Oct 10, 2011

Welcome to the Black Parade

I have finally gotten my hands on a copy of The Black Parade! YEEES!
And now for the bad news :)
My mom apparently isn't very thorough when inspecting the CDs I buy. I went out shopping with her yesterday and bought the final copy of The Black Parade on sale for $10 at HMV (they've got some pretty good sales going on as of late, check 'em out :D I don't know it they're only in Canada though. You have been warned). She looked at it, of course, but she failed to see the rather large (for a warning sticker, anyway) explicit lyrics warning in the bottom left corner of the case. So we get home, my dad takes one look and goes "Hm, I don't know this band, I'm going to have to look at the lyrics before you can listen to this." I countered with "My Pink CD had that warning too" (I bought Pink's Greatest Hits So Far CD, which had the explicit lyrics warning on it) and he kept going on about how he never heard of My Chemical Romance before. He was probably also being a bit more critical than usual (which is actually pretty scary when you think about it) because the CD cover looks like this:

And the back cover looks like this:

Pleasant :)
Then he told my mom about that whole bit, and she later chided me for not telling her about the warning sticker. She's got two eyes, and it's not like the thing's minuscule! She wouldn't have let me buy it if I told her anyway xD
And on top of that, my dad has esentially threatened my YouTube privlages because he knows I listen to them all the time. He kept blathering on about how "Apparently she's been listening to inappropriate things on YouTube." I have no idea how I lost my YouTube privileges in the first place (somewhere along the line I was told I couldn't go on YouTube until I was 13, only god knows what the fuck I did wrong) and now he's threatening them again! For what? Because I'm listening to songs with the f word in them?
I've got my Hedley CD back, I've got my Pink CD (which uses 'fuck' a lot more often than The Black Parade), but I don't know where he's going to draw the line with this one, he's completely unpredictable.
le sigh

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