Jul 10, 2018

Lovely Lucy + Life Load

I played for only an hour today, so I didn't make a lot of progress, but what progress was made mostly surrounded Lucy, so here are some photos!

Lucy signed up for scouting after school, so here she is going to her badge ceremony.

Aging up! Forgot to buy a cake again, whoops.

Both parents wandered upstairs pretty slowly.

Tada!! There she is. I didn't feel very inspired for outfit creation tonight so I'm leaving that for next time. I also want to download some more teen clothing before I dive in, because that selection is sorely lacking. Updating the elder clothing needs to happen soon too, because Caitlin and Suzy are both half way there, and like hell are they not going to have some very snazzy duds in their old age!

I haven't been playing as much because my real world responsibilities have been stacking up a little higher than usual. The strike is partially up (contract profs have ratified but not TAs or GAs) so I need to finish my art history course, and now that camp is approaching I need to get a move on with the arts programming. I've got a lot of solid ideas, I just need to flesh them out with a proper lesson plan and supply list for each, and a little more brainstorming couldn't hurt. I also have a few medical appointments to make before I disappear for a month, so I've got to make those calls and actually go to those. I need to remake my packing list since I lost my old one with the rest of my shit in February (it was a damn good thorough packing list too) and of course getting closer to the date I've got to pack my shit and probably buy a few things that are missing. Somewhere in there I need to hop on a bus and get a vulnerable sector check, or I won't be able to set foot on the camp site.

Then there's a few personal projects I'd like to get out of the way before I go, like beating Sans in Undertale for my streaming, polishing off at least one of two incomplete paintings (one of which was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my parents whoops), and finishing a Homestuck cosplay that's been sitting half-finished on the family room couch downstairs for about a month and a half. My high school squad would like to plan a get-together in July as well, so that needs to squeeze in there too. I am also going to a lolita meet-up this Sunday, and I have DND tomorrow and two weeks from tomorrow.

I fly out on August 1st. There is a lot that needs to be crammed into the next 23 days. Wish me luck.

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