Oct 17, 2011

Ropes Courses, Lesbian Moments, and All Else Random

This weekend I went on a camp with my Pathfinders troop (Girl Guides of Canada). On Saturday, we went to an outdoor ropes course, which was fucking amazing! I thrived there. I was flying through the trees like a stoned monkey! (Let me explain... I was monkey speed but I lost my balance a lot xD) On top of that, it was raining on and off all day, so I was cold and my shoes got soaked. At the end we got to do this huge zipline. It was freaking amazing! Totally worth it, because surprisingly enough I'm not sick xD
Anyway, after we went back to our cabin, everyone changed into their pajamas and got cozy. Me and three of my friends were high on life, high on adrenaline and high on sugar all at the same time - not always a winning combination, but this time it was x3 We were playing Would You Rather and someone asked "Would you rather never talk to your family again or never talk to boys?" I remarked that I'd never talk to boys, and that I was fine with converting to lesbianism xD The someone said "Would you rather masturbate with the first item you see or fuck the first person you see?" Most agreed we'd rather fuck the first person we saw, because you could end up seeing a knife and that would be painful x3 Then we were all like "Let's play something else" and it was silent for a few seconds so I'm like "I'm going to fuck the first person I see" and everyone was like "OH SHIT!" Then I was like "loljks I'm going to creepily stroke the cheek of the first person I see!" And I covered my eyes. When I opened them, Everyone was gone xD I looked under my bed and found someone, so I reached for her face and she was like "OH SHIT." This eventually blew up into ass smacking and cuddling and we all just started being really lesbian-y and fucking crazy, seeing as we're all straight.
And that was my weekend :3

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