (5), Science (3), Medical (5), Culinary (4)

Gen. 3: Thorn (heiress), Chrysanthemum and Casablanca (twin sisters)
Thorn (elderly)
Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer (complete)
Career: Medical (10)
Chrysanthemum (adult, almost elder)
Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts (complete)
Career: Self-employed painter (10)
Casablanca (adult, almost elder)
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Actor (unknown, moved out at young adulthood)
Career: Film (unknown)

Gen. 4: Diana (adopted daughter) (teen, almost young adult)
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family (not locked in yet but that's the plan)
Career: Self-employed sculptor (6)

None of them have traits listed because I don't feel like loading up my game right now, but I might add them to a later post. I think once Gen. 5 is finished and I'm getting ready for Gen. 6, I'll do an update with the next branch of the family tree.

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures to share since I've been focusing more on playing the damn game. The only photo I do have is this one I took because it was fucking adorable and also heartbreaking.

This is a recently deceased Miriam napping on the bed next to her wife, Ziba. Ziba didn't even bat an eye when she came in, and her sleeping was not cancelled out as it usually is when a ghost enters the room. Miriam just came in and napped next to her and it was cute as shit, okay?

Oh, I also have this pic, which I discovered while uploading the first one. I took this accidentally while trying to do something in buy mode.

That would be a young Miriam standing in front of the easel, with young toddler Thorn in the high chair and Caitlin's ghost doing a workout with the stereo for some reason. Ziba must have been at work.

They initially lived in a starter bungalow on the suburb side of town, but once Caitlin saved up enough money from painting, shortly after Miriam became a young adult, they moved into this apartment on the edge of the urban side, which was roughly $55,000. When Chrysanthemum and Casablanca were born, they moved into a larger apartment on the coast of the urban side, that had a baby room fitted with two cribs, full kitchen and dining room, proper living room etc., basically a place that could accommodate them better (I was not expecting her to have twins and promptly freaked the fuck out when they were born). That one was $62,000 I believe. Thorn and Chrysanthemum raised Diana in that apartment, and now I'm readying them to move into one of the ginormous houses up in the hills, probably on the suburb side but I'll see which side has a better house to accommodate for eight sims. They have about $360,000 household cash right now and a net worth of over $400,000. Diana is aging up on the current in-game day, so the move is nigh.

And that's what I've been doing in-game lately, along with future plans! Wow, a post about the blog's intended purpose, how refreshing. I'll be back with more at the end of Gen. 5.

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