May 17, 2016

Legacy House

Today I moved my legacy family into their new home and did some major renos and decorating! I decided to do a before and after because I'm super proud of the work I did. I didn't touch the pre-existing colour schemes or the wallpaper/flooring but I did play with the placement of walls, finish the backyard, and add an assload of decorations and a basement.

Before we go on our tour, let's say goodbye to all the folks we had to leave behind.

These three people died during birthday parties. Their ghosts were placed inside the apartment's shell using moveobjects, and they remain there to this day. R.I.P. huge party poopers who just had to fucking die in the middle of a birthday party.

They are gone now! It's a fresh start. Welcome to the Black Parade [Redacted] Home (because I don't want this shit coming up when you google my name)! This is 305 Windmill Way from My Sims Reality's Anne Arbor.

Here is what it looked like from the outside before:

Nice looking, cozy, but pretty barren. Here is the outside after!

Utilizing all that empty space!

We'll take a closer look at the yard later. For now, let's step inside!

Here is the first floor before. 

And here is after! The first floor was mostly a decorating job, with some minimal rearrangements and additions. We'll start with the living room!

The living room was left mostly untouched. I added the sculpting station for Diana, as she's a self-employed sculptor, and while the easel was already in the room, I added the paint supply table for decoration. Speaking of paintings, the cardinal on the far wall of the first picture is a work by Chrysanthemum, artfully paired with the three brown leafs to the left.

Passing through the foyer on the way to the dining room!

Again, super minimal changes. Painting of a ladybug on a cherry by Chrysanthemum! Flowers also added to the table and a painting on the far wall but otherwise unchanged. Moving through the next arch we arrive in the kitchen!

Added a big-ass grilled cheese painting because I thought it worked. Put a little garbage can in the corner and a food processor on the counter, along with other wall and counter deco. Through the door on the right is the laundry room.

The laundry room is this weird long room at the back of the house. It's got a little indent for the washer and dryer along with a hamper but there's nothing else in it? I added the soap but that's about it. Also added the home security thing (and the one at the front door). Before we go upstairs, let's check the bathroom!

The downstairs bathroom is pretty small, so the pics came out a little warped and at weird angles, but there it is! I flipped some stuff around and rearranged the furniture. New towel, new toilet paper, new cabinet and counter objects. And that finishes the first floor! Up we go!

This is the second floor before. Here is where I did some fussing around with the walls, focusing on the two bathrooms and the bedroom in the lower left corner.

I pushed two spaces into the bathrooms to make the bedroom big enough to comfortably fit three beds. The two bathrooms were slightly compressed and all of the furniture was shifted. I'll go into more detail about each of those rooms later. Here we will start at the start, with the landing!

Chess table was already there, I added deco, CD player and bird cage! I don't know which bird I'll have them get for the cage yet.

Here is the first of the kids' rooms. This room was already pretty nice, so I just added the hamper along with some decorations. The large painting on the wall is Caitlin's.

This is the one with the big changes! After moving the walls, I put the desk and bookshelves on the far wall by the bathroom (which is where the door leads) and added a third bed. The beds were moved into a circular shape and I put the carpet in 'cause it seemed pretty empty. Painting behind the computer by Caitlin.

This is the shared bathroom upstairs. The other of the two doors leads into the landing. Kind of a weird shape, but it works.

Here's the master bed! All deco for this one. Flowers, paintings, etc. Flowers in the middle pic by Chrysanthemum.

Following the door in the last pic, we enter the master bathroom! Funny shape because of the shifted walls but worked out pretty well nonetheless.

Opposite the door to the master bath is the door to the en-suite nursery. Simple wall deco for this one. Painting in the last pic by Chrysanthemum! This finishes the main house, which takes us out to the backyard!

Moving left to right, we start with the playground. I absolutely adore the bee-themed playground equipment that comes with Seasons! Turtle sandpit from Generations, slide from Town Life, and bench from the Faire Folk store set.

Put some chairs and a barbeque to fill the space on the deck. Also put some flowers in that weird little corner.

Fire pit! Used a pit from Town Life with some lawn chairs from University.

And here we have the finishing touch, the hot tub! With lawn chairs. Pretty self-explanatory! Thinking of adding something to make this area a little less plain but I'm not sure yet so I'll just leave it for now.

Behind the hot tub is the garage. I bought them two fancy shmancy new cars! Shown against the back wall of the garage is the stairs to the basement.

The basement is a memorial. Each row will eventually contain the ashes of the previous generation's heirs atop a pedestal on a carpet themed around their aesthetic, along with any accolades from their time. Caitlin's only wall plaque is her award for earning $25,000 from her painting, while Miriam has her Valedictorian and Most Artistic awards, her prom picture, and her Music Club participation trophy. The opposite wall has all of their high school graduation certificates, and will have any university certificates, if I ever send someone from this family there.

That concludes our house tour! The whole move and all of the renovations came out of family funds, no cheats needed! That's the first time I've been able to do that without getting impatient and using cheats, so I'm really happy with it. Even better, after all of that, they still have just over $300,000 left! I've never had a file this monetarily successful before. I gotta say, being a self-employed painter makes shit cash in the beginning, but once you get to the top of that career, skill maxed out, all skill challenges completed, and the Extra Creative Lifetime Happiness reward, you cam pump out an average of $6000 worth of paintings per day! Fucking wild. That was really the biggest cash source, Caitlin and Chrysanthemum's paintings.

Diana is one day pregnant with Gen. 5. Here we go!

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