Oct 22, 2011

Daily Mail Article = MASSIVE FAIL

Alrighty, so I got bored and searched "my chemical romance rant" on YouTube, and long story short I found a series of events centered around this massive fail article by the Daily Mail in the UK. Please read it before continuing to read.

I have quite a few problems with this article.

  1. "Emo fans wear dark clothes, practice self harm and listen to "suicide cult" rock bands." Only partially true. Dark clothes, sure. Self harm? Sometimes, but not usually. "Suicide cult" rock bands? Give me a break. This statement is the most stereotypical bull crap anyone could ever say to summarize 'emo,' though not all 'emo' kids are like this. Give me a break.
  2. "Two weeks before her death, she started following U.S. band My Chemical Romance. One of their songs contains the lyrics: "Although you're dead and gone, believe me your memory will go on."" What does her listening to My Chemical Romance have anything to do with the fact that she committed suicide? Do you think FALSELY QUOTING LYRICS is going to help you? They lyrics are not "Although you're dead and gone, believe me your memory will go on," they are "Though you're dead and gone believe me, you're memory will carry on." I think that's actually kind of empowering, saying that even though someone has died, their memory will always be with you. It's like they didn't do any research. It's not that hard to find the lyrics for Welcome to the Black Parade. Just Google it.
  3. "It is a largely teenage trend and is characterized by depression, self-harm and suicide." Again with the stereotypical bull crap. Not all 'emo' kids are depressed. Some who take to the fashion are largely happy with a wide network of friends and a satisfaction with their life. Again, most don't do the self-harm thing. And really, if one of the main characteristics of emo was suicide, there wouldn't be very many of them, would there?
  4. "One of the foremost of these "suicide cult" bands is My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey." THIS is the part that pisses me off the most. My Chemical Romance is not a 'suicide cult band', let alone a 'cult' at all. They have a strong fan base, like most artists. They aren't even a particularly emo band. They're just labeled that way because of their fan base mostly being involved in 'emo' and their CD "The Black Parade." The theme of The Black Parade was depressing. That's one CD out of four. Danger Days, their latest CD, is all about being a hero and keeping on going when things get tough. In no way is that 'emo.'
  5. "Their first single, Welcome to the Black Parade, from the album The Black Parade, was released in 2006, and became a huge hit, going to number one in Britain." Welcome to the Black Parade was not their first single. They had two CDs before that.
  6. "The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die." Bullshit. Where you think you will go when you die is based off of religious beliefs, not a song. A teensy minority may believe that, but 99% of MCR fans DO NOT.

All in all, this was just a very, very poorly researched and faulty article. This ended up spiking protests from UK fans in front of the Marble Arch (no idea what or where that is... Elaborate, Mares? :3 ). These protests weren't even really protests, they were just people standing around singing MCR songs and holding signs that said things like "We are not a cult" and "My Chemical Romance is not a suicide cult."

For another epic fail article, look here. My Chemical Romance does not have a song entitled "Kill Your Friends" and they never will (probably not, anyway xD ).


P.S. On my search, I found this.
Heh... heh heh... Epic life fail xD I ROFLed at this... This dude thinks he's so cool because he wears black lipstick and knows how to maximize the use of the word 'fuck.' Plus, his only reason for hating MCR is "they're so fucking EMO!!!!!" which they are not.

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  1. The last sentence of that article is the one I find most ridiculous. As if! Emo isn't a religion -_-
    That site does post alot of rubbish though :/

    Btw, the Marble Arch is in London, and it's a white arch made of marble :D It's next to Oxford street :)