May 20, 2016

Things That Ghosts Like To Do In My House

Welcome back to my simself's legacy! This post is all about the ghosts. Because they won't fuck off, seriously.

Caitlin, Miriam and Ziba have been haunting the new house like mad. And the thing is, they will not return to their graves! Normally they return to their grave around when morning hits, right? Not these guys! These fuckers are determined to make the remaining family's lives as hard as they fucking can. I used resetsim to send them all back to the grave after their initial three-day stint, but now they've been out for about a week and I just haven't bothered. This is a chronicling of them fucking up my game.

The three of them enjoy performing a great many tasks inside of this fantastical new house! A lot of what they do pertains to the basic upkeep up needs, which I guess ghost sims have even when they're just being haunting pieces of shit and not actually a part of the active household.

Here we see Miriam and Ziba napping together.

The three of them do a fair bit of cooking! Household servings for the most part, luckily. Back in the apartment those fuckers would cook single servings in the middle of the damn night. Almost set the fucking house on fire returning to their graves in the middle of cooking. But it's so great that they're just... not returning to their graves on their own any more! How fucking cool is that! Wow!

Caitlin made some waffles, too! How sweet. And Ziba's helping herself to some of Diana's grilled cheese.

If ghosts need to eat, then ghosts need to pee! They also need to clog every toilet in the house. All three.

Ziba attempting to assuage the washing machine. Just about the only useful thing she has zone, attempting to help with household chores. Otherwise, herself and the other ghosts have been taking up new hobbies in their spare time.

Ziba has the athletic trait, so despite never developing the skill in her living days, she can frequently be found exercising by the stereo in the landing.

Caitlin, what an artistic bugger, decided to nab Diana's sculpting station while she was between projects.

Aside from taking care of themselves and indulging in hobbies, they enjoy milling around and interacting with each other, as well as members of the household. Here we see the living room as a midday hotspot. Hmmmm, midday, as in when they should be resting in their graves? Why yes! But here they fucking are nonetheless.

For whatever reason, they scare each other, but they've never tried to scare any of the humans of the household. Ghosts spookin' ghosts. Yep. And it's always Miriam too! Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen any of the other ghosts scare others. Ziba may have done it to Miriam once, but otherwise it's just Miriam being a piece of shit.

While they do mostly keep to themselves, in their little circle of spook, here Ziba holds baby Adrian, the third of Diana and her wife Annmarie's five children. She didn't even do anything with him, she just kinda... picked him up. He didn't even need anything. She just picked him up and put him back in the crib. Thanks, Ziba.

Ziba also ended up in a conversation with Lillian, the oldest of the five. She complained about school.

Miriam literally waited by this sandbox for Ziba just to scare her. What an asshole.

Haunting things, however, transitions us into a portion of the post that I like to call Things That Ghosts Like To Haunt In My House!

The computer desk, complete with Thorn trying to write a novel!

This stinky potty chair!

This bedside lamp, much to the dismay of Chrysanthemum, who just woke up!

This barrel of flowers!

This rack of CDs!

This reading chair!

This small alarm clock!

This goddamn mail box!

This toilet in the master bathroom!

And this dining room chair, next to poor sweet Lillian who just wants to go the fuck to bed.

All in all the ghosts actually aren't that bad, complain as I might. They're only a slight nuisance. And hey, they're in for a toss up soon! The last of Gen. 3 passed away in this session, so they may have some new haunting buddies soon.

Thorn was the first to go, as she was the oldest.

She actually passed away in the middle of her shift, so here she is in her work uniform as a World Renowned Surgeon, shortly before moving on.

She begged, of course, but to no avail.

Here is her portion of the basement memorial. She has her prom pic, her Debate Club participation trophy, her Valedictorian award and her Most Likely to Take Over the World award, as well as her high school diploma.

Two days later, they lost Chrysanthemum, the older of the two twins. They haven't heard anything of Casablanca yet.

She passed on while she was on her way out of the house to deliver a painting for an opportunity.

Miriam and Caitlin were around to see it, and while Caitlin was pretty much unphased, Miriam was very upset to see her child pass on.

Chrysanthemum took the more cordial approach with the Grim Reaper and shook his hand before leaping into her grave.

The whole scene was kind of a mess, really. Diana came downstairs from taking care of the babies to weep at the loss, Miriam was crying for her child, Caitlin just got bored and fucked right off, and that asshole in the blue track pants is this fucking paparazzi that I keep having to use resetsim to get off the fucking porch. There was quite a bit happening at once.

Since Chrysanthemum basically acted as the second parent for Diana and was present from beginning to end, I gave her an honourary position in the memorial with Thorn, representing the third generation. She has her prom picture, her Music Club participation trophy, her high school diploma, and three awards: Valedictorian and Most Artistic from high school, and her award for earning $25,000 from her painting. For good measure, and since I had the space, I added her very last painting, the one she was set to deliver.

After Chrysanthemum died, I saved and exited my game. That was the same day that the last two of Diana's five children were born (yes, twins again!), so it was quite a lot!

The current standing for Gen. 5: Lillian (just became child), Ryan (about to become child), Adrian (just became toddler), Isla (just born), Marissa (just born)

Gen. 5 is well on its way! I'll do a more detailed family tree once they're all a little more grown. Until then!

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