Oct 2, 2011

Blogger Content Warnings - They've Gone Too Far

So I was just checking up updates, la-di-da, and I had one from Pistolkitten's blog, Catnip Junkie. When I got to the tab, what did it say?
[click to enlarge]
Seriously, WTF. Why can't I just click "I accept I may see disturbing things" or whatever the hell the button used to say and keep going on my merry way? You know what this means? I can't read my fucking Chimera. I CAN NO LONGER READ MY MOTHER FUCKING CHIMERA. DOES ANYONE ELSE REALIZE HOW MUCH OF A CRISIS THIS IS? I CAN NOT READ MY MOTHER FUCKING CHIMERA!!!!!!!!!!
As an experiment, I checked my blog's options to see if I still had the option to put a content warning on my blog.
[click to enlarge]
The option is still there. I can even set my blog to have the warning, but no, I can't actually SEE blogs that have the warning. That makes no sense! I would be blocking myself out of my own blog. If the REALLY don't want under-aged users to see sites with the content warning, then why the hell is the option still available?
I have a few choice words for Blogger:
Dear Blogger,
What the fuck. Let me read the blogs I follow.
A pissed off user.

EDIT: If I log out, I can click the "I understand and wish to continue" button and read the blogs. I guess it's only a minor inconvenience, but it still pisses me off that I'd need to go all that way just to view a blog.


  1. Ugh blogger comments are being a pain. Typing this yet again! >_<

    Blogger probably got your age from your account. Try signing out and viewing it.

  2. Yeah, I can view it when I'm signed out, but it's such a pain in the ass >.<

  3. I get that when I want to watch TV on youtube (you know they have TV shows on there? :D and it's part of google -_-) :/
    Which is annoying -_- I have to sign out and watch it, which is annoying when I'm on my own blog at the same time *facepalm*

  4. Could always change your birthday's year to bypass it. >.> Or you can view it when signed out :P